Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Cholesterol Myths

I've decided to take a couple of weeks off of school. I feel very burned out and have overscheduled myself. While I am fixing my schedule, I will let the dc do what they want (within reason of course) maybe I can get some serious writing done.

We went to the Rodeo last night. It was fun, but without the dancing clown they have had before the show just wasn't as good. He was called up to the "big leagues" and quit.

Two men got seriously hurt (ambulance ride to the hospital) after being bucked off of a bull. That had to be a "sport" invented by drunken cowboys. Another man cut the tip of his finger off in the steer roping. He thought he had mashed it in the rope loop, but when he looked it was not there.

A calf came out of a shoot and fell down. They said she was fine a few minutes after they took her out of the arena. My guess would be she banged her head on the bar of the shoot on the way out and knocked herself out. The cowboys didn't do anything unusual.

We have been attending rodeos (armature and professional) since moving here six years ago. This is only the second time I have seen an animal hurt (last year a drill team horse ran into another horse and dislocated a shoulder) and only the fourth or fifth time I have seen serious injuries in the cowboys. Kind of scary.

Church needs prayer. It is time to make some changes. Some will go ahead immediately and be welcomed. Others will happen in time and won't be so welcome, probably. One problem, the pastors don't know how to handle at all so they need a great deal of prayer.

I need to cut those emails down but how? The MOMYS loop (Mothers Of Many Young Siblings) makes me feel Simi normal. The Christian Self Publishers have really helped me with my book business stuff. I am learning from the midwife loops. None of the others have very many posts (once a month maybe.)

I am almost finished with "the Cholesterol Myth." No new conclusions, but lots of supporting evidence for things I have heard before and that are only logical.

How to prevent a heart attack:
· Exercise More
· Loose Weight
· Avoid Sugar And Polyunsaturated Fats, Especially Margarine.
· Enjoy Your Butter And Red Meat. Leaving Them Out Will NOT Reduce Your Risk Of Heart Attack Nor Lower Your Cholesterol.

Taking drugs to lower your LDL is a gamble. First of all, lower cholesterol has NOT been shown to affect the rates of CHD (Cardiac Heart Disorder). High LDL is often associated with CHD, but excessive bleeding is associated with cutting your wrists, too. That doesn't mean that bleeding causes gashes in your wrist. Cholesterol drugs do reduce the risk of CHD, though they don't always reduce Cholesterol levels. However, the rates of cancer in those who take the anti- Cholesterol Drugs is significantly higher. So choose your poison; heart disease (maybe) or cancer. I will take the heart disease, personally. I am updating the fat section of my health book, “Caring for Your Masterpiece,” to reflect the new information I have.