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Why you shouldn't get an abortion.

Women who get an abortion between the ages of 18 and 30 have twice the risk of breast
cancer than women who never have an abortion. Women who get one before 18 have 100% more risk. When a woman becomes pregnant, her breasts immediately begin to change in order to nurse a baby. That change isn't finished until the baby is born. An abortion stops the breasts in mid-change and they don't know what to do with the partly changed cells. They become cancerous. These findings were made by PRO-abortion doctors.

Women who have abortions suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome more often than Vietnam vets do. This is true even if the woman's family whole heartedly supported her decision. Some report hearing the baby crying in pain for the rest of their lives.

Women who have had abortions suffer from infertility 7-25% more often than women who haven't. They also have serial miscarriages more often (twice to ten times as often). They are in greater danger of uterine rupture and abnormal hemorrhage if they do carry a baby to term.

One slip of the doctor's hand and you are dead. This happens .5-1% of the time. Hemorrhage bad enough to need transfusions happens 2-5% of the time. Infection from mild to fatal happens 25% of the time.

Abortion is unnatural.

There are millions of couples waiting to adopt babies, even handicapped babies. Before abortion was legalized the waiting list for a government adoption was two years. Now it is seven years and many of those that qualified for the list thirty-five years ago, are now weeded off. EVERY baby is wanted by somebody. If you have been raped instead of putting yourself through the traumas of an abortion, carry the baby to term and give it as a gift to a childless couple. This would make something beautiful and Holy and loving come out of your nightmare. It would turn your temporal pain into something Eternal and triumphant. Actually, few women who are raped get abortions. They see that as just another trauma added onto the first, another way for the man to win and rob her of something; that part of herself that goes into the baby.

If you were handicapped, would you have wanted your parents to abort you? Some of the most precious people in the world are handicapped. Parents of handicapped children often tell of how these special children bring the biggest blessings to their lives through their unconditional love.

Fetus is Latin for Offspring.

Day 1 – fertilization: all human chromosomes are present; a unique human life begins.

21 days (three weeks) after conception (about a week after the due date of the first missed period) the Offspring's heart has an independent beat with the child's own blood, often a different type than the mother's.

By day 35 (five weeks) brain, bone marrow and nervous system are in place.

By 42 days (six weeks), the skeleton is complete and the buds of the milk teeth appear. Brain waves are detectable; mouth, lips present; fingernails are forming. The digestive tract is in formation.

By day 49 (seven weeks) the muscles and nerves function. The baby now has reflexes, so he can move spontaneously. Eyelids and toes form; the nose is distinct, baby is kicking and swimming. The thorax and abdomen are entirely formed. The mouth can be opened and the eyes can be seen.

By day 56 (week eight) fingerprints begin to form.

By day 63 (week nine), all of the vital organs are in place: heart, lungs, brain, intestines. He can grasp an object placed in his palm and can make a fist. Baby can turn his head and frown.

Week 12 – He responds to light, sound, cold and pain. All of the parts necessary to experience pain, including the nerves, spinal cord and thalamus are present and films made of babies during abortions show them trying to run away from the knife.

Abortionists get paid three times for their work. Once by the woman. Once by my tax dollars. And a third time by the cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies when they buy the body parts to put in their products. Ever hear of "Alpha Feta Protein"…..? These doctors are making money off of trauma in a woman's life.

Did you know that abortion was legal in the 1800's? Everyone believed that the Offspring was not alive until the mother felt movement, so there were few who had a moral problem with "ending the pregnancy" before then. Then someone invented the x-ray machine and, low and behold, baby is alive and kicking long before movement is felt! That is when abortion was outlawed; when it became obvious to everyone that the Offspring was a living human being.

Today, if I am five months pregnant and go into early labor the doctors will work their hearts out to save my "baby." Many are saved and grow up to lead perfectly normal lives. But if I am five months pregnant and decide to have an abortion, now it is just a "lump of inert flesh, a tumor." This is unscientific. Personhood is hanging on the whim of a hormonally challenged woman (and before anyone writes accusing me of being a male-chauvinist pig, I am a woman who has had ten pregnancies ending in eight full term births and two miscarriages. I know from personal experience what I am talking about when I talk about pregnancy hormones!)

