Friday, September 21, 2018

Cogitations on endeavors

Did you know I have 9 blogs? Not counting the 4 I put together for the church to make the church's website, the one I set up for my kids to share writing on (which they don't use), or the one I set up to put family photos on to share with each other (which we haven't done.) Let's see, I have this one, as well as;

  1. Ministry of Mom
  2. Homeschool WWH
  3. Proclaim Liberty (politics)
  4. Bible Truth
  5. A Bible Commentary one (which I write in daily, putting scripture into my own words as a part of my daily devotions.)
  6. One on Health
  7. One on Herbs
  8. One where I talk about the hair accessories I sell.
I don't post on any of them but the Bible Commentary regularly. 

Why do I have so many? Well, I figure those who want to know about homeschooling don't really want to hear about politics, and those who want to know about herbs probably aren't interested in homschooling. 

But I'm not sure if that is really the best way to approach blogging. No one place really gets enough of my attention to be "me". 

So, maybe I should go to just one source for everything. If I do, it will likely be here. So, you all may be hearing more about hair, homeschool, life in general. I'm not promising, just thinking "out loud."