Saturday, November 30, 2013

One Miraculous Year In The Life Of A Baby Born Too Soon

One Miraculous Year In The Life Of A Baby Born Too Soon

This baby was born at 25 weeks- 15 weeks early.Oh how wonderful and beautiful:-)

(remember, it is legal to kill this baby in many places if he was still in the womb. Location does not determine humanity.)

Friday, November 29, 2013

Culture of Life Africa: Turning up the Heat of Population Control in Africa

Culture of Life Africa: Turning up the Heat of Population Control in Africa

Many rich Americans are sending a lot of money to Africa to provide birthcontrol for the Africans.


To people who have a good chance of two out of every three babies dying before their first birthday from Malaria, malnutrition, dirty water or war.

Yeah. That's what every grieving mom who just lost her third baby in a row needs- birthcontrol.

How arrogant can you get? And, yes, I mean you Mrs Gates and your cronies.

What these women need is food and water, medicine, the ability to go to the bathroom and gather firewood without getting raped.

Birthcontrol, humph!

These women WANT babies and you try to force ways to stop them.

Here is a bit of news to all you birthcontrol proponents:
The human race can't survive if they don't have babies. If you keep women from getting pregnant and abort the ones they do conceive, Africa will become a wasteland. Entire peoples will be wiped out. Sounds quite racist to me.

American women may be most interested in sleeping around with whoever they want, but most of the world actually loves babies and understands that they are necessary for the future. Why don't we put our money where it will help the most? Let's take on the corruption (imagine what could be done if the Gates put their money into promoting honesty in politics!) hunger, disease. Just a little training in cleanliness and nutrition for traditional birth attendants would go a long way.

Really, liberalism in a religion and birthcontrol and abortion are their sacraments. That is the only rational explanation for these rich women's behavior.


Ladies Against Feminism. Many thought provoking articles.

Isn't is interesting that feminism is against anything feminine? Most of us were never taught as children how to be feminine much less that it is important. God created us to fulfill the honorable position of help meet for men. We are very different from them. As a lady in church yesterday said, "women have a husband sized hole in their hearts." We need to have someone to work with and help in order be fulfilled.

I know this is not a popular view point, but it is what the Bible says. Marriage is the object lesson for the church's relationship to God. It would not make sense for Him to create us to not really need men when the church REALLY needs God. When we try to live outside of His plan we miss the many many blessings He has for us in His design.

Yes, some people are called to be single but they are few and far between. Also, we should be very careful in picking the man we are going to be help meet to. He is the only authority figure we get to pick and we will be stuck with him the rest of our lives. But we DO need men. we are incomplete without them as they are without us. (Men need us as much as we need them.)

Oh, for those looking for Mr. Perfect, he is not available. I married him 27 years ago. Sorry, you will have to settle for something less:-D

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving All!

I am spending the day with my family:-)

I hope you have a very blessed day!

God Bless!

Monday, November 25, 2013

The Love of God

The popular idea is that there is no right and wrong and anyone who says differently is being hateful and judgmental.

This is simply not true.

Let's take God for example:

God says that homosexuality is a sin. Repeatedly. Why? Because the homosexual lifestyle is a violent, unhealthy lifestyle. God loves those tempted by the gay lifestyle so much He did what he could to persuade them to not consider it; to do all they could to avoid it.

God says for older women to teach younger women to be keepers at home. Why? Because He knew children need their mommies, hubbies need the help to accomplish the goals God gives them, and women need the peace and control of that lifestyle choice. It would be best for everyone.

God told women to obey their hubbies because of how God made men and women. Men were given the instinct to conquer so they would conquer the land and grow groups, conquer the wild and bring civilazation. Conquer the enemy and protect their families. When women "fight for their rights, stand up to their man, demand equality" they trigger that conquer instinct. A man must either fight his wife or become apathetic. No woman likes an apathetic man.

But God also gave a man the instinct to take care of what belongs to him and to protect the weak. When a woman submits, makes her ideas and requests known in the same way they would to their boss at work, it triggers her man's instinct to take care of her. He will listen and do what he can to care for and promote her. Most men can't can't help it. He will love her. When God said to submit, He was giving the woman the method to get what she needed in her marriage. And the hubby gets the respect he needs to be mentally sound.

It comes down, really, to do we "Trust in the Lord with our whole heart" or do we "Lean to our own understanding?" 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Saturday, November 23, 2013

16 Reasons Why It's Awesome to Be a Parent

16 Reasons Why It's Awesome to Be a Parent

I especially like the picture of the hospital window:-)

I hae found parenthood to be an absolute joy!

Oh, sometimes it's hard or heartbreaking. But most of the time its so filled with joy and absolute fun!

There is nothing so fun as watching a baby discover his own hands.

Unless its watching a toddler discover his pockets.

Or an older child discovering the joys of riding a bike, learning to read, asking for a hug, dancing, or a little sibling.

Though I am not really looking forward to the day when mine begin moving out (because I like having them around so much) I suspect the joys of watching young love blossom, of getting new sons and daughters (through marriage) and, of course, of grandkids will make it worth it.

It is a little secret in our culture, but kids are fun people to have around at any age.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Do You Pity the Girl at Home? Feminism Lies Again.

Do You Pity the Girl at Home? Feminism Lies Again. 

Good article.

Why oh why is it acceptable to build a huge debt in college to take care of other people's children but not to stay home ministering to you own family, caring for your own children or siblings? Just not right.

I have lately heard a renewing of the rhetoric that feminism is about women being paid the same as men, or it is all about women having choices.

If you actually pay attention to the media messages we are always sent, this is simply not true.

