Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Men and Women

"For centuries there had been two distinct male and female worlds and, within each, there was relative freedom and equality. However, from this time, ironically called the 'Age of Enlightenment,' one world dominated the other. There was a re-evaluation of the male and female role, and women came off worse." -The Midwife Challenge by Sheila Kitzinger

God created man and woman. He gave each specific jobs to do; very different but equally important.

The Middle Ages and "Enlightenment" relegated the woman's role to a lower position. This is very much against God's design and will. As a result of this degrading of women (and The Curse) women began to hate womanhood and desire to be allowed into the men's world. As a result, men don't want to do men's work becasue women are doing it, women try to do men's work, and no one wants to do the women's work. God is grieved.

Women's Work
Bearing children
Birthing children
Nursing children
Training children
Teaching children
Assisting others in birthing children
Caring for the sick
Nourishing the healthy
Clothing the family
Basic sanitation of family and home
Beautifying of the home
Feeding of the souls
Social relationships in and outside the home

Man's Work
Conquering nature
Protecting the home and family
Providing resources for the family
Teaching the family aobut God
Building society
Conquering the enemy

In other words, Men are supposed to make a living and Women are to make life worth living.

American Thinker: Femi-not

Monday, October 25, 2010

Why I post, write, preach what I do

I guess I need to spell this all out.

I am an ordained minister. I have been in the ministry all my life (come from a long line of preachers and my dad was our pastor almost all my growing up). My ordination occurred in March, 2009, though as I have said I have ministered all my life.

God has granted me the ability to learn. I believe God gives everyone talents. Some are artists, some musicians, some great business people. I have been granted the ability to study and understand.

God has called me to teach women.

“The aged women likewise, that they be in behavior as becometh holiness, not false accusers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things;

“4 That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children,

“5 To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.” Titus 2:3

More specifically, He has directly told me to teach other women the truth about His Word and His World and how that applies to the decisions they make and to their children. This includes the truth about;
  1. Birth control
  2. Childbirth
  3. Education
  4. Marriage
  5. Family
I don't like controversy. I don't like it when I upset people. It grieves me when this happens. But every time I have considered quiting God speaks very clearly that I can't.

Ezekiel 3:17
"Son of man, I have made you a watchman for the house of Israel; so hear the word I speak and give them warning from me. 18 When I say to a wicked man, 'You will surely die,' and you do not warn him or speak out to dissuade him from his evil ways in order to save his life, that wicked man will die for [a] his sin, and I will hold you accountable for his blood. 19 But if you do warn the wicked man and he does not turn from his wickedness or from his evil ways, he will die for his sin; but you will have saved yourself.

20 "Again, when a righteous man turns from his righteousness and does evil, and I put a stumbling block before him, he will die. Since you did not warn him, he will die for his sin. The righteous things he did will not be remembered, and I will hold you accountable for his blood. 21 But if you do warn the righteous man not to sin and he does not sin, he will surely live because he took warning, and you will have saved yourself."

I put my own salvation in danger if I do not obey God and speak the truth.

But you know what? I really enjoy telling people the truth. I enjoy teaching. I like honest debate about topics. I really do. What I don't like is being attacked and others thinking I have attacked them just because we disagree (honestly the number of times people think I am being mean just because I post scientific information that disagrees with their choices....)

I do not post things here or on facebook without having done my research. All my opinions have been formed by years of study in the Word and in science. Nothing is just fly-by-night.

What it boils down to is that I love God.

I love my family.

I love Godly womenhood.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Is the Bible True?

Can we believe the Bible is true? Good answer though I would add that it has never been proven wrong scientificly or historicly, and that all of its prophecies have come true.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Perfect Breech

This was to be my seventh birth. The whole pregnancy had been my easiest so far and, though anxious to get it over with and hold my baby, I was feeling pretty good.

I had been having contractions every morning (3:00ish) for several days, but when these woke me up at 3:30, July 24, I could tell they were a little different. I was a few days past my due date, and I could tell from previous experience these were the real thing. I walked around some and then, lay down to try to rest. About 4:30, they were coming 5-7 minutes apart and were getting stronger.

"I'll wait this one out and one more, and then call Andy. Another 15 minutes or so, if things don't slow down, I will call M" I thought to myself.

At that instant my water broke.

"Oh, Andy."


"My water just broke."


