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The Well-Rounded Mama: Placenta Accreta: Brandy's Story

The Well-Rounded Mama: Placenta Accreta: Brandy's Story

The story of a mom's experience with complications from unnecessary c-sections. Most women are never told their are possible problems down the road, and too many doctors manipulate women into c-sections they just don't need.

And to the statement "You should just be glad you and baby are health," Hello! a woman with a scar across her belly, recovering from major, abdominal surgery is NOT healthy! She is damaged.

When a c-section is truly necessary (and occasionally it is) it is wonderful to have it available. That doesn't mean the mom isn't hurt. She still lost the expected experience of normal birth and she and baby still have to deal with the side affects (and yes, baby has side affects of an unnatural birth too, such as greater risk of asthma later in life.)

But when it is done for the benefit of the doctor or hospital (more money, less law suits, more time control) as it way too often in our country, it is an assault on the woman's body and her baby. It should be criminal!

Monday, April 28, 2014

open letter from a young doctor to Obama: “Mr. President, I’m leaving the medical field” | Young Conservatives

AMAZING open letter from a young doctor to Obama: “Mr. President, I’m leaving the medical field” | Young Conservatives

What can I say?

I believe the demand for non-traditional medical care is fixing to explode. When sick people have to wait six months to see their doctor, they don't have a lot of other choice.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Behold: the two absolutely worst arguments against homeschooling | The Matt Walsh Blog

Behold: the two absolutely worst arguments against homeschooling | The Matt Walsh Blog

My responses:
If, after 3 or more generations of parents being educated in public school they think their job is to get the kids to school and nothing else, maybe we should reevaluate where THEY were educated. Obviously, if the goal is for parents to be involved, the public schools have failed. Sacrificing the next generation to the same system won't fix that. The definition of insanity is...

Of course, the goal of PS has never been to create independent adults, but dependent children that obey their government and all think alike. In that area they are a huge success.

You are absolutly right that keeping my kids home doesn't support the system. Why would I want to support the system that is responsible for turning us all into obedient little drones for the government? Why would I WANT to support a system that took us from the most educated people in the world to a country with a literacy rate of 85%? That took us from a Christian nation to an atheist one? In the long run all the other children will benefit if the system fails and is dismantled, not if the failure is perpetuated for another generation.

"Socialization: the act of putting under government control." Don't want my kids socialized. I do teach them proper manners and attitudes for dealing with people. I do take them out to meet people from a wide range of backgrounds. But socialize them? No. I want my kids to be free, not slaves to the government.

And the fact that EVERYONE asks the same question proves that we are all brainwashed to think the exact same way.

gay marriage, taxes

MassResistance creates powerful 28-minute video on what 'gay marriage' did to Massachusetts

The point of the whole gay marriage issue has nothing to do with equality. Christians are not harming gays, not denying them food or shelter, not demanding their execution. They simply want the basic human right to believe what they think is true and to only have to associate with those they want to. In fact, I believe both of those are in the Constitution.

No, the whole point of the gay marriage issue is to force everyone to believe what those in power believe. If you (properly) define Atheism as type of religion, you begin to see plainly that what we have going on in this country in many areas is a religious war; Atheism vs Christianity. The Atheist wants every one to bow to his god and believe the way he does. This includes allowing the government to decide what marriage is.

In fact, Hubby says this is when the church lost the gay marriage issue; when we allowed the government to take on the role of deciding what marriage is.  This is an issue that never should have been in the hands of the government in the first place. What right do they have to have a say in it in the first place? Its certainly not in the constitution or the Bible for this to be in the govs realm.

Three things that all of you serfs and peasants shouldn’t say on Tax Day | The Matt Walsh Blog

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Why I Stopped Being Dogmatic About My Diet

Why I Stopped Being Dogmatic About My Diet… | The Prairie Homestead

Yeah, I'm about here too. After a while, you begin to feel like you can never eat anything. You're always the bad guy with the kids, too.