Anything having to do with traditional womanhood is disparaged and degraded (birthing babies, caring for your own little ones, caring for your own home, caring for your own husband.) Feminist leaders have even stated IN THEIR OWN BOOKS that stay-at-home mommy-ship should be made illegal, this option, this choice, should be outlawed! because too many women will always choose to be home.

If it makes money, however, the exact same skills are praised, even if it means less money for the family because you are paying someone else to do the exact same thing for your own family.

Some common misconceptions:
  • Stay at Home Moms are lazy A woman who is doing everything you pay your daycare worker, restaurant owner, maid, school teacher, and TV dinner manufacturer to do is not lazy.
  • SAHM cost the family money Actually, they often save the family far more than they could ever earn. What with childcare, taxes, commuting expenses, etc, you have to earn $3 for every $1 you want to spend. If you keep money from leaving the house you come way out ahead.
  • Working women have it all Biggest bunch of, (uhhh, well, insert word I don't usually use)!!! NO ONE has it all! NO ONE!!! If you try to have a career, children, marriage, all at the same time something will suffer and likely it will be all of the above. There simply isn't the time in a day or the energy in a body to do it all or have it all. You have to choose.
  • Men have always been better off than women Never understood this one. For 6000 years men have had to go out and slave by the "sweat of their brows" in order to feed the ones they love and please their wives enough to get what they want most (sex) and somehow this is better than the queen of the castle? Why in the world would any woman want this? 
Seriously, there is so much bias out there.
  • If the news is bad and only involves men victims, the media will use the word "people." If the victims are all women, they use the word "women."
  • If the bad guys are all men, they use the word "men." If the bad guys are all women they use the word "people" (or equivalent gender neutral term)
  • If the good guys are men they use the word "people." If they are women they use the word "women."
This is deliberate brainwashing propaganda.

  • Articles about working women NEVER talk about the many, many studies that show daycare to hurt kids. In fact, they seldom mentions the affects of mom's job on kids. The entire articles are always focused on how it affects mom.
And listen to the rhetoric:
  • "We (women) need to support each other (women)!"
  • "We (women) need to help each other (women)!"
  • "We need to increase opportunities (for women)!"
More facts:
  • Girls are more likely to graduate high school than boys.
  • Girls are being admitted to college and getting degrees in higher percentages than boys.
  • Women have lower unemployment rates than men.
  • Women who never take any maternity leave in their lives (just like men) earn MORE than their male counterparts. (Seriously, compare apples to apples. You can't compare the salary of a woman who took three months or two years off to have a baby- twice- and then works part time for several years so she is home before the kids get out of school to the salary of a man who gets no time off for babies and works full time from college to retirement.)
No, feminism is NOT about "equal pay for equal work." It is about worshiping the career woman. 

It is also about socialism. Really listen to what feminists are trying to get. They are ALL the goals of socialists. "Feminism" is nothing more than Socialism with a woman-worshipping veneer.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Cost of Working

The Cost of Working

This is a link to a calculator that helps to see how much the second income in a family costs them. Sometimes it just isn't worth it.

We all know that kids do better with their mom than with strangers taking care of them. It's only logical. What we don't often think about is the benefits to mom and dad.

The family with a stay at home mom often has way more time for recreation because mom takes care of the "weekend" chores during the week. So everyone- including mom- can rest way more on the weekend.

This allows dad to rejuvinate and be better able to compete at work. He is more likely to be able to preform in a way that gets more raises and promotions with less time simply becasue he doesn't have to care for the laundry, supper, or other household jobs when he gets home. In fact, I have read some studies that said men with SAHW often make a way higher income.

To turn this around, the extra stress of having a working wife and having to make up the slack at home may be keeping some men from achieving what they otherwise could at their own jobs.

And for the mom? A SAHM/W is her own boss. She decides what needs to be done and when. She does things her own way in her own time. She is free to express herself in her HomeMaking, making art out of everyday-life.

She has time to really know her kids. This time of having kids at home passes by all to fast. It can never be regained once lost. And it is really so short; just 18 short years to form a responsible human being. How sad to be too sad and overworked to enjoy this job.

And sex? I don't see how couples with a job each ever have the energy. 

Keeping a home running and all the attached responsibilities is a full time job in itself. Trying to do that while working for someone else, even if the couple splits the work between them, is just way more stress and work than God intended us to have.

It's worth having a lower standard of living (Gasp! all my cars were bought used!) and have peace and time in our lives.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Vaginal Politics: A Midwife’s Story

An Oral History by Judy Lee as told to Bette Waters

Anyone interested in what is really going on politically and culturally in the birth industry will enjoy this book. This kind of stuff happens all too often.

Ms Lee arrives in a community ready to give care to the poorest of the residents only to discover that it is illegal. Many women couldn’t afford doctors and thus couldn’t have any legal prenatal care. Ms Lee was instermental in changing this situation.

The way she practiced before the big name doctors got wind of her is a model for how healthcare should be run. Doctors from the neighboring communities would even call her and ask her to go take elderly patient’s blood pressure and administer medicine to them when they couldn’t make it into the Dr office. It was a true partnership.

Hey Docs, Midwives are on the same side you are! The enemy is disease, remember?

Monday, November 18, 2013

The Beginning

What is the Truth concerning the beginnings?

There are five main view points:
  • Atheistic Evolution (there is no God)
  • Theistic Evolution (God controlled evolution)
  • The Gap (millions of years between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2 where evolution and a bunch of other stuff occurred, God wiped it all out and remolded it in vs 2)
  • Day-Age (each of the 6 days of creation were millions of years long)
  • Young Earth (God made the whole shu-bang in six 24 hour days.)