So enthusiastic. :-)

I called M and my mother, and then took a quick shower. I have had three previous labors start with breaking water. This time it hurt though. Unusual

Andy helped me breath through the contractions while we waited for everyone to get here. He is great at keeping me from getting too stressed at any time, but especially during labor. He cracks jokes and talks about, anything I show an interest in, but mostly just sits close and holds my hand, helps me breathe and tells me it is almost over. I often look into his eyes during the worst part of a contraction and try to blow the hair out of his face. It really does help (he has a beard).

My mom arrived at 5:30 and began picking up and washing my dishes. For some reason I had not felt like washing them before bed last night. M arrived shortly thereafter. She took my vitals and called A, her assistant. My children usually get up around 6:30, so we discussed what I wanted done with them. We decided to wake them up and for Mom to take them to her house. I have had short labors before, but I have also had a couple of long ones. I decided I really didn't want them here for the worst part (it would distract me too much) and they were fixing to wake up anyway.

I don't really remember when A arrived. I was a little busy. I do remember thinking about a birth story I had read on the internet a few days ago where the woman called her contractions surges. They didn't hurt she said. I told myself "These don't hurt they are just surges." I answered "Yeah, right!" What I didn't realize was just how close to birth I was and that they really didn't hurt in comparison to this point in past births.

"I feel a popping sound during the contractions."

M just looked puzzled. I don't know if it was an unusual thing to experience or if my grammar was too bad to understand. I don't always make a lot of sense when I labor.

I did try very hard to concentrate on not tightening any muscles in my body this time. I guess it did help to reduce the pain because I was kind of surprised when M asked me to move to the couch where she had just set up for the birth (as per a previous discusion we had had).

"Is that an order or a suggestion?" Andy asked.

"A STRONG suggestion." M replied while watching me breathe through another contraction. I moved with help from Andy and A. I had one bad contraction just as I got down on the couch. I couldn't see or reach Andy so I grabbed A's hand and blew the hair out of her eyes for this one. She has pretty eyes.

"Are you comfortable?" A asked me when I was settled.

"No" I replied. Ok, you shouldn't try to crack jokes when you are in labor. (Yes, A I was as comfortable as could be expected at these times. Thank you.)

M had not had a chance to do an internal to check progress yet so she began to prep for that. My body began to push the baby out without my help. I informed M and tried very hard not to push while not tightening muscles either. That is kind of a contradiction of muscle control.

After one of these contractions, I could feel something at the birth canal opening. I saw A look at M and say

"Uhh, M?"

"Babies crowning. Doesn't feel right." I thought to myself

"I see" M nodded to A

"Let's get a baby!" to me.

"Can I push?"


I don't know how many times I pushed but it wasn't many. I could feel M delivering the baby. I know from previous births that the head is the hard part, then you get a minute to breathe, then you push the shoulders out.

"How long is this head?!" I asked myself. She just kept delivering baby and delivering baby. The relief of the neck was a very long time in coming.

Finally, I could feel the neck, after M did something that hurt. I didn't take time then to figure it out then, but now I know she pulled the hands down out of the way.

"Ok, I get to breath a little until the next contraction." I thought.

"Can we have one more push?" M asked. She delivered my two previous babies and never had told me to push (I already knew when to from previous births and anyway, your body tells you). She was perfectly calm and quiet now, not the least bit upset, but it registered as unusual to me.

"Something is wrong. My Baby needs me to push NOW" I thought. One more good BIG push (even though I was not having a contraction) and she was out. I opened my eyes (I close them when pushing) and saw my baby lying between my legs ... upside down! Breech!

This one was a little purple. I had flash backs to my first baby who had been born with the cord very tightly around her neck and had been down right blue. They had to put her on oxygen and I hadn't been able to hold her for four hours. Thankfully, she is fine now. Our newest one began to breathe immediately and pinked right up. No need of Oxygen.

We now knew the popping sound had been; the foot kicking my cervix. That is also why the water breaking hurt; she kicked me.