So I propose a milder idea: let's listen to that the Bible says about health and listen to our God given taste-buds and appetites.

EAt when you're hungry. Don't when you're not (except as needed to keep blodd sugar balanced if that applies to you)

Eat fresh, God made foods in combinations and amounts that you want to.

Now we should try to be as natural as possible, but you know what? Life is fatal. We won't get out of it alive no matter how good we eat.

Eternal life is not found on the dinner plate.

It's found through Jesus and ONLY through Jesus.

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Bundy Ranch

Our country was founded on the Bible and English Common Law (Common as in Sommon Sense- what the English courts had found to be laws of nature).

One English Common Law states that if a family lives on a property for 100 years that property is their.

The Bundys have been on that land for 140 years, long before it "became" government property. They have managed it well enough to make a living of that dry, barren desert land. And the truth about turtles is that they eat cow manure. The tortoise population is highest where cattle graze.

This entire episode of our history is a violation of Human Rights, plain and simple.

The Real Story Behind The Bundy Ranch Harassment… | Young Conservatives
As told by a man who was there. He said a lot of the cops actually weren't pointing their weapons. They knew this was wrong.

Harry Reid’s last roundup

And on what i, I am sure, a totally unrelated issue, Mr Reid, Senator from Nevada (but don't blame me, I didn't vote for him) is receiving fianancial rewards from a solar company that wants to build a soalr generation plant.

In the area of the Bundy ranch.

Just a coincidence, I'm sure.

Students Surprised to Find Noah's Ark Feasible

Students Surprised to Find Noah's Ark Feasible

I have a book by the name "The Noah's Ark Feasibility Study." Turns out that no matter how you figure it, the Ark was more than big enough and Noah's family probably had a lot more trouble dealing with boredom than overwork.

The book is out of print but available on the used book market. Amazon did have some, and I tried to link to them through here, its not showing up. If you use the search bar in the upper part of the sidebar, though, it should take you to it.

A Pintrest conversation

I have had a bit of a discussion about young marriage on Pintrest. Unfortunately, Pintrest (or my computer. Not sure which) has decided I can’t post anything else. So, here is the discussion along with my most recent answer;

“Why We Should Encourage Our Kids to Marry Young"
Me: I married when I was 18 and hubby was 20. We have grown up together and formed each other into what we are today. I highly recommend early marriage. Our current idea to postpone marriage until nearly 30 is based on the disdain our culture has for traditional marriage. They hate the God-designed marriage and want to do everything they can to avoid it for as long as they can.

Guest: Seriously?! Actually, most people are simply choosing to have careers and establish themselves as individuals first. People chose to know who they are as people before they enter such an important covenant. Lots of marriages fail because 'kids' 'thought' they were in love.

Me: Lots of marriages also fail because to people "grew up" separately and are no longer able to form to another human being (too set in their ways).
Ideally, a couple grows up together, forming who they are together. Trying to make two mature adults into one is difficult at best.

Let's just look at the facts: 100 years ago people married young, after very short engagements and stayed married for their lifetimes.

Today people marry old, after ridiculously long engagements and divorce three years later. Which one works?

The problem isn't marrying young. It's parents not preparing their children for married life, and the young adults choosing mates based entirely on chemical/emotional reactions. Mates should be chosen with the head ("Can I live with this person and their faults for the rest of my life? Do we have the same goals? Values?") with just a consult to chemicals (marriage without that sexual chemical reaction isn't much of a marriage, but marriage with nothing else isn't either).

The problem with marriage today has a whole lot more to do with our worship of self-as-god than it does with the age we walk down the aisle.

Guest: I agree with your [last] But I still maintain that you should be a complete person (which only comes with age) rather than finding someone to complete you. It's not about 2 becoming 1, it's just 2 coming together.

Also, the reason marriage worked back then was because people didn't marry for love or similar interests like they do today. That doesn't mean today's system can't work. It's about blending the 2 (love and practicality)

Me: The Bible says 2 become 1. Not 2 try to get along enough to share a house.