Growing up, our pastor wasn't particularly interested in the subject. He didn't really see it as important. We often discussed the various theories and their merits for the fun of it though. By high school, I would probably have said, "Oh, day-age is probably right, but there is no real way to know and it's not that important anyway."

I, like everyone else my age and younger, was taught all about evolution in school. Every TV show, especially the nature ones, assumed evolution to be correct and so made all their statements with that as their foundation. I wanted to believe the Bible but, well, everyone knew the earth was incredibly ancient, right? Science had proven that. And, anyway, salvation is what is important. So we had to accept a way to interpret the Bible that fit with evolution.

After one particular Bible study shortly after I married, where we discussed all this, I remember laying in bed with all the different arguments for each theory swirling around, keeping me awake. I just couldn't get settled. It was like I finally just had to know which was right.

While Hubby snored away, I felt God tell me to pull back and look at each one from "The Big Picture."

Hmmm, evolution doesn't need a God. He is redundant. There would be no point to His existence if evolution was true. What's more, there is no mention of anything remotely like evolution in the Bible so it becomes worthless, at least on this point. And a god who would use such a cruel, wasteful system is not worthy of praise. So the first question to be answered was really...

Did I believe there is a God?

I mentally explored what it would mean for there to be no God.

Simply not acceptable. I had talked with Him in my own heart. I have had too many prayers answered, seen too many miracles to ever except such an absurd idea. This ruled out not only atheistic evolution as even a possibility but Theistic evolution too. God is not redundant. God is not cruel.

The next question that came to my mind was "If I had never heard any theories about what these verses meant, what conclusion would I come to by simply reading them?"

The answer is very simple:

God made the Universe in six 24 hours days and rested the seventh.


"Is this the proper way to interpret scripture? Don't we need to investigate and dig and find all the true meanings?"

Yes and no.

We should study The Word and use our concordances, of course. But when drawing conclusions after that study, we will ALWAYS run those facts through out "World View Glasses." How we look at facts is determined by our view of God and the Universe. Which definition of each word we think is correct is chosen on our per-conceived beliefs.

If Gap or Day-Age are true than the only way to really know what God is trying to tell us with the scripture is to either know the original languages and spend time dicing and dissecting the scriptures or to have a "High Priest of Linguistics" to explain it to us.

Jesus did away with the whole high priest idea, so that can't be right.

And the need to parse it all out in order to understand it?

What was the purpose God had for having this all written down in the first place? He didn't need notes to remember what He had done, so it must have been for our benefit. How much of a benefit is it too us if the millions of people who read it get the wrong idea unless they are "properly educated" or rich enough to have the right study tools and commentaries? What kind of God would intentionally deceive so many people, keeping the truth to Himself and only a few enlightened souls throughout history?

Not the kind of God I want to serve and not the kind of God described in the Bible.

Was the Bible written understandably and then just mistranslated?
Well, what kind of God wouldn't be able to make sure that His Word is translated correctly throughout the ages? Would the God of the Bible have made sure the whole thing, especially the versions the majority had access to throughout the ages, was translated right? Pretty wimpy god who couldn't do that.

And, ultimately, who gets honor and glory if any theory but Young Earth is true?

Human Beings

Who gets honor and Glory if Young Earth is True?

The Lord God Almighty

That night in my bed I decided I would believe the simply written word of God, even if I was the only one on planet earth who did. Even if all of science "proved" it to not be true.

I could no longer feel intellectually superior for having found something secret in the Bible, but, Oh, the weight that lifted from my soul!

God brings different people to truth through different paths. This was the one He chose for me.

Within a month of making that decision I found the first books I had ever seen written by SCIENTISTS (there are actually thousands!) who believed in Young Earth and had evidence to support their position (I firmly believe God hid them from me until I had accepted Him and His truth on faith).

Since than I have read hundreds of books, magazines, articles, etc by scientists, linguists, scholars and Theologians who came to the same conclusions I have come to, but through different paths. Most, in fact, seem to believe evolution until the scientific evidence is just too great to deny Young Earth any longer. And they tend to be from the hard sciences (biology, geology, chemistry, the sciences that can be absolutely proven) instead of the soft ones (psychology, anthropology, ones that are really just unprovable opinions).

So I'm not alone after all:-)

And I have come to the conclusion that this is the most vital subject of the Bible.
If the Bible is true in its simplest reading, then...
  • God made the world from nothing in 6 days.
  • He has the right, as Maker, to set the rules.
  • All humans have rebelled against those rules.
  • All rebels will go to hell.
  • God provided a way out of hell by paying the price for our rebellion Himself on The Cross.
  • We must accept this gift for it to be applied to us.
  • There is NO other way to Heaven.
 If The Bible is not true, then...
  • No one, especially not some ghost floating around in space, has a right to set any rules. If this is all just an accident no one has any ultimate authority.
  • There is no absolute right and wrong. There is no sin, just what works for each individual.
  • There is no need for salvation.
If the Bible can be trusted in it's plainest, simplest form, if you have to have a priest to properly interpret it, than it is worthless and there is no God. All Christians are just wasting their time.

The very foundation, then, of Christianity, the very salvation of our souls depends on God's revelation of Creation in scripture. His authority as Judge and Savior rests in it.

Today, all information is filtered through my knowledge of the Bible. If what I read disagrees with the Bible, it must be wrong no matter how good it sounds. The Bible is the ultimate measure of truth. Period.

Since that night I have read the entire Bible cover to cover somewhere around 20 times in five different versions, plus I regularly check up to 15 versions in my Bible studies. I can honestly tell you that just reading the Bible would never have put such ideas as day-age, gap, or theistic evolution in my mind. These ideas came straight from self appointed "priests of linguistics" who were trying to twist the Bible to fit evolution. No one would come up with these ideas directly from the Bible itself.

