Tuesday, May 23, 2006

May 23, 2006

Our carnival was a success. We had around 50 people that do not attend our church come. since our church only has around thirty members, that is pretty good. This is our first year. Next year will be better.
I am trying to finish up our plant unit. sigh. seems like there just isn't enough hours in a day.

I have a sore throat and my 8yo was sick last night. Hopefully it was just something he ate and no one else ate it. He seems fine now. Shooting down Star wars bad guys like usual.

Back to the theme of not enough time; I found out how to make an ebook, and i almost have one ready but i just don't have time to sit down and do it! same for my next article for our church's journal, and a half dozen other projects. I did finish the baby shower gift i have been working on, but i can carry it around with me and work on it anywhere. God help me to set my priorities and learn to manage my time better.

For several reasons I think it is time to post this:

My Poem

These hands of mine are big and strong

My fingers they are supple and long.

God's call into these hands I feel.

They'll love, and teach, and guide and heal.

Human cares they'll soothe away.

When labors come they'll save the day.

Tiny heads and chins and hair,

From the start, these hands are there.

A moan, a cry, a tear, a prayer,

One more push will remove all care

You've called these hands to bring forth life.

Thank you, God, for calling me to be a Midwife.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Thomas Jefferson Education

We are going today to finish getting ready for the church's Children's carnival. Busy weekend.

I am finishing "Thomas Jefferson Education." I am not really impressed.

The author is a college professor and obviously still believes the "public schools saved the poor from illiteracy"


Prior to ps being imported to this country we had a 98% literacy rate. Now it is 85%. the schools are flat failing. Even the poor were very much better off before.

See http://www.johntaylorgatto.com/chapters/index.htm

The whole book is online to read for free.

That nit-pick aside, the author advocates lots of reading of classics, discussions, teachers leading the students in learning not pushing them, high standards and freedom to explore. At its core, basically the same thing as Charlotte Mason, unit studies, TTTclassical, even some unschoolers. Very good ideas, but not really anything new. He quotes often from Alan bloom's "Closing of the American Mind." That was a VERY hard chew, but so full of meat it was very satisfying.

Basically, I would recommend TJ-ed to those just starting out on homeschooling ( I will be incorporating some of his suggestions into my school), but do follow it up with something meatier, Teaching the Trivium, Charlotte Mason (Karen Androle's books about Charlotte Mason are much cheaper and easier to find. These are what I have read), or some of the other "classics" of homeschooling.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Learning and not

I'm baaaack. I hope, anyway. i still don't have the new flooring in and when that happens I will be focusing more on that again. My parents are still not in there house. There have been some delays. sigh.

We will be working on our plant unit study more tomorrow. since we are having company, i don't really expect to get a lot done.

Wednesday and/or Thursday we will be working at the church to get it ready for the children's carnival and health and safety fair next weekend. Hopefully it cools down some. It was over 90 today!

I have run across some information that is helping to make my web site better as well as learning how to make an ebook. Those lessons I have been giving at the ladies meetings every month would be a perfect first ebook (my homeschool: Why What How is in ebook form at homeschoolestore.com, but they are the ones who put it in that format and are selling it.)

I am considering recording that talk on the stars I have given at church twice now and offering it, too. Hmmm.

I should finally be ordering more hard copies of my book this week. finally got everything to the printers. this is a company i haven't worked with yet. the book will be in normal, trade binding this time. can't wait!
I am doing all this money stuff to try to ease the burden on hubby, but more to get the information out to others. God has blessed me with the resources to do a lot of research, and I want to share that.

When will I learn to keep my mouth shut? People talk and don't really want my opinion. They ask when they do. I "opened mouth, inserted foot" at church again today. sigh. It is just like the Bible says, the tongue is VERY hard to control. God, help me to shut up. You know the burning desire to help that i have, but you also know that talking at the wrong time does more harm than good. You know those that I am dealing with and how they're resistant to what is on my heart. I know You call different people to different things at different times. Help me to keep that foremost in my mind.

still some coughing going on. I think it is allergies. Hubby is felling better!yeah!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Why Homeschool?

Why Homeschool?

I have written a book telling you why you should homeschool and how to go about it. Here is an exert from the first chapter:

There are many reasons we homeschool.First and foremost, the Bible says that parents will be held accountable for what our children learn. We believe this means spiritual, moral, and emotional as well as academic education. We can give away our authority to teach, but never our responsibility for what our children learn. And if you want something done right it is best to do it yourself.

Second, we teach our own because we like our children and enjoy being with them. I would miss them if they were gone six or more hours per day. I want to keep it that way. Too many parents today, although loving their children very much, don't really like them nor enjoy their company. Modern society believes that a child is born perfect, or at least evolutionarily more advanced, and unless his parents ruin him, will grow to be an unselfish, productive adult. The Bible teaches that we are all born selfish foolish. God has ordained parents, fallible as we are, to mold our children into unselfish, productive adults, (Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6) It is not something that happens accidentally or by itself, but by careful training and attention from the parents. By homeschooling, we can institute this Godly training full time that will insure our continued enjoyment of our youngster's company.Third, we believe God placed children in families for a reason. Society at large has acknowledged that orphanages are bad for children. They do far better in a family environment. Yet most of us send our babies to part time orphanages for thirty or more hours a week. The Bible says He who walks with wise men will be wise, but the companion of fools will be destroyed. (Proverbs 13:20) and Foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child. (Proverbs 22:15), and Be not fooled, bad company corrupts good morals. (1 Corinthians 15:33) I can think of few things more filled with foolishness than a room with 30 eight year olds! Personally, I want my children to be wise, not destroyed. ...

To read more go to http://www.homeschoolwwh.com/whyhomeschool.html

Betty, wife to one, mom to seven,
Author of Homeschool: Why What How
Available at http://www.homeschoolwwh.com/