It's like two jars of playdough: brand new, fresh out of the can they mold together and complement each other, forming each other. If you let them sit out and age for a week and then try to put them together, you generally get a crumbly mess.

Never said today's system CAN'T work, just that it doesn't as often as yesterday's. It is obvious to me we, as a  society, are doing something wrong in regards to marriage.

Today we marry for some emotional/chemical reaction (otherwise known as lust) and then are surprised when that changes from day to day.

Yesterday people married for practical reasons that wouldn't change and love grew from that; a deep, real love based on mutual experiences, goals, and depending on each other. This is what my Hubby and I have. Oh, I very much loved him when we married. But I only allowed myself to love him after I knew I could stand to live with him for the rest of my life. Today, however, our love is sooooo much deeper and stronger. You see, our culture doesn't understand what love is. It's not an emotional reaction that slaps you upside the head. It's a choice.

The difference between my and Hubby's marriage and other young marriages that don't make it is that our parents prepared us for marriage. What we do wrong in this culture has a lot more to do with our view of marriage and love than with the age of those marrying.

When you tell two people they are supposed to be irresponsible, selfish people (children) until they are in their mid 20's, guess what? They are irresponsible, selfish people until their mid 20's. If you teach and prepare them to take adult responsibility sooner, they are ready for it sooner (most cultures worldwide, throughout history this was actually 14, 15).

Just because an idea is old or new doesn't mean it is good or bad. Each idea must be evaluated on its own merits. Our modern ideas of love and marriage aren't working. It's time we go back to what did work; choosing our life partners based on our intellect, not our libido.

(and just a PS, imagine how much more actual learning could get down in college if the pursuit of sex was eliminated. If a young man and woman marry before college and know that at the end of the day they will have a willing partner at home, they can ignore all that “extra curricular” nonsense and concentrate on learning. For some inexplicable reason we expect our young people at their most hormonal age to go off to college and learn a career WHILE chasing around sex partners. 

Or if you are a Christian parent you are even more bizarre; you expect them to be at their most hormonal in the most tempting environment of their lives and NOT give in to sexual desire. Yeah, right. “Better to marry than to burn” as Paul says.)

Sunday, April 20, 2014

He Lives!

May you all have a very blessed Easter.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Common Core

Common Core, the Fordham Institute, and the D.C. Edu-Blob:
"What is harder to grasp is how Fordham and other Common Core backers seem so dismissive of federal laws. Or, how they could overlook the constitutional warnings of Founding Fathers like James Madison, and forget that what they seek: “would subvert the very foundation and transmute the very nature of the limited Government established by the people of America.” "

Has it occurred to anyone that "subverting the very foundation and transmuting the very nature of the limited government" is these people's goal? In fact, they know very well cc is a lower standard and will reduce our educational level. The more educated people are, the harder they are to control.

Common Core is nothing more than making all education in the US socialist and under the political elete class's control.

Think Private education will be exempt? Homeschool or Private brick-and-mortar, or something in between, we will all have to take the same college tests. In fact, in the name of fighting against "dropouts" their next step should be to make it so no one is allowed to hire you without a certified diploma. Guess where there ONLY source for that will eventually be.

Friday, April 18, 2014

A Post Full of Bias

But at least I know I'm biased:-)

Matt Walsh’s EPIC response to liberals who gush, “Respect the office!” | Young Conservatives  You know, I think he might be right. Respect should be earned, and one important facet of a free society is a profound distrust of those in power. If we don't stay very wary of them, we will become slaves.

These are easily the top ten questions to ask a liberal… | Young Conservatives
We should all ask ourselves these questions and be sure we can answer them logically and intelligently.

The 12 Unspoken Rules For Being A Liberal | Young Conservatives
Understanding the other side's thought process is important. We can never address the opposition if all we do is shout strawmen at each other. With that in mind, are there any liberals reading this blog? If so, tell me where today's links are wrong.