If you disagree with my approach, you need to check out what your ultimate measure of truth is. Is it Science? Popular opinion? What is weirdest rules? What if these disagree directly with the Bible? Which do you decide to believe? And how exactly does God fit into that? What is the purpose of the Bible? You have a lot of hard questions to ask yourself.

Would I consider changing my mind? Sure. But first priority is God and the Bible. You must start with proving that your theory doesn't violate the Biblical description of God and His character. Everything else is wishy-washy human reasoning which is constantly changing anyway.

Why does the universe look so old?

(Oh, and by the way, I eventually convinced my pastor and Hubby that Young Earth Creation was true:-)

Sunday, November 17, 2013

10 Commandments

No "The 10 Suggestions"

The 10 Commandments.

If we follow these, we are making a good start to please God. Yet Jesus said that if you just follow 2 commandments you are pleasing God:

Don't love ANYTHING more than God.
Love your neighbor as much as yourself.

Thin about it; will you murder your neighbor if you love them like you love yourself? Will you steal from them? covet what they have? lie to them?

Of course not!

And if your #1 love is God you won't worship idols (even the ones in sports, movies, music or the mirror), use His Name disrespectfully, or disobey the authorities He put in your life to bring you to adulthood (adults do have to honor their parents, though they don't have to obey them).

Worship of our God is so good. He is such a great God!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Why Homeschooling works better.

Article | First Things

All about why homeschooling works better.

Each family has their own way of doing things. No two families look the same.

And they shouldn't.

We are each unique beings who have unique needs.

I don’t agree with your parenting choices. Now let me explain how you should raise your own children. | The Matt Walsh Blog

We all have opinions about different issues, but we need to be nicer and more tolerant about the less important things.

Some things ARE worth standing up for (Christians providing godly education, for example) but other things, though my opinion is best of course:-) aren't eternally important (like homebirth- yes, it's much safer and nicer than hospital birth, but in America it means the difference between recovering from a c-section or from normal labor. Yeah, its better to avoid surgery if you can, but 20 years from now it's not going to make that much difference. You're just making things tougher on yourself. That's all.)

Not everyone can teach all subjects. After all, most of us were public schooled:-)

Yet, it is possible to provide your child with the best education, even with out doing most of the teaching directly yourself.

Educating without teaching

At least, without anymore than the average parent does when helping with homework.

There are several options to "homeschool" that do not requier the parent to make lesson plans or even teach the subjects at hand.

Virtual School
These are schools that are entirely on the Internet. The student takes their lessons online and communicates with the teacher via email and chatrooms. The parent's job is to make sure the child logs on each day and maybe check the homework. Options include:
  1. K12- Public school online. The advantage of  this is that the public school system picks up the tab (they still get full funding without having to supply classrooms and the teachers can easily handle far more students.) The disadvantages are that the student is still in the public school system and is subject to all the same regulations and testing requirements. This includes the requirement to use none-religious material and teach evolution.
  2. The Morning Star Academy- Christian virtual school. The advantage is that the parent chooses the school and curriculum that best fits their child. They are totally free from all testing requirements (unless their state requires them of homeschoolers) except those THEY choose to have their child take. The disadvantage is of course that you have to pay for it yourself. Whoever pays the bill controls the education.$1500
  3. The King's Way Classical Academy- Ditto. About $459 according to their website.
  4. ORU- Ditto. $100/ student + $550/course/credit with a 10% discount for additional children.
  5. Ron Paul Curriculum- Totally online. Totally self-taught. The child watches video lectures and reads articles on the website, then posts his work to his blog or youtube channel. If they need help they go to the forums on the website and work it out with other students. $500/child/year plus $50/ course. "It would be nice if the parents read the child's work." A+ academic level.
  6. Monarch- Alpha Omega homschool curriculum but online instead of in print. the computer corrects most the work and does all the drill, but the parent sets the schedule and can check the child's work if they want to. A+ academic level. About $500/year/child. (This or Ron Paul is what I would use if I went to virtual school)
  7. Khan Academy- video lessons posted on youtube available through their website. Covers everything and totally free. The parent would need to assign the work, but the computer takes care of the teaching and testing.
Google virtual schools and see how many more options there are!

Video/ Computer School
This option is from individual schools and the technology used varies. Basically the parent makes sure the child watches the appropriate video, supervises the work, mails it to the teacher who grades it and assigns further work.
  1. Abeka Book- This curriculum was originally written for a private school in Florida. Their focus is first and foremost service to God and the inerrancy of the Word, then patriotism. This curriculum was so high quality that many others began asking to use it too. Today this is the number one private school curriculum in the world. The publishers set cameras up in the back of the classrooms in their schools and recorded every lesson. They have made these available through live-stream ($225-$902) or DVD ($275-$1064) or Just the textbooks. These prices include the videos, all the necessary textbooks, tests, quizzes, etc., plus a teacher assigned to grade work and keep records. The parents supervise and mail in the work.
  2. Bob Jones- This curriculum focuses on God and the Bible and Missionaries. It is probably Abeka's main competition. They offer virtual, USB, and DVD video options as well as just textbooks. They also offer teachers as Abeka does. I couldn't find prices with just a quick look, but they usually run the same as Abeka.
  3. Switched on Schoolhouse- This is Alpha Omega self-paced curriculum but on CDs. With just the print books the parent can "teach" without teaching since all the lessons are contained in the workbooks themselves. They just have to correct and have an occasional discussion (the correcting can be done by the child if they are dependable enough to not cheat). You can also enroll in their correspondence school and get teacher support. $500ish/child/year. (Again, this is what I would use if I did total computer school. This option is not internet dependent. Monarch is the same thing but on the internet. Alpha Omega is the same thing but in print form. No computer needed at all.)
For print self-teaching curriculum, Google Christian Liberty, School of Tomorrow, and the above link to Switched on Schoolhouse which will also lead you to Alpha Omega. All are about $500/year. All are based on work-booklets, 10-12 books/year/subject. The child goes through them at their own pace.

