Friday, March 23, 2007

Scripted curriculums

I have recently read a couple of different opinions of scripted curricula. I thought I would through my opinion out there.
There is a time and a place for every kind of curriculum available, even the "evil" textbooks. I use one scripted book with my children- First Lessons in Language by Jessie Wise. It is designed to be used with one child in first and second grade for teaching grammar and narration. Mrs. Wise believes that children gain a good head start by learning this information early so they have the time to to go more in-depth in later years. Unfortunately, children this age do not generally have the reading skills to comprehend grammar with out it being taught to them. Thus any books written to the child himself can not be used this early. The choice then is to delay this subject until they can read their own directions or use something mom has to teach. My older children are using books they not only read themselves but they correct themselves also. I scan the work and discuss it with them every day to make sure they are understanding (about 30 seconds), but otherwise they are on their own. In looking back though, i wish I had done a better job of teaching grammar earlier with them. they are both not where i would like them to be on this right now, though my oldest (who I used Abeka with in the first two years) is very close. So to fix this with the younger seven (2-9 years old), I want to have them actively learning grammar now. I read the scripted lesson from FLL, one lesson per day to all seven of them (my 2 and 3yo insist they must be in this class also. their idea, not mine) By doing all of the "little" ones at the same time I am saving time (one lesson typically takes around 5 minutes). this makes up for any time inefficiencies using a scripted lesson automatically brings. Now, I don't use scripted for any other subject but I do follow a similar idea. For example, I want my children to know the old hymns I grew up with. Our church sings mostly choruses (I am the worship leader so it is my fault). So every school morning we sing one hymn from our old hymnal. We sing them in order (the ones I know. I skip the others). So there is no prep time for this subject. I simply pick up the book and start singing. I do the same thing with a Sunday School song book (though, since I teach sign language at the same time, i do occasionally need to take the time to look up a word I don't know. For our Proverbs/dictation i just use the verses in the order they occur in the Bible. For our Bible story I use a chronological Bible and am reading it in order, one chapter at a time. No prep time whatsoever. I find this efficient because I can do the whole family at once. I guess if I used workbooks or independent texts I wouldn't have to devote so much time myself to the actual reading, but I like the togetherness we build by doing it this way. I am interacting with my children everyday. They and I get along better when we spend this time together.

Friday, March 16, 2007

This and That

Long time no post. Let's see, I have had three computer crashes, got a new computer, several bad colds and such with the dc, and a case of "Egyptian flu." (I am going to be a mummy):-) Anyway, I am taking time to post here today.

I have been studying vitamins and herbs. I have changed to a cheaper but more complete vitamin and it seems to help the nausea. I have also made up an herbal tea. It seems to help also. It includes alfalfa, dandelion (though now that the water retention is down I will cut that amount down) milk thistle, nettle leaf, oat straw, ginger, thyme, peppermint leaf, and raspberry leaf. It occurred to me today that I could add a little juice to it (in addition to the honey) and I might enjoy it better. I have to wait to try it until we go shopping tomorrow.

Going to shop for a midwife. I used D for my last three births and I have NO complaints whatsoever. however with my plans to eventually be a midwife myself i would like to see how someone closer to my religion works. talked to l today and made an appointment. need to call F again, too. don't' know if i will try S or not. that seems so far away to me.