15 perfect examples of “Liberal Privilege” | Young Conservatives Hypocrisy at it's worst.

Liberal pundit writes about what she learned working for Fox News, I bet fellow liberals are now furious with her | Young Conservatives  
Gasp! She met some conservatives and they were, gasp! nice people! And intelligent!
Always be careful that your opinions are not formed by the propaganda of one side or the other. Always keep in mine that the odds are good whoever you are talking to thinks they are the most compassionate and the most logical.We all need to shut up once in a while and actually listen to the other side.

Carolla tears apart The Huffington Post, left-wing Hollywood and racist-baiters | Young Conservatives
Afraid I got upset enough at one of the commenters to actually answer him.  Get a clue! If you think its unfair that you are rich and your children have privalige there is a very easy solution to your problem! Give your money away and join the rest of us (in fact, just to help you out, I'll take it). If you think it's wrong for you to be rich, don't be. You don't have to take away my ability to pull myself up.

In fact, these policies of redistrabution are for the purpose of controlling people, not equalizing them.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Gays, politics and sin

Homosexualist marriage, death, and compassion... | BaylyBlog
No one, no matter how conservative, is denying Gays medicine, food, etc. Even those conservatives who whole-heartedly believe homosexuality is wrong are commpassionate towards the sick, and in no way are denying anyone the basics of life.

They just resent having the Gay's religious beliefs shoved down their throats. 

 Articles: Gay Rights: An Unnecessary Battle: "We oppose business owners being coerced into participating or associating with events they deeply oppose religiously. I, as a gay Jewish person, have nothing to fear in regards to my rights from Christian interference. The work of Christians and Conservatives alike is to ensure the natural rights of all citizens are preserved. There simply is no evidence to the contrary."

The Left projects their own desires on everyone else. They want to force everyone to believe and live like they do, so they assume the conservatives do to. After all, there is no higher power to answer to than the US government so it has the right to rule the hearts of men. Thus, whoever wins the election has the right to determine what is "sin."

But the conservatives understand that that defeats the entire foundation of their belief system: All humans are free agents with the God Given Right  to make whatever choices they want to. If one human forces another to conform to the first human's opinion the first human has violated God's laws of the universe and must answer to Him. They have sinned.

As a result, a conservative will defend to the death your right to disagree with him, while a liberal will bully you into obedience.

 Hey gay rights militants: your fascism is showing | The Matt Walsh Blog

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Long-Term Implications of a High Cesarean Rate in Obese Women

The Well-Rounded Mama: Long-Term Implications of a High Cesarean Rate in Obese Women

C-section are major, abdominal surgury. They should be treated as such.

I thank the Lord we have them available when really necessary, but WHO says no nation should have a rate outside of 5-10% and many people think it should be lower still. America now has 33% of her babies born through the tummy instead of the vagina.

One Third.

And the number is higher among fat women.

When a doctor sees a fat woman enter his office he automatically thinks "complication waiting to happen." This is so severe that in some cases doctors have told a fat woman to get an abortion and then wait until she loses weight to get pregnant again.

There are some BIG problems with this.

1) Yes, fat women have a higher complication rate. That means that 15% instead of 10% will have problems. To word this another way, 80% instead of 85% will have no problems. This is hardly the Dooms-Day scenario most healthcare providers seem to think it is. It means that the vast majority of fat women will go ahead and have normal, healthy pregnancies and deliveries.

2) Some studies are hinting that if the doctor expects a complication, he acts preventatively, interfering before a problem happens. What this means is the doctor thinks there MIGHT  be a complication and interferes in the natural process with the idea that it's better to interfere unnecessarily than to see if the complication will actually occur. This, then, is labeled as a complication in itself (the doctor's thinking a complication might occur). What seems to actually be happening with fat women is that the doctor assumes there will be problems and overreacts, causing the woman to be labeled a problem when there isn't any problems. This, in and of itself, raises the "complication rate" for fat women. Their actual rate if left alone may very well be no higher than a skinny woman's, but we are so fat-phobic it will be a long time until we know.