There are so many options out there!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Sex, Abortion, Choice and Racisim.

Decided to cover a number of subjects in this post to get these links out there before they get too old:-)

 Abstinence is unrealistic and old fashioned | The Matt Walsh Blog:
"Describing sex as “casual” is like describing the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel as a “nice little doodle.” That’s what I can’t stand — the people who diminish and cheapen sex are the ones who get to pass themselves off as “sexually enlightened.” "

God invented sex. It was His idea. He put rules on it that would, ultimately, produce the most fun for everyone. He didn't have to make if fun. He didn't even have to make it at all (did you snails are a-sexual? They don't have to have sex to reproduce.) If we follow His rule, especially those about waiting until marriage:
  • No one would get an STD.
  • There would be no out of wedlock babies
  • The demand for abortion would just about disappear (more than 90% of abortions are in single women.)
  • There would be less baggage brought into marriages, making it easier for them to succeed.
Nearly everyone would be happier and more mentally stable.

But, noooo, we have to treat sex like it was equal to a visit to the mall.
We have to treat our bodies like they are free candy at a Halloween party.

 It’s time to end the stigma of infanticide | The Matt Walsh Blog
Seriously. What's the difference if you kill a baby before it's born or 10 minutes later after it has passed through the birth canal? If we aren't going to put social consequences on one it is hypocritical to put them on the other.

And of course if it's OK to kill our babies, what about our handicapped? elderly? political opponents? Where exactly do we draw the line?

The Funny Little Thing About “Women’s Choice” 

Wonderful article!
(not about abortion, by the way)

Men work because they NEED to support their families. They don't work for "fulfillment." To be thought of as a true man, "not having a job" is simply NOT an option.

Women should be home because their families NEED them there to care for them, to make life worth living. Fulfillment is irrelevant and, in fact, a choice and a result of a relationship with God.

To be a true mother, a mom who puts her children ahead of her self,  "not staying home" is simply NOT an option.

Some people don’t deserve a living wage | The Matt Walsh Blog
"Deserve" means "earned." If you don't work, yo shouldn't eat. That's Bible.

Honestly, our country can't tell the difference between a need, a want and a desire. Good grief.

And even among those who do actually put forth the effort to work, not all of them need a "living wage." There is a place in society for the elderly who just want to out among other people, the housewife who just wants to earn enough for a little bigger Christmas, the teenager just starting out who just needs cash for his car and a a few toys.

Not everyone needs to support a family.

We need to leave it open to the employers to decide what they need to pay. If the economy is booming, workers will be scarce enough to drive salaries up (it has happened before). If it isn't, the choice of something instead of nothing should be available.

The positive side of Obamacare that Fox News doesn’t want you to see | The Matt Walsh Blog
For one thing, my parents have maternity care for the first time ever.
Never mind dad had a vasectomy, mom a hysterectomy and they are both in their 70's. That's besides the point. They have the all important maternity care. Oh, and birth-control too, don't forget.

A message of hope to Obama cultists | The Matt Walsh Blog
There is hope.

Articles: The ObamaCare Black Hole
Some interesting observation whether you agree or not.

An article after one of the recent shootings called for us to "End this culture of violence!"

Hmmm, when in human history has it NOT been a culture of violence? When has survival not depended killing or being killed?

It is only very recently that life has not been a, well, life and death struggle. Maybe humans, especially men, were just created with a drive that comes out violent (I mean, really. Shooting Bambi with arrows to feed your family and defending them from attack are inherently violent acts. The human race would not have survived without it.)

Maybe what we really need is to quit trying to make our boys act like little girls and give them something acceptable to be violent in (football being the first thing that comes to mind, but there are many other ways.)

Spent the day yesterday with mom during her chemo. We had a good time. Every treatment chair is a recliner with a view of the whole city/valley and a basket of chips and cookies next to it. We even had cherry pepsi:-)

And the whole gay marriage thing;

Should the gove really have anything to do with marriage in the first place? Who gave them the right to say who is married and who isn't? That belongs with the church and only the church.

For more on the gay issue, read my article at and the one I wrote here

I understand that Florida has passed a law requiring drug tests for welfare.

Welfare= money taken from taxpayers to provide essitials for those who can't or won't provide them for themselves.

Public School = money taken from taxpayers to provide education for those who can't or won't provide it for their own.

Isn't it hypocritical to requier people who need food to survive to get drug tests but to not requier people who just don't want to bother acctually paying for their own children's education to prove they need the help? The money comes from the same place- the tax payer.

American Thinker: Liberalism, Black America's Greatest Enemy
It was the Republicans who fought to end slavary in the Civil War. The Dems wanted to keep it.

It was the Republicans who sent in the armed forces to force schools to open up to everyone. It was the Dems who opposed them.

The KKK is made up of Dems.

Know why the Dems are always taling about race but the Republicans aren't?

It's because the Dems are still racist. They measure and judge everything by how much melanin you happened to inherit.

The Republicans don't give a hoot about the color of your skin. They only care about who yo are inside.


John and Mari's Wedding(Let's start with the fact that I detest the terms "black" "white" "colored" or "-American." They are inaccurate and divisive.

