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Humility in deeds, not words alone.... - BaylyBlog: Out of our minds, too...

If you are claiming to be humble you have proven you are not.

I am not sure any human can accurately assess how humble they, personally, are. I do know that our daily work and thoughts should be about promoting Jesus.That is all that's important.Humility in deeds, not words alone.... - BaylyBlog: Out of our minds, too...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Calif. Bill Teaching Gay History in Schools Signed Into Law -

Calif. Bill Teaching Gay History in Schools Signed Into Law -

As goes California, so goes the Nation. What laws they adopt, especially in education, the rest of the country always does eventually too.

So why are your children still in public school?

Monday, July 18, 2011

Calif. Bill Teaching Gay History in Schools Signed Into Law -

Calif. Bill Teaching Gay History in Schools Signed Into Law -

As goes California, so goes the Nation. What laws they adopt, especially in education, the rest of the country always does eventually too.

So why are your children still in public school?

Poverty or simplicity?

Domestic Felicity: Poverty or simplicity?

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Porn Again

Porn Again

What the Bible says about sex, porn, etc.

Every man needs to read this. Women should not unless they do so with their hubbys.

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minimalist influence: homeschooling

Thoughts on singleness

Domestic Felicity: Thoughts on singleness

Once again I agree with Anna. She has a great deal of wisdom.

Tolerence vs Love

Amos 63-6 Woe to you who are rushing headlong to disaster!

Catastrophe is just around the corner!

Woe to those who live in luxury

and expect everyone else to serve them!

Woe to those who live only for today,

indifferent to the fate of others!

Woe to the playboys, the playgirls,

who think life is a party held just for them!

Woe to those addicted to feeling good—life without pain!

those obsessed with looking good—life without wrinkles!

They could not care less

about their country going to ruin.

7But here's what's really coming:

a forced march into exile.

They'll leave the country whining,

a rag-tag bunch of good-for-nothings.

I guess I have to admit I am not tolerant (as if you couldn't tell, lol). I love people too much to be tolerant.

A ParableA man is walking towards a very busy freeway, say, one of those clover leafs in southern California that sees thousands of cars a day. The man has a blindfold on.

One observer comments, "I think that man is heading for trouble, but who am I to judge. Maybe he is testing a new navigation device, or his wife just left him, or he can really see through the blind-fold. Anyway, it's not my business to try to change him. This may be the right course for him. Who am I to judge." They then whistle a tune as they walk on their way. This person is tolerant.

Another observer says, "Oh my gosh!!! Hey, buddy! You are heading for the freeway! You are going to be killed! Stop! Don't go!" They then run over and try everything they can to turn the man around, or better yet, take the blindfold off their face.This person loves the man.

And just for comparison, a third person sees the man, points, laughs, and says "Look at him! He's going to die! Isn't that hilarious?" And sits back to enjoy the "entertainment." This person is a hater.

Do you think Amos in the scripture above is tolerant or loving to Israel? Or is he hateful?

I think think Amos loved his nation a great deal. He loved them to much to just sit back and watch God destroy them without at least trying to turn them around.

God tells the minor prophets repeatedly that if Israel and Judah will repent, turn from their sins and worship Him, He will spare them the hurt and tragedy coming. They refused to listen.

Look again at those words in the scripture that I bolded. Doesn't this describe America today? If God is the same yesterday, today and forever then His standards of righteousness are the same. If His standards are the same, we're in trouble.

Serious trouble.

I love my country. I don't want to see her destroyed.

I love my neighbors and my friends (including e-friends:-). I don't want to see one of you go to hell. I want you to be my neighbor in Heaven.

Yet I see my nation and many of those I love ignorantly disobeying God, heading for that freeway. How can I possibly sit by and watch? I must warn everyone I can what God says in His word. I CAN'T  "tolerate" such dangerous behavior.

I love you too much.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

AP News: Home birth on the rise by a dramatic 20 percent

AP News: Home birth on the rise by a dramatic 20 percent

Ok, Certified, non-nurse midwives are called "Certified Professional Midwives" (CPM) not "lay midwives." Lay or direct entry midwives are those who are practising but not certified by the Midwife Association of North America (MANA). CPMs must have at least two years of training, participation in at least 60 births and pass a stringent oral and skills evaluation as well as a written test.