3) Doctors telling their patients to murder their babies just because mom is higher on a scale than the weight-loss-industry-funded charts say she should be? Really?

4) These doctors are making the same assumption most of our country makes: fat people could lose weight if they only tried, but are too lazy and weak to do it.

Just t'aint true. 

      a) Not everyone is cut from the same cookie cutter. Genetics determines a BIG part of our weight. You just can't starve genetics out of a person.

      b) Socio-economic standard plays an even bigger part in weight. Telling a fat woman who can't afford fruit and veggies, gym memberships, or exercise equipment, who lives in a culture of BBQs instead of Ballets to "just lose weight" is down-right cruel.

      c) God put mechanisms in place to keep us from starving during a famine. Our bodies don't know the difference between a diet and a famine. So when we diet our metabolism slows down, our fat retention kicks into high gear, our body sends messages that we had better hunt harder for some food RIGHT NOW! Our bodies actively work against us in losing weight.

      d) The weight standards are, according to studies, set way too low for optimum health, unless of course, the health you are concerned about is that of the weight-loss industry.

The fact is that our nations higher average weight is the result of...

1) Not starving near to death every winter (a GOOD thing!)
2) Our nations higher rate of dark skin than in the past (minorities have always averaged higher weight. It is natural for them and unhealthy to be any different. Minority groups are growing. So our average skin is getting darker and our average body heavier. This is NOT a bad thing.

There is also some studies that indicate obesity is influenced more by corn syrup, possibly a virus, and dieting itself (dieting makes you fat by making your body think food is scarce and holding on to it harder) than by laziness and weakness.

Anyway, This article lists many of the complications of c-section,which makes it even more likely that a fat woman will have complications in her future pregnancies and her own health. It's the doctor's interference that is the problem, not the woman's weight.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Jesus didn’t care about being nice or tolerant, and neither should you

Jesus didn’t care about being nice or tolerant, and neither should you | The Matt Walsh Blog

If someone asks you "What would Jesus do?" remember that throwing tables over and whipping people is in the realm of possibility.

I think truly being like Christ is more work, more risk, than many people want to go to. It is much easier to yell "Tolerance!" than to stand up for what is right, or even to admit what that is.

Jesus loved the sinner enough to tell the "Quit sinning!"

We should be like Him.


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Examples for God's Design for Family

Sloan, Lahl: Inconvenient truths about commercial surrogacy
Surrogate motherhood is the creation of a slave class for the purpose of breeding humans like cattle. It isn't noble or good, but a violation of God's design for families.

LAF/Beautiful Womanhood � Is Stay-At-Home Daughterhood Biblical?

A biblical case for stay-at-home daughterhood.  Fascinating.

My oldest is a Stay-at-Home daughter. She is definitly my right-hand-woman. Things get done now that haven't gotton done for years because of her help.

And during all the health problems of the last year (my mom's breast cancer, dad's pnemonia, sons ruptured appendex, and another son's broken needle in the hand requiering surgury to remove) I had no worries about the house or other children. I knew she was here to care for them all and would do at least as good of a job as I would.

Some day God will send her her man and they will make their own family. But for now, I am glad to have her around helping me. He physical presence and help is worth more than any amount of cash. Her value to me is above Rubies.

The saint of the NICU | Conversion Diary
I've been following Jennifer's blog for several years. This is the touching story of God's provision for her son in ICU last year.

I do think what she is trying to say in giving God credit for the ministry of a man who doesn't believe in God is "I believe God sent you to us as a tremendous blessing. Thank you."

Mom, Will You Homeschool Me? - Jenni and Jody

This woman did the wisest thing I have ever heard a mom do. She PRAYED about it, honestly listening to God's reply and trusting Him to provide, no matter what the answer.

Have YOU prayed about how God wants YOUR children educated? Or have you just concluded that it's not possible and dismissed all options but public school?

