Wanna make some Money?

Lilla Rose is a great company. They truly practice "Treat others the way you want to be treated."

The signup package at the time I joined offered 5 clips for $50 plus catalogs, order forms, a poster, etc. I figured this would give me one clip for each female in my house (with the one I already had). And since there was 

  • No minimum inventory
  • No monthly fees or minimum sales, 
  • Free replicated website (exactly like the company's site, but with my name and picture on it. Anything ordered through this site is counted to me)
  • Free back office (I understand other companies charge for this!? This is where you monitor your business, view training videos, go shopping for yourself, and so much more)
  • The annual minimum was only $30, and 
  • I would get a 30% discount on all future orders, 
well, I saw no reason to not sign up.

And its been great! I’ve met new people (on Facebook and in person), had fun, have helped others with their hair problems, and best of all, now have a good selection of Flexis for my own use

But it Gets better!

(Could I make that sound any cheesier? lol)
The company has upgraded the Starter Kit. It now costs $125, but contains at least one of almost everything they offer, $300 worth of goodies, plus the same catalogs, flyers, etc. that came with the original kit, with all the same benefits they had when I joined; no monthly minimum, no minimum inventory, etc.)

Can i be sad that I can't buy one of these new kits? :-)

Fast Start

For an additional $500 you can get the neat "Fast Start" kit on the right (in addition to the Ready, Set, Style kit on the left.) This gives you an extra $1100 worth of inventory (that's 55% off retail). It also qualifies you for extra bonuses. It is worth it, if you can swing it, to get the Fast Start. I didn't and that's OK. I've done fine. But the kit would have made it a bit easier. 

And Joining Lilla Rose gives you all the advantages of any Direct Sales company;
  • Set your own hours
  • Be your own boss
  • Work like you want to work

Why Direct Sales instead of putting the Flexi in stores?

They tried stores. They really did. But people would walk by them, say "Oh, how pretty. I wonder what it is?" and walk on past. 

The nature of the Flexi clip is such that it needs a one-on-one demonstration of how it works, as well as help getting the right size. This makes Direct Sales the perfect way to tell women about these amazing clips. 

...And lets us who want to supplement our family's income without the confines of a 9-5 job  the freedom to carve our own life. 

So, how about it? Do you want to be the next Blooming Rose?

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