Yes, the main reason some women choose home birth over hospital birth is finances or because they want a better experience. Most, however, want a healthy baby as their priority. Because home birth babies don't have drugs in their systems, mom's stressed out from being treated like machines that are to obey at all costs, routine procedures (shots, anti-biotics, etc), home birth babies in many studies have consistently scored higher on the APGAR (baby health evaluation) test. And the particular study that comes to mind a the moment had over 2000 participants (just over half birthed in the hospital,the rest at home, both groups by choice). No small study.

Really, experience and safety are often the same thing. C-sections for the doctor or hospital's convenience are neither pleasant or safe, for example (and they happen for those reasons way too often).

Otherwise, this is a good over all article:-) I enjoyed it.

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Feminists are scitzo

Why would I say such thing? Well think about it; they insist on telling men they must treat women exactly the same as they do other men. Women are exactly the same after all. But when a man who takes poke at other men’s noses when he is mad does the same to woman, now all of a sudden this is wrong. He is supposed to be chivalrous and treat women gently. Make up you minds ladies! You can’t be treated special and not special at the same time!

And the most feminist women in my life are the ones who are dieing to have more grandbabies. First they spend their children’s entire lives preaching that caring for children is brainless, worthless work and that babies are a hindrance to happiness (“the pill/feminism is great because it allows women to do what they want instead of being stuck at home with children”), then they get upset because their daughters and daughters-in-law only want one or two babies. Don’t these women hear themselves talk? Don’t they see the scitzo in their beliefs?

And they lie too. Feminists tell us they want women to have more power and that is why they want women to work outside the home. This is simply not true. They want women to work outside the home so they have LESS power. A woman who is home raises her own children. This is the place of ultimate power. She is forming tomorrow’s world and the feminist know it very well. They would much rather she put her children in daycare and got a job so they can get their professionally indoctrinated brainwasher’s (teachers) hands on them sooner; before mom ruins them.

Friday, July 08, 2011

7 Steps toward Cesarean Prevention - by Judy Edmunds, CPM

The Due Date Debacle

Feminism vs femininity

(These are my personaly observations)

Feminism- The belief that all (or at least most) men viewed women as lesser beings and kept them in slavery in the home doing brainless, degrading menial labor while the men went out and had fun and fulfillment in the workforce until the glorious feminists saved us all.

It is the belief that anything within the traditional female sphere of influence is degrading drudgery (unless, of course, it is done for someone other than your own family such as childcare, teaching, maid work, nursing or running a restaurant. Then it is noble, important and fulfilling.)

It is the belief that there is no difference between men and women except for a few strategic bumps and lumps and what society brainwashes into us.

The Pill, abortion, baby formula and daycare are all civil rights. Woman should be able to have sex with whoever they want to whenever they want to without being saddled with the little pests unless she just wants to be. After all, a woman can’t be identical to a man if she has to nurse a baby every three hours.

It is the belief that all things should be measured by women’s desires even if it means bullying, abusing or divorcing hubbies and aborting or neglecting babies.

Pro-femininity: The knowledge that men have always valued their mothers and wives as powerful, intelligent individuals with a difficult and incredibly important job (yes, some men were jerks and abusers in the past, but that hasn’t changed a twit. If anything, it is worse. Instead of women receiving respect because they are good women, many receive disdain because they make lousy men, no matter how hard they try.)

Women owned property, had jobs, conducted business throughout history. Some of the best romance novels of all time were written before feminism by women. When Ben Franklin wrote letters to the editor to influence government, he used a woman’s name; hardly the actions of someone living during a time when women weren’t allowed to express themselves. Obviously, they were. Read things written during the time (not during the 60’s, but the early to mid 1800s). Women ran business, worked the farm, engaged in politics. If a man died, the state did not come take away the widow’s general store. She continued to run it by herself to the best of her ability (because of the lack of welfare and electronic servants, it was nearly impossible for any house to run without the division of labor between a man and woman, so most widowed men and women remarried. In fact, if a woman survived childhood and childbirth, she could be expected to go through an average of three husbands. If you don’t count childbirth, men died WAY more often and WAY earlier.)

