Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Last chemo

Mom had her last chemo yesterday. sounds like it went ok. They had to go through the back of her hand to find a vein, though.

Wedding in a week and a half. I think Andy is actually excited. He has already made plans for the time they are here and often teases about it.

don't feel real good. Several of the dc are showing signs of colds, so that's probably my problem.

Making some headway on Return. in the pages 50ish out of 250ish.

going to start the coupons for the week this afternoon.

Been doing The Bible study Guide for all ages. There are things aI like about it and things I don't. I wanted to give it a good try so I know whether to recommend it to others or not.

Been looking at the Ron Paul curriculum. Totally out of my price range, but it's very good. Makes me feel poor though. I need to remember that God will provide all my children need educationally and that part of my calling is to school cheaply so I can help the poorest to do this. The rich can always use private schools. the poor are the ones who are hurt the most by public schools and have the fewest options. So, how do I recreate the quality of the rpc without using any money? Is it possible since my education wasn't anywhere near the quality of the teachers in the program? Or, since all their books and blogs are available, do I just need to get creative? Should I just stay my current course (mostly Abeka) or give a years experiment to the "Google" method of education? Hmmmmmm......

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

We're not in Kansas anymore Toto.

Didn't sleep well. Achy muscles. Bad wind blowing. All related? Probably. Beginning to suspect I have worse hay-fever than I have previously thought.

Made the years herbal salve yesterday. Didn't get enough oil in it and it's hard as a rock! Blahhhh:-P Now I have to figure out how to melt them all down and redo them.

On a good note, remembered I hadn't updated the table of contents in the family unit and fixed it, and went through the next book I am editing, Return, and fixed the typos mom and dad caught. Added a note to myself at the end to remember the toc this time. Tomorrow I will start the final edit. Shipping box for my computer arrived so i will get that off tomorrow. Now to do some coupons since I don't feel like doing what I am supposed to be doing.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

In the Midst of a Revolution

We are in the midst of a major revolution; one to equal the Industrial or Agricultural revolutions.

Education: Soon, we will no more educate our children the way they did 3000 years ago in ancient Greece (bunch of kids locked in a room with a teacher.) There is simply no need for it today. Most children have more information available on the smart phone in their pocket than all the teachers in their entire school put together could come up with.

There are more and more "virtual schools" available, also, many geared toward the parent's specific world view, and for very affordable prices.

It simply doesn't make sense to limit a child to what is available from some little girl/teacher in some classroom anymore!

And brick-and-mortar schools are expensive. The physical schools cost WAY too much money to build and maintain, especially when you consider each child has a home of some sort being paid for at the same time. It would be much more efficient to just educate the child in that place that is already being paid for by the parents, even if we bought each child a computer!

Of course the Teacher's Union is fighting this because it would mean less money for them, but one teacher, hired by the parents through paypal could easily "teach" (guide the education) of three times as many kids for the same amount of work over the internet.

The only problem is the baby-sitting factor while both parents work, which brings us to  the next area of the revolution...

Work: It is an increasingly possible for more and more people to earn their living at home. For most people the only reason their job couldn't be done from their own house is because their employer just hasn't realized the savings: no having to pay for the work space for each person! After-all, they are already paying for their own space at their house. Why not let them do their work at their own desk, in their own living room, with temperature controls set to their own comfort? Greatly reduced saving for janitors, utilities, mortgage, etc.

And the savings to the worker! No more gasoline and other commuting expenses. Reduced clothes expenses and lunches out. And most of us are paying for the desk space and equipment anyway. Most employers would help with the computers and stuff because they would be saving so much by not duplicating what you already want in your home.

And self employment is increasingly possible through the internet! How long before it is more common to work for yourself than for someone else? this is really just a return and modernization of the way it was when we were an agricultural society; each family working together on its own property, being their own bosses.

It's just a matter of time before half the country is working from home.

And since the parents are home anyway, they can "babysit" their own kids.

Media: We have all grown up with all of our information and entertainment controled by someone else. NO MORE!

Now with Netflex, Amazon, YouTube, I-Tunes, etc, we can all watch and listen to what we want to, when we want to, and even produce it ourselves! Why just watch when you can do?

In fact, radio, newspapers, and TV are all dieing industries. They are outdated and obsolete. After all, how did you find out about the latest killer tornado? I heard on Facebook minutes after it hit from people that live there. What do I need the media for?

This of course removes control of information from the Main Stream Media to the people, where it should be in the first place. This is the very thing the First Amendment was designed to protect and encourage.

Banking: My adult son asked me the other day if he really needed to keep his bank account or if Paypal would do all he needed. You know, since Paypal began issuing debit and credit cards, the only reason I can come up with for a real bank account is if he can't get paid that way through his job. Even then, I am sure a way could be found to cash his paycheck and get him the money into his Paypal account. Might even become normal very soon for bosses to just email you your check!

Very soon, we won't even need brick-and-mortar banks for loans or any other business, either.

Shopping: I only need to say three words: Amazon. Ebay. Craigslist.

Politics: Between social sites, email, camera phones, youtube and everything else out there, this arena is seeing earth-shaking changes also.

The protestors in Arabic Spring last year used facebook and twitter to organize their protests. Of course, the governments didn't have to torture anyone to get the name of their friends, either. They just took their phones and logged into their facebook accounts.