I am not white. I am light, pinky tan at best. The darkest person I have ever seen is not black, but more a dark, chocolate brown. In fact, all humans are brown, just different shades of brown. Let's just use the terms used by horse people which are way more accurate. This would make me Palamino and Bill Cosby would be MahoganyBay.)

When I was a child I never noticed race. Seriously. My mom came home from her standard parent/teacher conference with my 5th grade teacher and asked why I hadn't told her my teacher was black. My responses was, "My teacher is black?" I didn't care about the color of a person's skin enough to notice. Did the same thing with friends in Jr high.

It irritates me that I have been forced to notice such things as I would much rather just form opinions of people based on their personality and character.

My Hubby says at his job where he often deals with kids in their 20's the attitude is much the same as mine. They would no more consider forming an opinion of a person on the color of his skin than the color of his car. It has nothing to do with who that person is. Hubby says he finds this attitude among anyone younger than we are (mid 40's, just younger than the youngest Boomers).

So I find I need to do a bit of ranting.

Hubby read a letter to the editor shortly after the Zimmerman verdict explaining how Mahogany boys have to be taught to behave when pulled over by the police:

"Put your hands in plain sight, speak politely, comply with everything they tell you. You will have a chance to set things right later, but don't make the cop mad!" (paraphrase)

Really? You think my very SandyBay-colored husband ("bay" is a brownish color of varying shades with dark mane, tail and legs.) would get away with stuffing his hands in his pockets and yelling a policeman who pulls him over? Seriously? The fact is that every man I have been with when pulled over by the police behaves exactly as this woman describes. Goodness, I tell my very Palomino DAUGHTERS to act this way! It is simply wisdom to behave with respect towards those in authority, even if you disagree with them, especially if they have a loaded gun!

Are Mahogany mammas really telling their boys they have to act this way because of the color of their skin? That the world hates them this much? If so, this would go a long way to explaining why so many Mahogany boys are so filled with anger and so disrespectful of authority of all shades of brown to the point of getting themselves put in jail. The Mammas are creating the culture of having a chip on their shoulders:-(

Next rant: I read a magazine about midwifing (helping women birth babies.) One issue discussed the fact that the more melanin a baby is born with (the molecule in the skin that causes brown-ness), the more likely they are to die.

One letter to the magazine and my response: "This is disgrace to the Black Community..."

No it's not. This is a disgrace to AMERICA!

Until ALL Americans work to right this wrong, there will be no improvement.

"...Midwives of Color must..."

Really? "White" midwives are not allowed to catch "Black" babies? Do you think this might be part of the problem? Choosing your care providers on the color of their skin instead of the skill of their hands? The best midwife in your area might just be dark mahogany. Then again she might be light palomino or any number of shades in between. Doesn't your baby deserve the best care, no matter the shade of brown?

Must I give up my daydreams of clients of every possible color in my waiting room when I am practicing midwifery just because I didn't inherit very much melanin?

The linked article discusses the choice of the civil rights activists to move what they call the "Black Community" to isolation instead of integration. As a result, dark teachers were picked for dark children no matter who the most skilled teacher was. This ended up being "cutting off their noses to spite their faces."

Because of the lack of opportunities before the Civil Rights movement, darker teachers of the time were often less educated. Had teachers been chosen on their skill level, mahogany children would have received as good of an education as lighter children and would not have needed special rules to compete in college and the job force.

Instead, everyone knows there is the possibility their dark doctor got his doctorate because of the color of his skin and not his skill, meaning most people of all colors will prefer lighter doctors.

Affirmative action has made it so racism will continue when it would have died out a very long time ago without it. This makes me sad and more than a little angry.

Articles: The Aftermath of the George Zimmerman Case, Part 3: The Weight of History

Thursday, November 14, 2013

What is Marriage?

No body seems to know anymore. And this is the problem.

Oh, I'm not going to go into the whole "gay marriage" thing. I've covered that before here, here, here, and here.

No, it dismays me how many people think marriage is about fulfillment, sex, social contrats, or so many other things. It's not.

First, read...

Snowed In | Marriage Isn’t For You

Marriage Isn't For You! I'ts NOT!This aritcle makes a good argument that marriage is FOR your spouse. If you go into it for what it and they can bring to you you are being selfish and the marriage will likely fail.
(but read the next article I post too)
Snowed In | Why “Marriage Isn’t For You” Is Wrong
But that article got it wrong!

That's because marriage isn't for your spouse either. You are both fallible human beings and there is no way on earth all of one person's needs could be met by another human being. The burden of having one person living for making your life better is too great for any human to bear, as the article says.

Marriage is for God.

  • It is for Him to use to show the world the relationship Jesus has with the Church.
  • It is for Him to use to train tomorrow's spiritual warriors.
  • It is His way of caring for women when they are pregnant and nursing and thus less able to care for themselves (and before you start telling me pregnancy shouldn't stop a woman from caring for herself, yes, a woman CAN work in this stage  but that doesn't mean she SHOULD. She can put more into making a healthy baby if she doesn't have to worry about the work-a-day world.)
  • It is His way of making sure someone is around to care for either a man or woman when they get hurt (Hubby broke his arm last week. His RIGHT arm. As you go about your day, notice how often you use your right arm. Getting dressed for example...)
  • It is even his way to make sure there is someone to care for other relatives, neighbors, etc that are ill. 
(sex, companionship, social benefits, etc are the reward for doing God's will:-)

The question must be asked:
Have *Christians* Declared War on Marriage? 

We have bought into the world's idea that life ends at the alter. We tell our children "Don't have sex until you marry (biblical) but you must finish school, go to college, set up a career, and really live before you can marry (the world)" This means we are telling our children they must be sexually mature for 15 or more years without having sex! Can we say "mean?"