God designed the family and intended it's members to help each other in hard times. He did not intend for the kids to go one way, mom another, and dad still another. The ideal family works together for their common goals, physically being together. 

Whether this means a daughter helping mom out into her 20's, a grandpa sacrificing sleep to care for a sick grandkid, or a family choosing to be content with the kids God does or doesn't send, God's ways are best.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Global Warming

Articles: Science and Panic: "If not for the political desire to attack fossil fuels and the industries they power, this funding would be non-existent, as would the “consensus” it pays for. Instead of tallying overt opinions of scientists, that “consensus” has been measured as John Cook did it, by the titles of their research. It creates a strange logic: because government funded thousands of climate research studies, AGW must be occurring, regardless of study results." 

The science is just not there for man-made climate change. Now, I do believe in global warming. You see, God sent this flood that covered the whole planet. Then He raised up mountains and dropped down valleys (oceans). These warm oceans blowing massive amounts of wet air over the draining continents created massive snow storms. Walla! Ice Age!

As the oceans cooled, the air dried out, the snow stopped and the inner parts of the land warmed. End of the Ice Age.

The earth has been warming ever since.

So in a way this IS man made warming.

It was man's sin that caused God to flood the earth in the first place.

But, again, the point is to make us submit to the government.

"Oh mighty government who is going to save us from ourselves!"

Socialist use the whole "The sky is falling!" rhetoric to control us.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Lies and Uncomfortable Truths

Mr. Obama, maybe folks are mad because you’re a liar | The Matt Walsh Blog
The thing is, though, he told us the truth before he was ever elected. He said "I will fundamentally change America."

Obamacare was never about providing healthcare for the uninsured.If it was, the easiest thing to do would have been to write "Anyone who wants insurance come on down to the Medicaid office." on a post-it note and pass that.

No, the whole legislation was about making us socialist. You see, now we have now choice to but do what we are told or they will take our medical care away.

  • Don't want to vaccinate your kids? They can't see a doctor if you don't.
  • Want a hombirth? No problem. But you won't be able to get medical help if something goes wrong (unlike now when you just show up at the hospital and they help you). And your kid won't be able to see a doctor later.
  • Want to homschool? Go ahead. You just won't be able to get a doctor without an attendance certificate from school.

No, these things aren't happening yet.

But they will.


Articles: The Poverty Hoax

The war on poverty only solved one big problem: low professor wages in colleges.

Follow my logic here:
  • In order to administer all these programs, the government had to hire an entire army of beuracrates.
  • In order to make these people feel like they weren't receiving welfare themselves (make-work jobs), they were requiered to get college degrees.
  • The demand for degrees skyrocketed.
  • Basic laws of supply and demand= when demand for a product (in this case, college education)  goes up, so does the price.
  • College professors became much in demand, so their salary went up.
We still have the same percentage of poor in this country. The problem with the poor had nothing to do with them not having money. This was just the symptom. The poor look at work and money differently. That's the problem.

Here we actually come back to the Bible and Creationism. The Bible says humans are independent agents who make choices for their lives.

Evolution says humans are nothing more than animals who respond to condition-response (Pavlov's dog). If you give poor people money they will act like rich people.

The Left honestly believes this.

Those of us who have studied history and the Bible will tell you it's just the opposite. People choose how to act and that results in riches or poverty.

But that would make some things right and some wrong. That gets perilously close to admitting there is sin.

So the real results of the war on poverty has been the creation of a massive, middle class army of people who are "helping those poor people in poverty." This is, in fact, middle class welfare.

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Miscellaneous health links

Should Christians Use Herbs? Part 1

 Hormonal contraceptives nearly double stroke risk in women: American Heart Association |

Will You Be Required by Law to Vac 
Remember, studies say the richer you are, the more educated you are the LESS likely you are to vaccinate you dc. This makes these "education" classes nothing but pressure-times to intimidate parents into complying.

Drug companies can't be sued for damage done from vax's, making us all guinea pigs, really.