At ten pounds even, she was my biggest baby, yet I believe this was my easiest birth. Official birth time is only around four hours of labor. I have only had one faster and he was induced in the hospital. M and A were wonderful; my little girl is strong and healthy. Andy is a proud Papa and shows his little girl off. I am thankful for all of God's blessings He has given and for keeping us safe during this whole thing. I had prayed that God would do some miracle to have us in the safest place for Jacklynn's birth. I believe He hid the breech position from us so we would stay home, the safest place for this child.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Satan hates babies

(A note; since Eve’s first grandchild was born, women have helped other women give birth. They have accumulated a store of knowledge that helps them to guide a baby safely into this world. This is God’s plan. Birth isn’t usually a medical event and these experienced women keep it that way. We call this being-with-women, or, in German, Mit Wife.)

There is a long standing tradition of Satan attacking babies in many ways.

The Bible tells us that in the time of Moses, Satan made the king of Egypt order all the boy babies to be drowned in the river. (God rewarded the Midwives for lying to the king and preserving as many babies as possible.)

The Canaanites were convinced by the devil to burn their babies as sacrifices to false gods. This is why God sent bees to drive them out of the land so Israel could take over.

Satan lured the Israelites into the same sin, burning their babies alive to Molech, a few centuries later. This is one reason God sent Assyria and Babylon to destroy them.

Malachi tells us that God desires babies.

In the time of Jesus, instead of Herod just doing a door to door search for the New King, Satan had him kill ALL the babies.

In the Roman Empire, Satan inspired such a spirit of selfishness that not only was the use of certain herbs to cause abortion common, post-natal abortions were preformed; Romans commonly threw their newborn babies off bridges. (Christians would wait in boats under the bridges and fish the babies out before they drowned and take them home to raise as their own.)

In the middle ages the devil inspired the leaders of the “church” to a spirit of jealousy. They declared all experienced midwives to be witches and proceeded to execute as many as they could. The result being dead babies due to the lack of experienced help.

During the Reformation, when people were really seeking God, things got better for a while.

Most doctors couldn’t be bothered with normal birth at this time. That was considered women’s work. But when there was a problem, the doctor would come and save the day.

The fashion began to dictate that upper class women live on little more than toast and tea and that they never went out in the sun in order to preserve their pure white skin. This caused deformed pelvises and eclampsia. Suddenly doctors were delivering most upper class babies. Well, if it was good for the upper class, midwives must be inferior, so any one who could afford it used a doctor. Doctors began to see an easy way to make money. (Satan and his greed demon)

A certain king commanded his girlfriend to give birth in such a way he could best watch. She had to lie flat on her back with her legs in the air. All for the pleasure of the king.

Well, if it’s good enough for the king, than its good enough for everyone else, right? All of the sudden it was considered vulgar to birth in the way women have always birthed throughout history; squatting.

Why is this a problem? The pelvis is made up of several bones that move in relationship to each other depending on the position you are in. Squatting makes the pelvis as wide and short as possible (as well as taking the pressure off of the major supply artery to the baby and allowing gravity to help pull). Lying on your back makes the pelvis long and narrow (cuts off the supply to the baby and makes mom push against gravity instead of with it). When the royal position became popular, more babies got stuck in those deformed pelvises and died or were injured with the doctor trying to get them out. This began a spiral of fear (babies die in birth so we have to have a doctor and do everything modern. Doing everything modern and with attendants that are only skilled in problems makes it more likely there will BE problems. Look, isn’t it a good thing we did things the modern way since the doctor had to work so hard to get the baby here? We had better make sure all our neighbors do too.) and we all know that “God hath not given us a spirit of fear.” If fear doesn’t come from God it comes from Satan. Fear alone causes labor to be ineffective.

About this time, many doctors opened hospitals and they began to see all the money they could make by doing births. Only the poor went to them, though, because they had a 50% or greater maternal death rate (further enforcing the belief that birth was dangerous and deadly) This only got better when doctors began washing their hands, by the way.

The devil also inspired a fashion that it was vulgar to nurse your babies, setting up millions of babies to be fed what amounts to milk with sugar added (formula) instead of God-designed breast-milk. Many babies have died from not having the right kind of nourishment.

At the turn of the 20th century in developed countries the doctors and hospitals began a campaign to discredit midwives, portraying them as dirty and unskilled. As a result, in most developed countries, birth moved from the home (where mommies were already immune to the germs) to hospitals (where they met all sorts of bugs they were susceptible to.) Satan got to kill many mommies and babies through infection.

