Monday, November 21, 2011


One thing I looked forward to when we bought 1 1/3 acres 11 years ago was growing a garden. Well it didn't quite work out.

Our land is rocks held together with clay and sagebrush, so just throwing seeds in the ground is absolutly out of the question. Raised beds it is...

Except I always have better priorities than wood for gardens.

and dirt. I have trouble buying dirt when I own more than an acre of land. But our dirt isn't exactly "bread basket" material. Pot-making maybe. Plant growing, nope.

Then there are the critters. Our gardens have been eaten over the years by quail, jack rabbits, cows, mustangs (!), and our own dog (Bear, who passed away a couple of years ago, ate all my roses. I even wrapped them in barbed wire to keep him off and it didn't slow him down. I gave up.)

Add to all that the moisture zapping wind and heat we get every August and :-P

Despite all this we keep trying.

A few years ago the kids and I tried our hands at building beds out of rocks. It worked fairly well, though not as well as wood. But rocks we have in plenty (I keep threatening to paint eyes on all of them and put up a sign that says "Pet Rock Ranch." I'ld have made a fortune at teh hieght of the trend.)

Last year I got the idea to move the beds we do have up the hill to the "orchard" (a whole 7 trees, none of which produce anything worth mentioning.) and fence them all in together. It worked! only the quail and jack rabbits got in:-) This year I will line the stock fencing with chicken wire and see if we can reduce that to just quail.

And dirt? Now that I have a cow all I need to do is mix in her leavings with some plant matter, which she has kindly done for me by being a sloppy eater.

So this morning the children and I went up and outlined more beds inside the fence. Each child picked a bed or two for their own. Two of my dc have theirs all ready to plant already!

And the girls have all taken a liking to watering daily.

Maybe this year we can actually have that garden i have always wanted:-)

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  1. Awesome Sis ... God Bless the new beds with a bountiful harvest next year. And with fewer critters to munch it down.


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