Tuesday, October 20, 2015

My Month of October

This month (so far) has contained:
  • A bad cold going through nearly the whole family. Sore throats. Headaches. Fevers. Etc.
  • Dental surgery for my four year old. His teeth were so bad they simply couldn't wait until he was older, but at his age he couldn't sit still. So they put him under. He handled it fine and was up playing by that evening, but I was wiped out :-P
  • A tummy flu very slowing hitting one person at a time. I prefer everyone getting sick at once. 
  • My dad deciding he needed my mom's desk cleaned out so he could use it. 
  • My dad deciding to move Mom's toolbox to his garage. This meant working in her craft room, which I have been avoiding. 
  • My dad coming home from his vacation with the decision he wanted the kids to resume spending the night once a week. (This means my total weekly schedule changed again just as we got in the rhythm of the old/new one). 
  • My dad preformed his first wedding since Mom's death. Guess who the church's wedding coordinator used to be? Guess who her assistant was? Guess who gets the whole job now? Guess who has done the whole job before EXCEPT filling out the official paperwork? Guess who didn't know how to do it? Guess who is waiting for Dad to file the paperwork so she can find out what all she did wrong? (It was a very beautiful little wedding by the way. It was almost rained out, but the the rain quit just in time and the sun came out just as Dad pronounced them "man and wife." The best man cried at the timing :-) And the people were very nice, no fighting or anything that is normal with weddings.)
  • My birthday:-) Took the day off, except for taking care of Hubby who had the tummy bug.
So I've been pretty quiet here in blog land.

Anyway, Christmas is coming up. So is a family reunion. (Any ideas on how to make some Christmas money quickly but while still teaching school and keeping house full time?)

And the first holidays without my Mom.

Sigh. I see a couple of long months ahead of me.

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Evacuation, sort of

We have had some problems with our septic system (old, cheap, small, lots of people in the house....) and came to the point we couldn't use the toilets until the septic company came to look at it.

11 people with no toilets for an estimated 3+ days.

Yeah, not gonna happen.

A couple of quick phone calls and we, for all intents and purposes, bugged out- we threw everything we could think of possibly needing into the car and left for my dad's house (it was almost supper time and I needed to get there to cook). He's out of state visiting relatives, but has his phone so we didn't just move in. We had his permission. ("Borrow my what? House? Of course." (In the tone of voice that says "Why are bothering to ask? You know I don't care."))

It was like a vacation in a way;
  • Different environment
  • Different schedule
  • Different food (cause we missed some things when we left our hose and had to improvise :-)
  I spent the whole time cleaning house, playing house, really. His place is newer and thus in better condition, so in a way it was fun to clean. Amazing how much difference that makes, really, to clean something and not have to tune out the scratches, scrapes, and stains.

My oldest son got the system fixed today (what the company said needed doing) so we are back home now.

We left Dad's house very clean which was fun.

But walking into ours we left so fast...


Though I should spend a couple of hours cleaning here, I think I'll take a nap.