The rates of most of these diseases began falling decades BEFORE the vax's were introduced (starting about the time flush toilet were introduced, actually)

The rates of "whacky immune system" diseases have skyrocketed since the introduction of vax's (i.e. asthma, diabetes, cancer, MS, Lupus, FM, allergies, etc. Frankly, I would rather my child had measles for 2 weeks than asthma for life! And, yes, that is what I would wish on your child too.)

And as far as being forced to vax in order to send your child to  school, if you can't trust the gov to be honest on the issue of vax's, why in the world do you think you can trust them to educate your child?!cinate Your Child? - Aviva Romm

Doctors Say the Darndest Things (101 Jaw Dropping Examples) | The Healthy Home Economist

Home Birth: Why This Doctor Would Still Choose One - Aviva Romm: Where we choose to have our babies actually has to do with more than simply personal preference, spiritual beliefs, and romantic notions. It’s a public health and safety issue.

 The "Straight Poop" About Probiotics - Whole New Mom

Monday, April 07, 2014

Nye vs. Ham Debate: No True Scotsman

Nye vs. Ham Debate: No True Scotsman: Why would anyone even feel the need to protect their anti-creation definition of scientist with a “no true Scotsman” fallacy unless the evidence for recent creation that believing scientists are prepared to present constitutes a real threat?

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Feminism, Excellence, and tolerence

LAF/Beautiful Womanhood � Authentic Feminine Excellence:
Why do we view other human persons, especially our own children, as stumbling blocks to our own development, fulfillment, and flourishing? How can we expect to explore a truly creative and feminine excellence if we insist that women must pursue and attain excellence in a fashion identical to that of men?

Domestic Felicity: Once upon a time - a brief history of feminism as I see it
We ought to question the purported value of contraception and abortion, and we should speak more freely about the damage they
have caused to women’s health, happiness, and flourishing. We need to
challenge the assumption that children are a hindrance to personal
development or career advancement. The sacrifices that both women and
men must make to raise children are very real, but so are the sacrifices
one makes to advance a career or pursue a talent. Why have we idolized
careers and talents at the expense of children and human relationships?

 Homeschooled Students are More Politically Tolerant Than Their Peers | Acton PowerBlog: a new study finds that when it comes to willingness to extend basic civil liberties to people who hold views with which one disagrees, homeschooled students are more tolerant than their peers: 

Friday, April 04, 2014

The Constitution, wages, logic and Poverty.

Articles: Did Rush Limbaugh Just Endorse iCongress? I think it's a GREAT idea!

 Twin-party sham: backfiring on America? We don't really have two parties in America. We have two branches of the same party: socialist and socialist lite. A little reading of the writings of true believers in the Constitution tells us we have gone way off base.

 Articles: Obamacare's Gruesome Fiscal Logic As Hubby has been saying (tongue in cheek) we would solve ALL the countries problems if we just killed off everyone over 65. No more social security, no more medicare, way more jobs available. What a deal! The scary thing is, this seems to be the way the country is going.

There’s a gender wage gap stopping waitresses from making the same as commercial airline pilots | The Matt Walsh Blog The "gender wage gap" is due to differences in choice. Even then, if you adjust for time off during childbearing, women don't make less than men.

Obama's Pen vs. the Constitution - Eagle Forum BO obviously doesn't believe in the Constitution. He has made that plain from day one.

 How to End Poverty in Ten Tough Steps – Justin Taylor (Added to my wish list today:-) Do we have the guts to do it? Or are we ok with people being in poverty as long as we get our goodies?

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Learn spanish

I have always wanted to know Spanish and always wanted the children to learn it. Unfortunately, we have no one in our daily lives who speaks it. I do have a sister-in-law whose native language is Spanish and a brother who is very fluent, but we only see them a couple of times a year. I did take Spanish in high school, but that was nearly 30 (!) years ago.