It is the acknowledgement that work has always been work, whether in the home or out and is only as fulfilling as the individual allows it to be. Mere money does not make a job suddenly fulfilling. Men were pretty much limited to farmer, shop keeper, banker or black smith at the time. Women were no more limited than men.

It is the belief that the work done by a caring wife and mother in the home is possibly the most important work on the planet. That the nurturing and teaching of children is the forming (and in fact ruling) of the world through the next generation (“The hand that rocks the cradle RULES the world.”) It was a woman that taught George Washington, in fact most if not all of our founding fathers, to read, reason and understand logic and God. Washington et al may be our founding fathers, but their mothers were our founding Grandmas. The men wouldn’t have done what they did if it weren’t for what their mom’s taught them.

That the making of a home is the making of lives worth living.

Men and women are Created very different. Men were created in the image of the logical, ruling, strong part of God. Women were created in the intuitive, nurturing, beautiful part of God. Without both, we have an incomplete picture of God. Both are necessary to the function of a family, a home, a society.

It is the glorying in being a woman, not wishing to be a man. It is dressing and acting like a woman (and I don’t believe that means skirts only. It means that you look like a woman; not an androgynous being of some sort or a prostitute). When judging animals in ag class, we were told to give points to breeding females if they looked feminine (and breeding males who looked masculine). Points were removed from a masculine female. Human women should look, walk and act feminine, too. This is easier for some than others. I have never considered myself inherently feminine in my mannerisms, but I am getting better.

Babies are important, necessary parts of our society. Our culture is dying because we have too few babies. The church is also dying for the same reason. Most CHRISTIAN couples never even think to ask God how many children, how many eternal souls He wants them to raise for Him. If you read your Bible you will see that God loves babies and children. Satan hates people in general. The size of a family is not a decision for a woman to make, or even one between a man and woman. It is a decision that should be made by God and enacted by the couple. Most never even bother to pray about it.

God created babies to nurse at mommy’s breast many times a day because babies NEED the emotional nurturing. It was not an accident that men can’t nurse (after all, it is the daddy sea horse that nurses and cares for the babies so God could have made us that way. He didn’t for a reason. Babies need mommy.) Formula babies are less intelligent (on average), sicker, and fatter. To choose to feed artificial breast milk (formula) just because you don’t want to be bothered with nursing is selfish. (I am glad we have formula for those who really can’t nurse, [me with my first and myself as a baby] but that is a rare need.)

It is the knowledge that the Bible teaches us that God is the head (boss) of humanity, hubby is the head of the wife, parents the head of the children, and bosses the head of their employees (Ephesians 5-6, et al). That men are to love and honor their wives sacrificially in the same way that Christ loves the church. That, in fact, the marriage relationship is an object lesson for the relationship between the church and her God. Women are given the specific charge to “keep the home” (Titus 2), bear (raise) children (1 Timothy 2:15), obey her husband (Galatians, Ephesians, Corinthians, Peter) and to be a Help Meet to her husband (Genesis 1, et al. The word “help” in this setting is the same word used by David describing how God Helps him. It is NOT a term of degradation. A general is not necessarily more intelligent or competent than the major. Just a different rank). Someone has to be the boss and God said it is the man.

Some examples:

A woman I know of was a college professor/ author before marriage. She married a college professor who was called to pastor a church. After marriage, she homeschools their four children Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in English, music, art and history while her hubby teaches at the college. On Tuesday and Thursday they switch places (with daddy teaching science and math). She writes in her spare time (producing a book every couple of years; some of the most popular ones in homeschooling right now) and leads worship on Sunday. I don’t know if this woman considers herself a feminist or not, but if they keep this schedule out of “this works for our family in achieving the goals God has given us” (and she is not bullying her hubby into it) then I say she is a great Help Meet and homemaker (her home is evidently kept in such a state that the family can function and do its jobs).