Plus, Satan used the doctors to inflict all sorts of torture on moms with no scientific backing; shaving the pubic area (which INCREASES infection rates), enemas, x-rays, twighlight labor, tying moms to the tables, on their backs, with their legs in the air, giving women DES to prevent miscarriage (causing baby girls to be born with messed up, duplicated, or no reproductive organs), giving mommies with morning sickness Thalidomide to stop nausea (their babies were born without arms and legs), routine episiotomies, routine induction (which hurts more than natural labor), overuse of forceps, vacuums and surgery. If women object to these things they were patronized, bullied and even forced to comply. A good dose of fear always helps; “but your baby will DIE if we don’t…” It sounds very mellow-dramatic, but what many women experience in the hospital would be called rape in any other setting.

Today, in America, 95% of babies are delivered by doctors. These are men with training in complications. Their union fights very hard to continue to portray all births as medical events in need of doctors and hospitals. Satan finds this great since this means he can kill three times as many moms and twice as many babies as he could if we believed God knew what He was doing when He designed our bodies to give birth.

So today, the demon of selfishness makes us take medicines to keep from getting pregnant while enjoying sleeping with every Tom, Dick and Harry; some of these meds cause babies to die (never implant where they can get nourishment), kill our babies outright in the womb either with meds or surgeries, kill them before they are completely out of the womb (partial-birth abortion). Then our babies die because of the things done to them during birth. They are not given the nourishment they need to be healthy (meaning more die) because of bottle feeding. Then we toss them to daycares where even more will die (20% of all cases of SIDS occur in daycares). And because birth is often a horrifying experience, most women will only go through it once or twice. Satan wins; fewer babies.

Now, I ask you,

How could the bringing of an eternal soul into this world NOT be a spiritual event?


Friday, October 15, 2010

The difference in importance between the past and present

Well, at least in the views of fulfillment of scriptural prophecy.

When we put all fulfillment of scripture into the future it makes the purpose of these prophecies ...


We become the point of the Bible. We become the reason men like John, Daniel, Hosea, Joel, Zachariah and the other prophets prophesied. Even part of Jesus ministry was for us and us alone.

This seems to make us very overly important. We are the center of history; the reason for it all.

I just can't accept that.

If the historical views, especially Preterism, are true, than what is the point of scripture?

That God knows the beginning from the end and recorded it in His Word, the Bible. He had certain authors write what was going to happen before time in order to prove that the Bible really is the Word of God. If the Bible is the Word of God than we know that Jesus is just who He said He was.

The purpose of prophesy, then, is to glorify God and point souls to Jesus.

We are no more or less important than any other people who have lived at any other time.

I find that much more in line with Spirit and message of the non-prophesy parts of the The Book.

In writing these prophecy commentaries, I have noticed a number of things:

Futurists can't explain their interpretation of scripture without adding to the Bible. In other words, they have to add such ideas as double fulfillment and "This generation" meaning "All of Israelite History" in order for their views to appear to be in the Bible.

They accuse Preterists of making everything in prophecy symbolic and then turn right around and do the same thing. The only differences appears to be what each view thinks is symbolic.

Futerists seem to think it will bring glory to God to go backwards. Temple sacrifice was instituted to symbolize Christ's sacrifice. Then Christ was sacrificed. Why would God go back to the symbol when we now have the real thing?

Futurists constntly put scriptures together that don't go together. For example, at some point a man is supposed to come to a world-wide throne (Revelation), make it so you have to worship him in order to buy food (Revelation), institute  seven year tribulation(Daniel, Matthew), and sacrifice a pig on the alter in the temple at Jerusalem (Daniel). This will all be followed by a world war that will culminate in Christ coming on a white horse and defeating the anti-christ's army(Different scriptures in Revelation).

Never mind the term "7 year tribulation" is not found anywhere in the Bible. The 7 years come from Daniel, who was talking about Christ. The Pig incident is talking about Antiochus IV. It happened 2200 years ago, 400 years after Daniel lived! Yes a gret tribulation was predicted by Jesus, but He never gave a time limit for it. And he stated that it would happen before those He was talking to died. And it did in AD 70.

Which brings up another problem with futurism. They don't know their history. And they don't seem to care.

Anyway, I am having trouble getting all the information I need for my commentaries. Too much false static out there.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Notes from Carla

An eFriend, Carla Hartly ( wrote a very good note on facebook about the truth in birth. I hope she doesn't mind me posting parts here. I don't know if you will be able to see it if you aren't her "friend" and what she says is too important to let go. Here is the link to the whole thing just in case you can read it. It is worth the time.