If I am pregnant and a robber breaks into my home and beats me up and kills me, he will be tried on two counts of murder; one for me and one for my baby. If I hire a doctor to do an abortion, it is somehow magically now not a person. Illogical.

Question: If we must do everything in our power to save the rain forests because one of those trees may have the chemicals needed to cure cancer, why don't we do everything possible to save every baby? The one being aborted right this minute may be the one that has the exact neuro-pathways necessary to find that cure for cancer.

Why you should have an abortion.

A baby would be inconvenient right now.

This is exactly what Susan Smith said when she strapped her two and four year old boys into car seats and pushed the car into a lake. What is the difference? Just the age of the Offspring. All she did was perform a post-natal abortion.



  1. There is nothing wrong with abortion! Teenage pregnancy is off the chart right now, you want to see more teenagers walking around like that? Setting an example for all kids, that it is okay to have a baby at 15? 16? Even 19? No, lets not set examples for younger generations letting them think it'll be just fine if i just happened to get pregnant! You shouldn't be punished for having sex, its okay, its not even against the law to have sex! At any age! Everyone has something going for them, and we all make mistakes but that doesn't mean we can have the government deiced whether or not we can have babies! How would you feel being 16 or a teenager getting pregnant? Sure, you could give it up for adoption but everyone will still remember how you had a baby, and imagine the psychological damage that could do to a person? I don't care if your 15 or 45, if you feel like your not capable of raising or having a child you shouldn't have to! Its your own decision..

  2. Thank you for commenting.

    First of all, pregnancy is not some mysterious disease with an unknown cause. We know what causes it. If you are not ready to have a baby, don't have sex. It's that simple. (Honest, you won't die without sex)

    Saying it's OK to have sex because it is legal is circular reasoning. It was made legal to have sex outside of marriage because people believed it was OK. Now you are using that legality to justify it. Won't work. That's much like saying it was OK to kill Jews in Hitler's Germany because it was legal to do so. The laws written by human governments only reflect what the general populace thinks is moral, not what truly is.

    Teen pregnancy rates went up when abortion was legalized. In my mother's day it was normal for one girl out of every 100 to get pregnant. Today it is around 1 in 20 (not counting those who get abortions!). The availability of abortion has CAUSED the increase.

    Actually, abortion enslaves women. It makes it so the only excuse they have to "hold out" sex is their "want to." and healthy young women have the hormones to "want to" even if they know it is bad for them. It is very hard to tell the man you love "no" when there are no visible consequences.

    Men are now justified in using women as sex toys. If she has a baby, that was her choice. He had nothing to do with it. It removes all moral responsibility from his shoulders in the eyes of our society. And the fact is that 60% of women who have abortions report they did so because of pressure from the father or their own parents (I know a woman who had three abortions at the insistence of her boyfriend she eventually married. She wanted all those babies, but did what he told her to. This is NOT freedom ladies!)

    Being free to act like an un-payed prostitute and then bear the entire responsibility in either having a baby or destroying your physical and mental health, is not freedom. It is sexual slavery.

    Those who engage in premarital sex are way more likely to contract disease (including the deadly ones), have mental problems (depression, etc.), and have marital problems and divorce later in life. You speak of the psychological damage done to a teen who carries a baby to term and gives it up for adoption. You are ignoring the deep psychological damage done by the abortion itself. It is best in every way to wait until marriage (which, I believe should be way younger than is normal today. Teenage sex is biblically, historically and biologically normal... within marriage. Waiting more than a decade after puberty to marry is what is abnormal. We fail our children when we don't teach them to be responsible enough to pick good mates early.)

    You talk of setting a good example for the younger generation. Screwing around, treating your body like a party favor to be used at will by every Tom, Dick and Harry is hardly a good example. Caring enough about yourself to protect your body is the good example, waiting until marriage to enjoy the benefits of adulthood is the best example.

    Did you even read this article? The whole point was that abortion is incredibly dangerous to the female body causing cancer, PTS syndrome, and a whole host of other problems. It is not good for the MOTHER to have an abortion.

    Actually, I don't believe I made one statement calling for making abortion illegal here. I pointed out why a woman would be wisest to choose to not do her body that kind of violence, the developmental stages of the baby, and the total lack of logic in our current laws. I didn't actually say we should make it illegal (though I wouldn't object to it).