Another woman loves being a stay-at-home mom to her toddler. Wants nothing else. Her hubby was laid off and their savings exhausted. She got a job at a local school (she has a degree in nutrition) until hubby found something. Then she joyfully returned home. Great Help Meet and homemaker.

A woman realizes the best thing for her children is for her to be their primary care provider and to homeschool them. She does everything in her power to live a frugal life so they can afford for her to stay home. She studies to find the best curriculum, nutrition, homemaking techniques for her family. She makes sure hubby is rested and well fed and doesn’t have extra work to do when he gets home so he can perform better at work and is more likely to be promoted. Great Help Meet and homemaker

A woman with an engineering degree “converts from feminism to Christianity” (her wording). She becomes a homemaker, even though it means abject poverty for her family. She homeschools when her children get old enough and because this was early in the modern homeschool movement, others ask for her opinion. She ends up writing many articles reviewing curriculum. 12 books, four magazines and the most viewed homeschool website in the world later, her hubby is home-working too. Together they are major forces in home education. Help-meet and homemaker.

A man runs his own business but due to the economy has no clients. Wifey is a midwife and takes on extra clients during his down time to make up the money. They both oversee the home education of their one child remaining at home. Help-meet and homemaker.

A man tells his wife he wants her to be a stay-at-home wife. His career and calling from God needs her at home. She insists they can’t afford it (though her hubby earns nearly twice what my hubby earns and they don’t have children!) and continues to work against her hubby’s wishes. You see, she HAS to have a new house and new car, never mind God’s plans. This is a feminist (all things measured by the desires of the female in the house, HER goals for HER life. House work is too degrading).

A woman insisting her baby must be raised in daycare because no woman can depend on a man to take care of her. Her hubby not bothering to even try to get a job that he can support the family with (why bother? She wouldn’t quit anyway.) This is not only feminism, it’s child abuse (daycare is a necessary evil for some people, but it horribly damaging to children and should be avoided if at all possible even if it means the family has to live in a studio apartment above a 7-11).

A woman insisting she has to have horses (yes, plural) even though her hubby (who hates the things) has to work two full time jobs and she works full time in order to feed them and there is no food in the house for their own children! All things measured by the female’s desires.

A woman who has no desire but to watch her soaps…to the point that she doesn’t even know when her small child takes a pair of scissors to her waterbed! This is feminism; all things measured by the female’s desire. What ever she wants to do with her life is ok.

Abortion. More than 90% of the time, abortions are preformed for reasons of convenience; I can’t afford a baby (would have to lower my standards or ask for help), it would mess up my college/career plans, I don’t want a handicapped child, the father isn’t ready to be a dad (yeah, real liberating there, and the given excuse a good third of the time!) Mommy’s life being in danger is so rare that the feminists couldn’t even find one real case to testify to congress. The women who did testify that their lives were in danger were later discovered to be lying.

Feminism is actually an offshoot of humanism/communism. It advocates human beings as the standard of “righteousness” and declares that there is no absolute right and wrong (except of course traditional Christianity is always wrong). The “bible" of feminism, The Feminine Mystique, was written by a woman from an abusive home (and who wouldn’t know a normal functioning family if it bit her) who refused to interview any truly happy housewives for her “study.” She only talked to the dissatisfied. So her book says that ALL homemakers are dissatisfied, because, “by golly, I didn’t talk to one that wasn’t.” The circles in this reasoning are enough to make you dizzy! It was incredibly bad science; pure propaganda. And in fact, as predicted by leading feminists, women have had to be forced out of the home. The vast majority like being queen of the castle. They like babies (When I take my 8dc out, I am almost always cornered by someone telling me either how much fun they had as the 5th of 11 [ok, we do live close to Utah, lol], or how they wanted a lot of children but their hubby insisted on only two or three. Again, real liberating there.) I have heard too many conversations like (her) “But I have always wanted two children. Please let me have another.” “No. I want to retire early.” Or (her) “The children are getting in trouble and need me home to take care of them. I am quitting my job.” “No. I don’t want to get a better job or lower my standard of living so you have to keep working” to believe that feminism is the savior of the world. It used to be that a cad like the ones above would receive enough flack from society to force him to give in. Not now. Now it is the woman who is evil for wanting more babies or to take care of the ones she has.

