Tuesday, April 17, 2018

15 Thou shall not steal.

Leviticus 19:11 'You shall not steal, nor deal falsely, nor lie to one another.

This command encompass all the others;
  • Murder steals life,
  • Adultery steals a spouse or affection towards a spouse,
  • False testimony steals justice,
  • Coveting is the desire to steal
This is the only open-ended commandment. The others specify who you can't violate (parents, your mate, God).

Today's Bible Study-

Exodus 20- Commandment #8: Don't StealRomans 5- Faith Brings Peace and Joy
Today's work in Romans 6

6 Knowing this, that our old man is crucified with him, that the body of sin might be destroyed, that henceforth we should not serve sin.

7 For he that is dead is freed from sin.


6 Knowing this, that our old man is crucified with Him, that the power of sin over our body might be destroyed, that so we should no longer serve sin. 

7 Because dead people can't sin. 
Today's Hymn  For the Beauty of the Earth. This is a thanksgiving hymn. I think we will learn it in church.

1870 recorded steps yesterday. for some unknown reason, my Achilles Tendon hurts. I have not injured it, but I can barely walk :-(

After doing a lot of research and learning from my upline in Lilla Rose, I think I have decided (notice how certain that is, lol) to begin investing in some other things, also.

>I have a blog for homeschooling and have written a book about the subject. Though I don't really post on it very often, I am going to begin to post more often now. Also, I'm considering doing a monthly book review eNewsletter.

>As noted at the top of each of these daily posts, I am writing Bible commentaries. Some are already in print. These are being posted nearly every day. I may add a monthly Topical Bible study to this.

>I am also toying with the idea of adding a monthly newsletter to our church's site. This will just summarize the last month's activities, have a prayer list, and tell about upcoming events.

>And, of course, there is Lilla Rose. I already have a monthly newsletter for it, but it's not very good. I'm going to begin adding some natural/herbal health information to it, since I'm an amateur herbalist.

This will all be increasing my work load, but if I keep it only monthly, I think I can manage.

To Do:
  • Fix my dryer's vent
  • Driving Lessons
  • Mount Never Rest (laundry) 
  • Start working in the yard and garden (when it quits snowing)
  • List some more books with eBay and mail what sells this week.
  • List stuff with Craigslist.
  • Decide on events for both the church and my business.  (:-) found some Facebook pages that will help this! May have one lined up for June 9)
  • Pull music for worship service
  • Make salve
  • Get oldest son's phone company changed.
  • Fix the dryer vent.

Tuh Done (what I've finished for the week):

  • Did the whole Weekly Home Blessing Hour

A word to the skeptics about Minimalism

Why Top Recruiters Are Almost NEVER Top Earners 
I decided a long time ago I wasn't going to be "that" family member; the one always trying to make sales or sign up downlines. 

Homeschooling for mental health
"Because how dare we suggest that dealing with bully torments and teenage cliques are necessary “socialization” required to raise whole human beings? That is like saying that being cooked in an oven is necessary in order to know how to heat up a lasagna."

For my Daily routines, see the sidebar.

Monthly Habit we are building:

Making our Beds every day.

This is something I have done for a long time. It really does make the whole house seem cleaner.

Weekly zone focus:  

Family Bath and 1 other room (Flylady is doing her guest room. I Don't have one, but I do have some things I need to do in the kids rooms.)

(This is the zone we are tackling all our monthly and less often chores in this week)

Today's Meals:

  • SOS
  • SOS
  • Sloppy Joes

FlyLady Daily Mission

  • Shine the shower and tub (I'm cleaning my 6yo's bedroom instead)

Tami's assignments (Tami is a homeschooling mom of 6 who is a partner of FlyLady):

  • Shine the shower and tub (I'm cleaning my 6yo's bedroom instead)

"To take the first step in faith, you don't have to see the whole staircase: just take the first step." - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. This applies to a clean house, too.

"Anything worth doing is worth doing Imperfectly" - Flylady

"Baby Steps."

"You can do anything for 15 minutes." 

"You are not behind. Just jump in where you are."

"Your house didn't get this way overnight. It won't get under control in a day. It takes time."

How about you? What's on your list today?

Do you use a feather duster? Do you like it? I've decided I do!

Have a great day!

I highly recommend Flylady.com

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