Anyway, sex aside, this is the world's idea, that marriage is the end of fun and fun is the point of life. The Bible says the point of life is working for God.

Of course, our God being who He is, when we kill our plans of self-fun and follow His plans, He gives us a life ten times as fulfilling as anything we could have come up with on our own!


My life, (married at 18, homemaker, 9 children) is SO much more fun, secure and satisfying than anything else I have seen.

We need to look at how we talk to our children about marriage and babies.

Truth be told, we are the cause of most of our problems.

Our society doesn’t know anything about marriage | The Matt Walsh Blog

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Thoughts on fat

All relatives, especially the female ones, are large. In fact, I might be the skinniest of them and I am borderline between "overweight" and "obese."

I have spent my entire life watching people I love, especially the women, starve themselves, pass up birthday cake, corn, and potatoes, etc to no avail. If they loose, it comes right back on with interest. Most of the time they didn't loose at all.

When they went to the Doctor, all their ills were "because your fat." The doctors never believe they are actually sick.

I have seen the hopelessness and humiliation of being larger than is acceptable to our culture.

And while watching this, I have compared my diet to my relatives. Now, I have seen a few eat massive amounts of food at holidays, but most of my relatives don't, even at celebrations. I know that many of them don't eat more than I did when I was skinny; less, in fact. And active? Often way more active than I was as a young adult.

Because I have studied nutrition I have been asked what to do to help them loose weight. I can only shrug helplessly. They are following all the rules for weight lose. I am totally lost.

Results of recent studies on Obesity:

There are many causes of obesity and our society does not help the fat person to be healthier. In fact they often make it worse.

We way underestimate the affects of poverty on every aspect of life, especially health. (And lets just say my last name isn't Rockefeller. We are not a bottom-of-the-ladder poor family, but we are not rich either. In fact, my parents both grew up in abject poverty, though they are upper middle now.)

Poor people live in poor neighborhoods. I know this may seem obvious, but it has repercussions we don't often realize. For example, If you are going to live in a mobile home in our area, if you are rich enough you buy in the community on the top of the hill. If you are poorer, you buy at the bottom of the hill. In between are a number of mines, closed and open. So those on the bottom of the hill drink and bathe in water that ran off of these mines, while the rich are above that water level.

The rich live in newer, healthier houses (for the most part). The poor live in 10-30 year old houses where the glues and paints are beginning to deteriorate.

The rich often work in newer offices while the poor work in older, often toxin-filled work places. They are also exposed to more physical labor and, thus, are injured at work more often.

The rich can afford gym memberships.

Studies show that the poor go to doctors less than the rich do, even if they have insurance. The reason is simple; doctors and their staff treat poor people differently than rich. Especially if they are also fat. The disdain and contempt is often palatable.


I have a picture of my great-great-grandmother and her mom with their family. I guarentee these wome did not eat fast food or much if any of what we would call junk food. In fact, everything they ate was totally organic (non-organic food had not been invented yet!) 

They did not "couch potato" since TV (and even radio!) had not been invented yet and they were poor, so no servants to do their work for them. Mere survival meant a lot of hard exercise. 

 In fact, because they were poor, I would bet they seldom or never had enough to eat. Stuffing themselves would have meant denying their children food.

Despite all this, these two ancestors of mine both weighed close to 300lb.


The only thing I can figure out is that God made people of every different size and shape. Some of us can be size 3, while most of us, well, let's just say "won't be." It is the way we are made and we can't do anything about it.


I am more and more convinced that dieting itself CAUSES obesity. It forces our bodies into "famine mode" where they hoard every last ounce in order to keep us from dieing in this great famine (our bodies can't tell the difference between a famine and a diet.)

Do you know someone who can eat anything they want and never gain weight? I really wonder if they never gain weight BECAUSE  they have always eaten anything they want.

Obviously dieting doesn't work. EVERYONE is on a diet yet NO ONE is losing weight. In fact, the number of people who lose weight and keep it off is only about .5% and that includes those with weight lose surgery.

If any one diet or diet product or eating plan worked there would be only one out there because everyone would use it.

Obviously the problem is in how we think about our bodies, not in our scales.

Monday, November 11, 2013

The Pastor's Wife

Loving the Pastor’s Wife | The Resurgence

Thankfully, we don't have any of "those women" in our church now, but we have had in the past. Being a preacher's kid as well as the Assistant Pastor's wife, I have seen these things mentioned in this article all the time.

It is not an easy job, pastoring a church. And the pastor's wife is every bit as much a pastor. It takes a team to do the job right (read the books of Timothy and Titus).

Tell your pastor's wife thank you today and look to see how you can make her life easier.

(Actually just taking care of your own stuff instead of expecting her to run after you will go a long way.)

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Go Fish - Movin' To The Beat

Jesus came to give us life.

Sometimes things can get hard and it's easy to be depressed. But Jesus has it all under control. He sees the beginning from the end and knows what to expect. Nothing surprises Him.

Oh to have more faith in Him. Oh to be able to dance more.

Saturday, November 09, 2013

It's Weird That Having Lots of Kids is Weird

It's Weird That Having Lots of Kids is Weird 

 Throughout history if the food supply was sufficient, the average woman birthed 7-8 children. This is normal and natural. In fact, a woman with only two children was often pitied since it was a well known fact that the more kids you had, the more comfortable your elderly years would be.

Then came birth control.

Now women with lots of kids are often pitied, even assumed to be abused by some evil man who insists she keeps having kids against her will.

I have news for the feminists; most women I have met would have loved to have more children. It was the man who insisted they stop. So much for "freedom and choice" for women.

And the truth is that you will still have a better retierment if you have lots of children. God's principles don't change with fashion.