" law will never force docs to RESPECT what midwives do. They believe they own birth and they are not going to come alongside their "competition" regardless of how many credentials their competition has. Birth is big business and the medical community is going to guard their monopoly at any cost to mothers and babies....much less midwives. If they don't care about what they have done to mothers and babies, what would make us think they would ever care about midwives?

History tells us that in the United States there was an intentional effort to eliminate midwives that was a component of the larger effort to bring women to the hospital for birth. The medical community saw that birth could be lucrative and devised a plan to corner the market on birth. Since their paradigm is one of illness and disease, they set out to convince women that birth was a state of illness and disease. They knew that fear creates a demand. They used fear to their advantage, and still do.

They had a plan.

They worked their plan.

Their plan worked.

We will NOT undo what they have done. Very few women will ever believe that birth is not inherently dangerous. Sad but true. Believing that birth is dangerous and assuming that someone else is more qualified to take the responsibility is the current cultural assumption and downfall. As a society, we have a proclivity not only to be easily scared and discouraged, but to look for a rescuer. Would we expect anything else from a society that is moving further and further away from personal responsibility? Believe me, the truth, that birth is safe and that mothers are responsible for every decision concerning their births and their babies, is a hard sell to most women, and impossible to sell to the SYSTEM.

So you have the 99 percent* or so of women who believe a lie that is basically the invention of an industry that profits from that lie. The industry is wealthy and rarely takes "no" for an answer. Physicians take courses on persuasive communication to convince patients to comply with their recommendations. They know what they are doing. They are way better at intimidation than we are and we are way more vulnerable to intimidation.

...Those in the SYSTEM actually do believe their with fierce religiosity. And it is easy to see their logic: In order to justify their existence, they have to be necessary, so birth has to be risky. They can only be necessary if birth is a scary, medical emergency. No law will change that belief.

From the beginning,  I tried to point out that we should be protecting parents' rights rather than midwives' rights. My pleas, to make midwifery legal by virtue of helping parents exercise their freedom to choose who would be at their birth, fell on deaf ears...

It is not the SYSTEM that is the problem as much as it is the LIE that the system operates on. The lie is that birth was medical in the first place. Pointing that out earned me a place in a collection of quotations on

“We've put birth in the same category with illness and disease and it's never belonged there. Birth is naturally safe, but we've allowed it to be taken over by the medical community.”

...The SYSTEM will not destroy itself by acknowledeging that birth is safe and that most babies should be born with no medical management whatsoever. The SYSTEM will not ever admit that they are not needed except for that small percentage of births that requires medical assistance.

The SYSTEM will not be changed. Our only hope, and I do mean ONLY hope, is to starve the SYSTEM by telling the truth.

Here is the truth....not my truth....THE truth. Actually, several truths...I'm fired up.

• Birth is safe.

• Birth is a normal function of biology.

• Birth is private family event.

• Birth is not a crisis.

• Birth is not an illness to be cured by drugs or a surgeon's scalpel.

• Mothers and babies are very, very, very likely to survive birth if birth is left alone. Interference introduces risk.

• Since birth is NOT normally a medical event, a medical manager is not normally needed.

• Birth is not the domain of medicine. Even when birth does become medical, it is still not the property of medicine, but of mothers.

• Birth belongs to the mammas; the only two essential players are the mamma and the baby.

One of my brilliant students, Laura, expressed it this way: If the system did want to embrace us then something is wrong. Midwives are supposed to be distinctly different than the medical system."

God invented birth, and you know what? He actually knew what He was doing. He really did tell a woman's body when to go into labor, how to push a baby out, and He made both the momma's body and the baby's body. It is incredibly rare for that baby to not "fit."

C-sections were designed by humans. I am thankful we have that technology when it is needed but that is actually relativly rare. Our national c-section rate should be less than 10% not over  30%. C-sections are major abdominal surgury. They are dangerous. God's design is not.

Prep for winter time again

Even though it's 80 degrees out today, The nights are getting colder. I know it will soon be too cold for my children to be running around in shorts. So I pulled out all the stored clothes and went through everything in the house today. I had each child go through their clothes and take out all the torn, stained, too small stuff. Torn and stained went in the garbage, too small went to the next sibling down (well, my youngest boy "handed" his too-smalls down to the local thrift store run for the profit of the Abused Women's shelter. My little girls really don't want sweats with "Go Wolfpack!" on them.) I then had them pick their favorite seven of each item to put back in their drawers. When they didn't have seven to pick from, I made a note in my organizer/purse so I would know what they need. Now I am checking the internet to see what I can buy without having to actually go to the store:-) In a week or so, we'll go to Wal-mart, I'll hand each older child a list of things to get and take one myself. It shouldn't take very long.