God made each of us unique with unique callings and talents. If we were all the same, most of us wouldn’t be necessary.

A feminist is someone whose priority in decision making, the standard she uses to make her decisions by, is her own desires (and because of the intense propaganda that nothing is of value unless it earns a paycheck, that means she must have a paying job and it must be the family’s priority).

A godly help-meet/homemaker is someone whose priority is obeying God, helping her hubby, and “bringing her children up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.” She finds her fulfillment in her obedience to God. As I have said before and shown in the above examples, this looks different in every family. It can’t be judged by the surface appearance. I am a help meet to my hubby by keeping a frugal house. Mary Pride is a Help Meet by starting her own home businesses. In both cases, the children are never under the care of anyone who does not love them for themselves, certainly never chucked to the nearest minimum wage babysitter. The home is maintained at a functional level. Hubby has all the help he needs to achieve what God has commanded him to do. And wifey finds joy and fulfillment in using her talents to fulfill God’s purpose in her life (Help Meet, Home Maker, Child Bearer.) God is the priority, not self, not women.

“I don’t give them hell. I tell the truth and they think it is hell.” Famous general.

Personhood: A history of getting it wrong - Jill Stanek

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Permissive parents: Curb your brats -

Permissive parents: Curb your brats -


When people hear I have eight children, they automaticly picture eight of these brats. But I'm "old school" too, just like this author. My children are polite, respectful and obedient. As a result they are welcome everywhere we take them even sit down restaruants (I have seen the looks of horror when we walk in and the looks of admiration when we walk out! We have managers in restaraunts greet us and give us discounts just 'cause they like seeing us, all ten of us, walk in:-).) It IS possible to have children you enjoy being with, even the dreaded teenagers (I have three teens and they are the delights of my life!)

If you want help to have dc like this get Mr Pearl's book "To Train Up a Child." The principle in his book (which are really in the Bible. He just assembles them) will give you a happy, joyful home where every loves each other and children who are honestly welcomed and dreaded other places.

Let me know if you need a copy. I'll get you one.

Fatherhood advice from single dad of five » Abilene Reporter-News

Fatherhood advice from single dad of five » Abilene Reporter-News

I usually give the "out" to single parents in the issues of daycare and homeschooling. But here is a man who homeschooled his five boys after his wife's death.

And ran a Meals-on-wheels route.

Actually I have personally known about as many single parents who homeschool as couples. They were either on disability or had all teens which solves some of the logistic problems.

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Popular birth control pills' safety weighed - Canada - CBC News

Popular birth control pills' safety weighed - Canada - CBC News

"For now, however, Health Canada said it "considers that the benefits outweigh the risks when drospirenone-containing contraceptives are used as directed in the Canadian Product Monograph.""

You mean the benifits like cancer, increased hormones in our water supply, cheapening of sex, devaluing of women into nothing but play things, endangerment of our culture (and social security) through lack of people, etc.?

Oops, there goes my gender!

Oops, there goes my gender!

It doesn't matter how much doctors mutilate a persons body, their dna either has two x's or an x and a y. God assigned gender at conception. We can't change that.

UN Women Advances Radical Agenda at U.S. Universities - HUMAN EVENTS

UN Women Advances Radical Agenda at U.S. Universities - HUMAN EVENTS

Let me get this straight, women being killed because they were raped is not important enough to warrent the UN's attention but teaching girls to masturbate does.

Uhhhh, yeah.

Polish MPs give moving testimony before voting for total abortion ban |

Polish MPs give moving testimony before voting for total abortion ban "How else can we treat the disabled and the people conceived in rape living around us, if we think that at some stage in their life, they can be killed if this is more comfortable?” asked MP Jan Dziedziczak.

MP Anna Sobecka said killing a child because of the illegal actions of his or her father amounts to “executing a kind of death penalty on an innocent, unborn man.”
“The death penalty for criminals was abolished in the European Union as inhumanitarian, and it is still practiced for the innocent, the smallest, weakest children,” she lamented."

Diet Soda Is Why You're Fat | Fast Company

Diet Soda Is Why You're Fat | Fast Company