Oppressed people can now get all the information they want on their computers. Their governments can't keep them in the dark anymore. Course, governments can also kill anyone they want from space with drones.

Where this will all end up, we have no idea at this time. It is entirely possible that our grandchildren will not even recognize our lifestyles!

All we can do is hold on and enjoy the ride:-)

God's Wrath?

My heart aches over the disaster in Oklahoma.I pray for all the victims.

But more than that, it makes me afraid.

Over the last two years I have written verse by verse commentaries on all the minor prophets plus Ezekiel.

In answer to some on Facebook, Yes, God DOES send natural disasters to punish/try to get the attention of countries. Often they are just a warning of tyranny to come if the country doesn't repent.

Is that what is happening with all the tornadoes, floods, fires lately or is it just that we see them more because of technology?

I don't know.

I do know these are the things God used to get Israel's attention in the Bible and we, as a nation, are committing the same sins Israel did.

Please, Please, PLEASE! read the Bible, turn to God!

Don't make ANY decision without consulting His Word!

He says if we humble ourselves and seek His face He will heal our land. We need healing, BADLY!

There have been enough deaths and destruction.

As a nation, let's seek God's way again!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday Morning

Josh is nursing less and less which is good. None of my other children have nursed nearly thins long. They all self weaned or I dried up a lot earlier.

Finished and uploaded "9 angry men" last week:-) Working on "Family Unit" now. Should have it done by the end of the week.

dog ran off again:-( We've managed to keep him home for a good week, but this morning he snuck out of the gate while my Jim had his head turned. I would hate to have to have him on the leash 24/7.

Susie cat disappeared a few days ago. She was born in this house and has never really shown an interest in leaving, being a very shy cat. But she went out through a hole in the boy's screen the other night and no one has seen her since. Let's just think she found a quieter house to live in instead of a coyote not being hungry.:-( Her mom and brother similarly disappeared a couple of years ago.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Talking Toddlers

Most mornings I get a bowl of treats out for Josh. This is supposed to be encouraging him to quit nursing by offering more interesting alternatives (not really working). He woke up the same time I did today and watched me, chattering about something or other.

When I pulled the box down that has the animal cookies I have been giving him, he said "Ookies." Then as I put some cheerios in his bowl he said "Ereal." I wasn't aware he was that vocal:-)

Bad dream last night. Had to fully wake up to get rid of it. Decided to check out a website I have been wanting to look at. guess what? They have an audio greeting and I forgot to turn the sound off the computer when I turned it off yesterday.

11:00 at night and this lady is telling my entire (sleeping) household what a great company they are:-P

so of course I am tired and achey today.

Need to find a time to do the Ron Paul Curriculum study skills course with the dc. Having trouble fitting it in.

Tomorrow we go help a friend clean out his deceased wife's stuff. Except for the expected rain, it should be perfect weather; nice and cool.

Nearly done with the final on 9 Angry men. More than half done with the rewrite on Homeschool WWH. amazing how much education has changed in just the last 8 years! Where in 05 I advised lots of "talk to your librarian," today I advise "Google it."

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Signs of the times

Josh (20 months) can sign baby, daddy, eat/drink, yummy, play, and a couple of things I haven't figured out yet. He is obviously "saying" something, but I don't know what yet.

Tate publishing has contacted me and offered a contract to publish my books. We're praying about it.

Thing is, I am still in the "little kid" stage of life, even though I have a couple of adult children. This will make it difficult to do publicity things. Right idea, wrong timing? Or should I just go for it?

God sure gave me a beautiful view out my front window:-)

Monday, May 13, 2013


Woke with a headache this AM. Normal migraine, but I hate them. I've done Tylenol and coffee. Forgot about lavender oil. Should have used it yesterday when I felt it coming on.

That's the problem with herbs; I forget to use them when I don't feel good or am worried about the children not feeling good. When we feel good, though, we don't need them!

Having trouble keeping the dog in the yard. We are having to go to him only being out when tied up or under the direct supervision of an adult sized person. He even leaves when we are outside if we aren't paying attention.

Learning couponing. Bought 2-2 1/2 months worth of cool-aid Friday for $12! That's less than half price:-)

The key to coupons is to;
  • Know your prices (which takes time but is a lot easier than you would think. After you begin paying attention, it just happens)
  • Watch the sales.
  • Save ALL coupons, even for things you won't use.(sometimes you can make money by using them and then just donate the items to a charity)
  • Combine sales, manufactures coupons, and store coupons and rewards programs 
  • Since all sales run on a 2-4 month cycle, you buy 4 months worth at a time.
In this way, you never pay more than 50% for anything but milk, meat, and fresh produce (and even then, you can often find those on real good deals.) You have to change how you think from weekly shopping/budgets to quarterly (or even yearly!)

  • The easiest way to know when its time to stock up is to go to sites like hover on "find my store," and check out the weekly deals at each of your local stores. These ladies do the work each week of matching up the best deals and coupons, even providing links where possible to print the coupons. 
I am hoping the next time kool-aid goes on a good sale I will have enough coupons to not spend more than I did this time but still get 4 months instead of 2:-)

Rewritting my homeschool book. It's just too outdated.