In our homeschool I have tried Power Glide (audio tapes and workbooks). That worked ok, but not good enough. The limits of the medium plus my putting other subjects (like rading, math, and history) higher on the priority list interfered with its success. The same applied to some smaller programs I tried.

I finally bit the bullet and bought Rosetta Stone. It was WONDERFUL! We all learned a great deal:-)!

Until the computer crashed.

Then I discovered a major problem with this very expensive program; everytime you have to re-register a computer everyone has to start all over.

Talk about discouraging:-(

Now, Rosetta Stone has recently added an online version where all your progress is saved on the cloud, but at $60 a month....

Uhh, NO!

We are very children, not money.

Money we don't have.

So I have been on the look out for something to replace RS with.

Thanks to an eFriend on Facebook I think I have found what we need.

 Duo Lingo functions very much like RS. It isn't anywhere near as fancy or expensive/proffessional looking, but it is entierly free and contained on the internet (so you not only don't lose your progress if your computer crashes, you can access it from any computer! RS only let us load onto two computers at a time and with this many people that just wasn't enough.)

So if you are interested in learning another language (they have more than just Spanish), be sure to check out Duo Lingo!

I’ve been divorced four times, but homosexuals are the ones destroying marriage | The Matt Walsh Blog Not me personally. I've been married to my highschool sweetheart for 28 Years. Not Matt either, actually. His point is that marriage was ruined long before the gays set out to destroy it. In fact, Hubby was saying the other night that he believes marriage was ruined the day Christians accepted the government's move to license it. That moved marriage from a sacred covenant between a man, woman and God to nothing more than a legal contract. I have said before that marriage was ruined when the church's accepted feminism. After all, if there is no difference between a man and a woman why does it matter where the respective lumps and bumps on a person's body are? Either way, I am a fraid I don't have a lot of hope for America. Men and women are very different and each has their own role to play in the home and in society. Now, those roles may look very different in two different marriages from the outside while being very much the same on the inside (for example, my mom takes care of the checkbook for her and my dad, while my Hubby takes car of it for us. This may look like my parents have different roles than my hubby and I do, but they don't. We just have different things that work for each of us.) We each need to know what role God wants to play and figure out how to make that work best in our own home.

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Oh to dream!...
33 Awesome Inspirations for Your Dream Home
It would be so neat to build a house from scratch and incorporate some of these neat ideas. But back to planet Earth...

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

"Proper" eating, vaccinaitons, doctors and birth

The Dark Side of Healthy Eating: Diagnosing 'Orthorexia' Eating Disorders 

Trying to find eternal life through diet wont work. America has this Orthorexia bad.

Will You Be Required by Law to Vaccinate Your Child? - Aviva Romm
Remember, studies say the richer you are, the more educated you are the LESS likely you are to vaccinate you dc. This makes these "education" classes nothing but pressure-times to intimidate parents into complying.

Drug companies can't be sued for damage done from vax's, making us all guinea pigs, really.

The rates of most of these diseases began falling decades BEFORE the vax's were introduced (starting about the time flush toilet were introduced, actually)

The rates of "whacky immune system" diseases have skyrocketed since the introduction of vax's (i.e. asthma, diabetes, cancer, MS, Lupus, FM, allergies, etc. Frankly, I would rather my child had measles for 2 weeks than asthma for life! And, yes, that is what I would wish on your child too.)

And as far as being forced to vax in order to send your child to  school, if you can't trust the gov to be honest on the issue of vax's, why in the world do you think you can trust them to educate your child?!
Doctors Say the Darndest Things (101 Jaw Dropping Examples) | The Healthy Home Economist

Sometimes science-worshiping America forgets that doctors are human. We need to take their opinions with a grain of salt (and a LOT of research).

Home Birth: Why This Doctor Would Still Choose One - Aviva Romm:
"Where we choose to have our babies actually has to do with more than simply personal preference, spiritual beliefs, and romantic notions. It’s a public health and safety issue."

I have never yet met a mom who chose to have a homebirth for any reason other than safety for baby.