Friday, June 18, 2010

A parable of love

There were once two women watching a man. He wrapped a blindfold around his eyes, spun himself in circles and then proceeded to walk towards a 500 foot cliff.

The first woman said, “Hey! You are heading towards a cliff! You are going to fall off and DIE!” and she ran to the man and grabbed him and tried to turn him around. She even tried to pull the blindfold off.

The second woman said, “Leave him alone. This is his choice to make. Just because that path wouldn’t work for you doesn’t mean it won’t work for him. He has a right to make his own decisions. You are just being judgmental and intolerant. How self-righteous can you get to think your path is the right one for everyone!”

Which woman really loved the man?

Thursday, June 17, 2010


I have finished two big projects this week; Caring for Your Masterpiece and Foundations of Faith.

What do I focus my work time on now?

  • The Lukiest One (a child's book)
  • Mikey's Baby (a child's book)
  • The Simple Bible: Genesis (commentary on Genesis. working title. Probably not the final one.)
  • The Family and the Church (the relationship of the family compared to God's relationship with the church. again, probably the working title, not the final one)
  • My star talk
  • commentary on Revelation. I am up to chapter 9.
  • commentary on Ezekial. i have chapters 38 and 39 done, but realized that I need to do the whole book in order for those chapters to be in context. sigh.
  • same for Isaiah.
  • my herb database.
Of course this is while I am homeschooling, keeping house, learning to play the piano, and going through herb school.

Nutty older children strike again. My 2yo started the morning singing "Daddy is great. He gives us chocolate cake."

Foundations of Faith Now Available!

Foundations of Faith

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Stop dating the church,

I read Josh Harris' "Stop Dating the Church." I had hopped he had found the verse that said, "Thou shalt be at the church on Sunday Morning at 9:50. Every Sunday thou shalt be there. Though the car breaks down, the kids have a fight, or you were up late the night before, thou shalt arrive and on time." Unfortunatly, he didn't find it. Otherwise, this was a very good book. Way too many Christians have the same attitude towards the church that the world has towards dating. It is time to change.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Care for Your Masterpiece!

My newest book...

Caring For Your Masterpiece

My 2yo reads to me

Well, that's what she calls it, LOL. She takes one of the readers I am using to teach her older sisters and tells me the story. She's pretty close too!

Been a hard week. The house on the corner burned down. Our dog nearly killed our cat. We discovered that twoof our chickens (including my 10yo's favorite) are actually roosters (and we don't have the facilities or need for roosters). And more I don't really want to share at this time. But god is good and drawing me ever closer to Him.

The future is something which everyone reaches at the rate of 60 minutes an hour, whatever he does, whoever he is. - C. S. Lewis

Friday, June 11, 2010

Women and Mothers

My nutty children have taught my 2yo to call me Mamasita (sp?). to see such a little squirt saying such a big word and in another language- hilarious. (We have been using Rosetta Stone for Spanish lessons for a few months now. I highly recommend it. Your family will be much better off with all the discussions of pantelones sopa added to your life:-D)

Big news of the week: The house four doors to the north of us burned down. We had six different police departments and at lest four different fire companies here. A little touchy when the field/backyard caught, but they got it all out. Such a beautiful house, too. The only sight-built on the street:-(

Things like this remind us all of the impermance of stuff. The young couple that lived there went to work like normal that day. I can imagine them coming home and thinking "I'm sure I left the house right there." They havenothing but what they had in their car left. Nothing.

The facts on college.

A blantant example of propaganda. A publisher puts a warning lable on the Declaration of Independance and the Constitution. The lable itself advises parents to tell their children that our society's ideas on certain issues have changed since these were written. This very "disclaimer" is the publisher's attempt to undermine the documents it is selling; an atempt at question begging. They are planting the idea that these documents no longer apply to us without giving us the honest option of facing the question "do these documents apply to us." Disgusting.

christianity has been the biggest force for equality of respect for women. Other religions either elivate them to dimi-goddesses or subjects them to sub-humanity. However....

Modern "Christianity" has lost its way. It is now a feminized religion. I don'treally blame men for leaving the church. It's time we began acknowledging God as the Warrior King He is. Can't wait till the sequeal of this article is printed.

"Motherhood is not about the mother; mothers are in full-time ministry serving the Lord.”-Mark Driscoll

The consumer is the ultimate power.

Woman as Mother by Mark Driscoll