Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Problems with couponing

1) Volume
I have 9 dc meaning we have 11 people in our home; 2adult men, 2 teenage boys, 2 adult women, 1 women-ete (12 and probably full grown physically) and 4 little ones. What would feed a normal family for a year might do us for three meals. Do you know how many coupons you need to stock up for a famiy our size???

2) Storage
The 11 of us live in a 1400 sq ft mobile home. Add a shed with no door, a trailer that leaks, and three cars used for storage. That's it. Where am I supposed to put a year's worth of supplies (the amount necessary to really hit the best deals)???

3) Mice
We live in the country. This means mice. It is inevitable. All the above mentioned storage is NOT mouse proof. Only the cupboards above my stove, sink and fridge appear to be. This means no stockpiling anything that won't fit up there and isn't in mouse-proof packaging (toilet paper, paper towels, kleenex, cold cereal, et al).

4) Money
"It takes money to make money." We are not rich. We live on one income and it's only average. But with a family three times average, well, you understand, I'm sure. We don't have the extra money to stockpile, meaning we have to buy at full price frequently. Only the rich can really save money. Sigh.

5) Time
Self explanatory (1 mom + 9 homeschooled kids)

6) Not smart enough
Now, I was a straight A student in high school, especially in math. But some of the store's incentive programs would take a Master's degree to understand!

7) Different sizes
Is a bottle of laundry soap that is supposed to wash 20 loads for $3 a better deal than one that washes 100 loads for $10? (Yeah, Yeah, I know. Do the math. But it's annoying to have to figure the amounts out for each item on the shopping list when comparing sales at different stores. Time again.)

(And I am sick, the dog had the runs all night and kept having to be let out, it's hot and I hate being hot, I have a headache.....Blaaahhhhh)