I can't tell you how much easier it is to do this now that I ...

  1. Accept and plan in that I really have to do this twice a year.
  2. I have older children. Having three adults (my mom was here) that could be helping little ones size and count clothes was Marvales! and the fact that the boys kept the things we were finished with taken out to their proper place (storage, mom's car to take to the thrift store, trash) was a big bonus!
All I have to do now is get their beds ready. Three blankets per bed helps us keep our heating bill down. (During the summer we store all those extra blankets in the storage trailer so we don't have to constantly pick them up and fold them.)

Now off to work on my commentary on the book of Amos:-)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The System is not Broken; It Was Flawed from The Beginning

From my e-friend Carla Hartly
Facebook The System is not Broken; It Was Flawed from The Beginning

Read this through and internalize what she says about birth.

Then read it through again replacing "birth" with education.

Friday, October 08, 2010


The benifits

As those who are friends on facebook know, I have had a week of sick-ys. My dad blew his knee out (bad enough he went to er!) and is now on crutches. Hubby's back locked up till he couldn't move. That was Saturday. Monday hubby came home from work about nine hours early covered with one big hive from his head to his feet. These itch and hurt and give him severe nausea. He dopped up on antihistamines and slept for five hours. Shortly after that Jim (15) began to complain of a headache. Protein, tylonol, and chocolate later he went to sleep on the living room couch. Stayed that way for a couple of hours. By this time I was running a temperature. I held out, though and didn't crash until Wednesday afternoon.

Thankfully, we are all better now (well, hubby's back is still cramping a bit but not so bad he can't move.)

How was your week?

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Breast cancer awareness

In Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

This is the month we take to remind ourselves of the possibility of breast cancer and to raise money to find a cure for the disease. I have heard numbers as high as “one in three women will get breast cancer.” I know the overall cancer rates are this high.

So to share the information I have gathered in my studies and hopefully to help some woman out there to avoid ever needing a cure for breast cancer (or other cancers either)…

To Prevent Cancer (especially of the reproductive organs such as breasts, ovaries, uterus)

• Never have an abortion. Women who have abortions after the age of eighteen have a 50% increased risk of cancer of the breasts. Abortions before eighteen raise your risk by 100%. This is because when you get pregnant your body immediately begins to change your breasts to prepare for breastfeeding. It doesn’t know what to do with those changed cells after an abortion so they become cancerous. Miscarriages don’t raise the risk because most miscarriages are caused by inadequate estrogen in the first place which prevents the natural changes from starting. (These numbers were found by a PRO abortion researcher who had lost several relatives to breast cancer. She was floored, to say the least.)

• Never take birth control pills or use any other hormonal birth control (the patch, shot, IUD, etc.). The active ingredients in hormonal birth controls are estrogen and progesterone. Excessive amounts of either (you know, more than God placed in your body naturally) cause the body (and especially the breasts) to begin the changes towards pregnancy but, since there is no baby, the cells become cancerous. Those who have taken birth control (especially after age forty) are at significantly increased risk.

• Have lots of babies. Every baby you give birth to lowers your overall cancer risk by 7%. This is because God designed us to have babies. It is not natural to have the more than 400 periods that modern women have in their lifetime. Periods are what wears a woman’s body out, not pregnancy (of course, a pregnancy when your diet is poor will stress you, but the only reason for an American to have a poor diet is lack of education).

• Breastfeed your babies for as long as possible. Every accumulated year you breastfeed reduces your chance of cancer by 2%. Once again, following God’s design instead of man’s gives you greater health.

Of course add the standard “high fiber, low fat diet plus plenty of exercise” that will reduce your risk of all cancers.

Cancer is not part of God’s original creation. It is the result of the Fall. When we live as close as possible to God’s original design (exercise a lot, eat natural foods, have lots of sex with our spouse and lots of babies feeding them the way God designed) we greatly increase our chances of avoiding many of the diseases of modern society and significantly increase our quality of life.