Friday, August 04, 2006

Carpets, currency and cars

Phew! The carpet is in! i have almost everything back in place. it looks so much nicer! Easier to clean too.

I will go ahead and give the dc another couple of weeks off of school. we have taken a lot of time off what with the new carpet (and essentially moving out!) and all. this is their first ever summer vacation since we have always done year round before. we won't start back up until after we get back from camping.

my book is now on Amazon. It may take a few days for it to come up on a search though. This will allow me to send it to my brother as that is the only way to get books to him.

finished "How to make a living without a job" Very good. Very inspiring. half way through I counted five businesses i could open today just off the top of my head. I also realized my dh already has one going, though that was purely accidental. How do you accidentally open a business? Well, it has to do with someone called Crazy Bill and eBay. anyway, hubby is now reading the book and there are three other people on the waiting list for it as soon as he is done. i am working on promoting my book right now and then i will work on both finishing the next ones and promoting my art. i won't support the family or anything, but i can bring in some extra spending money.

The basic idea is: find your passions, what you do for fun and what you are good at. Then brainstorm ways that they can make $$$$. Then go for it! Life is too short to spend it being a slave for other people. The author give a lot of good ideas and advice. I highly recommend it.

God, You know the transportation problems we are having right now. please work a miracle and fix this area. A nice, 12 or 15 passenger van would be really nice! that or tell the mechanic what is wrong with our old one and make him so tired of the thing sitting there that he fixes it!