Monday, February 26, 2018

Today's Bible Study- Genesis 40- Of Bakers and Butlers
and Romans 2

Today's Hymn
No idea how many steps.

The flu is running through our home. I've had three children I almost took to urgent care because of it (I believe in letting nature heal the way God designed whenever possible, but using er's when things are beyond what nature can safely do.) In all 3 cases, the child ran a high fever, was lethargic, and looked horrid. 2 of them got to the point of me thinking "If they aren't better in x hours we are going to the dr." Both were better in the time frame. Not well, but obviously improved.

Last night the 3rd kind of scared me. She was breathing weird, lethargic, high fever. I gave her ibuprofen* with the plan to take her to ER if there wasn't drastic improvement in 1 hour. Her fever broke 20 minutes later. She's still kind of out of it today, but has moved from the recliner to my bed. That's more moving than she did yesterday, other than bathroom trips. I haven't checked her fever in a while, but early this morning it was still gone. So, Yea!

The sum total is, we all missed church yesterday and won't be doing school today. We'll just vegge, watch the snow (winter appears to have finally arrived), and watch some movies.

Hubby and I bought a waterbed years ago, just as they were beginning to go out of fashion. We have been through two frames and 3 mattresses since then. This last couple of weeks our frame collapsed (honestly, it wasn't a surprise. We saw it weakening). The pedestal is fine. It's the side boards that fell of, puncturing the mattress while it did it. I have fixed the mattress, though I'm not at all sure I got all of it. The floor is still awfully wet.

It is so very tempting to go to a normal bed. So much less hassle. I know I could adjust easily, since I nap on the floor occasionally. But I am not at all sure Hubby can. When I'm done here I will be checking out Craigslist and see what I can find.

On schedule for this week:
  • Do some shopping at walmart and home depot.
  • Finish detail dusting the living room.
  • Find what is smelling (I think a mouse must have run off with a mousetrap, so this may involve moving furniture. 
  • Mount Never Rest (laundry)
  • Get all the chore charts for the next month ready
  • Get my Newsletter for Lilla Rose ready.
  • Set Cinchshare for the week.
  • Decide on events for both the church and my business. 
  • Go through the sample fliers  and pick what the church wants to buy.
  • Exchange son #1's sim card for one that fits. 
  • Declutter 3 armloads of books from the car.

7 Life-Changing Perspectives To Overcome Your Family’s Obsession with Stuff
Avoid The Pointless Heartache. If You Don't Want To Get Married, Don't Date.
Your Pet Is Not A Person And You Shouldn't Treat It Like One
Our Military is Not a Social Experiment!

 Every school shooter has been
  • Male (we are failing our boys socially and educationally)
  • From a dad-free-home (We don't value marriage or fathers and this is the result)
  • Seeing a psychiatrist and on psycho tropic drugs (we are failing our mentally ill and need to reevaluate the legality of these drugs.)
  • and attacking a gun-free-zone called "school." (Can we say "hunting fish in a bucket"?)

This Is Not About Politics Or Policy. This Is Evil. And Evil Is Everywhere.

"Schools should not be fortresses, they should be sanctuaries." Absolutly true.
And a woman should be able to walk down the street naked without getting raped
And you should be able to leave your keys in your car with the engine running and it not get stolen.
And you shouldn't have to lock your house, work in a job you hate, ever go hungry or get sick.

Now back to the real world...
It’s Time To Put Armed Security In Every Public School In America
 The One Single Person To Blame For The Florida School Shooting

Flexi of the Day:

For my routines, see the sidebar.

Monthly Habit we are building:

Decluttering Daily: need to clean out the basement, attic, garage, storage? Set a timer, making an appointment with yourself to spend 5 minutes a day working on it.

I think I will start with the cars that are storing books. These need to be listed on eBay, so its a bit more involved than just tossing them in the trash. I'm just tossing most of them in the trash. A few I will share with a fellow homeschooler, but most of them are a waste of space, totally useless for them, the thrift stores won't take books anymore, and most won't sell. So to garbage they go.

Weekly zone focus:  

Living room, dinning room, entry, porch (I don't have an entry, my is tiny and takes all to 2 minutes to clean. So, personally, I will focus on the living room and dinning room)

(This is the zone we are tackling all our monthly and less often chores in this week) 

Today's Meals:

  • SOS
  • SOS
  • Roast and taters

Today's FlyLady Mission:

  • Detail dust the living room (had a day last week when I was upset at something. I spent half an hour dusting out of nervous energy/frustration. As a result, I don't think it will take more than 10 minutes to finish the detail dusting in both the living room and dining room together)

    Tami's assignments (Tami is a homeschooling mom of 6 who is a partner of FlyLady):

    Monday - Declutter & Detail Dust the Living Room (see above)
    Tuesday - Detail Vacuum the Living Room (Don't really need to do it. Our house is so small, vacuuming the middles IS vacuuming the edges, and my vac does such a good job getting the edges, I don't think I can do this one.)
    Wednesday - 27 Fling Boogie (In the book car)
    Thursday - Declutter and Sweep the Front Porch (Only thing on the porch is the stack of sleeping bags I put there for our arthritic dog, and the wind sweeps it most every night)
    Friday - Declutter Entryway/Launch Pad Area (don't have one)

     "Anything worth doing is worth doing Imperfectly" - Flylady

    "Baby Steps."

    "You can do anything for 15 minutes." 

    "You are not behind. Just jump in where you are."

    "Your house didn't get this way overnight. It won't get under control in a day. It takes time."

    How about you? What's on your list today?

    Have a great day!

    I highly recommend

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