People with too few children are left to the care of the government when they become weak. It is just too hard for the woman with two (or more due to divorce and remarriage) elderly parents, two or more elderly parent-in-Laws, her home to run, a full time career, and her own kids to raise to give proper care to everyone.

(Yeah, Yeah, I know; "Her husband should be helping too!" Seriously, add in another career and adding a husband to the mix doesn't do a lot to relieve the work. And God gifted women to care for the weak and sick. Yes men can do it too, but most aren't as good at it as most women. That is why most nurses, daycare workers, and home health aids are usually  women.)

When a couple have half a dozen kids they have more people to take care of them in retirement. The work is delightfully spread around. No body is over-burdened yet the parents recieve better care.

This is the way God designed it. He thought of everything in the beginning and designed it so everyone would be cared for.

And science is increasingly discovering that it is healthier for a woman to have lots of children to boot. (seems babies leave behind fetal stem cells that go to all parts of mom's body and heal what ever may be beginning to go wrong. The more babies a woman has, the more stem cells that are left behind, the healthier she is. Cool, huh?)

Thursday, November 07, 2013

The Care and Feeding of Husbands

I just finished reading “The Care and Feeding of Husbands” by Dr Laura. This is not the first book of hers that I have read. I have enjoyed them all to one extent or another.

Her basic premise in this one is that feminist rhetoric has caused modern women to become down right rude and selfish with their hubbies. Many women will be far more careful to speak with love to their friends than to their man.

She is right in her observations. In fact, I found her advice to be common sense, logic and just plan polite.

News flash- “Hubbies have feelings, dreams and plans too!” 

I highly recommend all women read this book.

It seriously disturbs me the prevailing attitude that men are the enemy and women the victims.  The truth is that women are just as intelligent and powerful and men are, and always have been.

Let's face it, men want sex. Though women like sex they don't need it the way men do. There was a time when the only way a man could get what he wanted (sex) was to give a woman what she wanted (security- far more important to most women). Thus, sex didn't happen until marriage.

 The main reason women held out for the official commitment was because biology dictates a pregnant woman or a woman with small children is very vulnerable. She may be able to care for herself, but it is a stress and exhausting. It is much easier to bring a life into this world if you can take a nap in the middle of the day!

By holding out on sex until marriage women were guaranteed the financial support they needed at these times of weakness. It was understood from the start that men and women were partners in the production of tomorrow's world.

Then came birth control and, especially, abortion. Now sex was divorced from reproduction and women had no trump card to hold ("What if I get pregnant?").  If she did get pregnant it was her fault for missing her pill or she could just end it. It had nothing to do with the man.

Add to this the feminists preaching the virtues of "giving the milk away for free."

Today, men can get all the sex they want for free (or the price of a drink). So they have no motivation to make a permanent commitment. The woman is still weaker during those biologically determined early years of a child's life, but now she knows she can't depend on any man.

This frustrates and angers many women, making them snarkey to their men.  And men feel helpless and unimportant.

It's time we recognized the damage done by the feminist ideology and rebuild our lives to give everyone what they need:
  • Support for women and children
  • Respect and importance for men
  • Sex for both!

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Jesus Loves Me

There is no more important truth in the world.

No matter how bad we each are, no matter what we have done wrong, Jesus loves us.

No one is perfect. We all make mistakes, have areas of weakness. Yet our Lord chose to die for us anyway. In fact, If we hadn't messed up, He wouldn't have needed to die. He was perfect and didn't need the sacrifice. He did it all for us.

Friday, November 01, 2013

The Richest People in America

The 20 richest Americans and which party they donated to:Mrs. Pumpkin Squash
1 Bill Gates $54 B 55 Medina, WA Microsoft- Democrat
2 Warren Buffett $45 B 80 Omaha, NE Berkshire Hathaway-Democrat
3 Larry Ellison $27 B 66 Woodside, CA Oracle-Democrat
4 Christy Walton & family $24 B 56 Jackson, WY Walmart-Democrat, Republican
5 Charles Koch $21.5 B 75 Wichita, KS Diversified-Republican
5 David Koch $21.5 B 70 New York , NY Diversified-Republican
7 Jim Walton $20.1 B 63 Bentonville, AR Walmart-Republican
8 Alice Walton $20 B 61 Fort Worth, TX Walmart-Republican
9 S. Robson Walton $19.7 B 67 Bentonville, AR Walmart-Republican
10 Michael Bloomberg $18 B 69 New York , NY Bloomberg-Democrat, Republican, Independent
11 Larry Page $15 B 37 Palo Alto, CA Google-Democrat
11 Sergey Brin $15 B 37 San Francisco, CA Google
13 Sheldon Adelson $14.7 B 77 Las Vegas, NV casinos=Republican
14 George Soros $14.2 B 80 Westchester, NY hedge funds-Democrat
15 Michael Dell $14 B 46 Austin, TX Dell-Republican
16 Steve Ballmer $13.1 B 54 Seattle, WA Microsoft-Democrat, Republican
17 Paul Allen $12.7 B 58 Mercer Island, WA Microsoft, investments-Democrat, Republican
18 Jeff Bezos $12.6 B 47 Seattle, WA Amazon-Democrat
19 Anne Cox Chambers $12.5 B 91 Atlanta, GA Cox Enterprises-Democrat
20 John Paulson $12.4 B 55 New York, NY hedge funds-Democrat, Republican
Totals: 12 donated to Democrats, 12 to Republicans, 1 to the Independents, and 1 to no one.
If you remove Sam Wal's (Wal-Mart, Sam's Club) children (4), you have 11 Dems and 8 Republicans.
Which is the party of the rich again?