    And it is illegal to have sex before the age of majority. Your partner can go to JAIL for having sex with a juvenile.

  3. Dear Anonymous,
    I have clearly posted on the side that I don’t allow anonymous comments. I let your last one through because, frankly, I was bored that day. If you want your comments posted, include your name. I sign everything I write. I ask you to be brave enough to do the same.

    In reference to you calling me a liar about the effects of abortion, I send you to This article has the footnotes to the studies to back up what I have said.

    As far as your link that proves the opposite, it leads to the American Cancer Society. This organization is as biased as my link (yes, I acknowledge my link is from a biased source. That doesn’t mean they are wrong.) The ACS gets a good deal of its funding from the government and has an interest in not making certain key (liberal) people mad. The same goes for studies done in Denmark, a very socialist country. If researchers find a “politically incorrect” result, they often ignore it in the report of the study. This is evident to those who have read studies on the heart disease and fat connection who have found that the studies show NO link between the two. Yet all the reports say the studies do show a link. I would have to rule this kind of mis-reporting out in order to accept the studies listed by the ACS. The studies listed in my links sometimes are done by people who wanted the opposite result from what they got, but could not in good faith lie on the reports.

    Killing babies will not save our economy. Fiscal responsibility will; something we haven’t had in nearly twenty years.

    If current trends continue (and there is no logical reason they won’t) global populations will begin to decline by the year 2050, or sooner. Europe is already suffering problems because they simply don’t have enough babies. Illegal immigration is the only reason we aren’t already. The human race will die if we don’t change our attitude towards children and begin welcoming them.

    When abortion was illegal, 1 out of every 100 girls got pregnant. Today, more than 1 out of 30 give birth, not counting how many have abortions. You and most abortion pushers sound like you think pregnancy is some mysterious disease that we can’t control. The fact is that we know what causes it. When girls have the “but what if I get pregnant?” line to fall back on, they are less sexually active; have more reason to tell the boy “no.” Today, he can just say “you just have an abortion. No big deal.” and get what he wants. And why not? Its not his body being sliced and diced. The girl wants to please her boyfriend and has no concrete reason to refuse. Only selfish sounding ones.

    What is the difference from the baby’s point of view if he is dumped in a dumpster at nine months post-conception, or if he first has his arms, legs and head chopped off and then is dumped in a dumpster (or sold to a pharmaceutical or cosmetic company)? Either way, he is dead. We have videos of abortions. The baby screams and runs away from the scalpel. He behaves exactly as you would if someone was coming after you with a knife intent on chopping you to pieces.

    “Politically Correct” is just another term for “thought police.” It has nothing to do with facts or truth. It has everything to do with stifling debate and controlling people.

    Now, why are you so angry at me for what I have written? Have you had an abortion or talked someone into one and are trying to justify yourself? Or do you work for Planned Parenthood see you income threatened?

  4. hi my name is .... and abortion is very very very very badddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!! i used your website for my speech in elementary school and it helped very much

  5. Thank you and I am glad to help:-)

  6. I'm trying to find this link that you discuss earlier in this blog on abortion on citizenlink. Could you help me find it? I'm writing a paper and it sounds like it would be excellant information for it.

  7. Thank you for reding:-)
    I am also having trouble getting to that site.

    A site devoted to the issue is here:

    They should have all the latest research.

    Hope this Helps.

  8. I completly agree with you. Why kill an innocent child whenthere adoption. Theres people out there that cant concieve and will be more than happy to take anyones "inconvience". It should be iilegal simply because its uncalled for. Abortion is murder in the 1st degree and i just dont understand why its legal..

  9. Well, I don't generally post annonymous comments, but this time I will make an exception.
    Having watched sevral relatives deal with infertility and the adoption system which is lacking enough babies to go around, I can't agree more: Choose adoption!

  10. Their is a very easy answer to every difficult question. Not have sex in the first place. But when you add other factors like hormones and peer pressures their is no helping teens from having sex with each other. Would you let thousands of teens have children that they call an "accident" If you could stop all the teens of stopping these urges they may be less orphans.
    But you should consider that not If but when a teen has a child will they be able to die when giving birth. Will you be able to convinces the parents that it is not your fault but their decision. But you are the one that convinced the person to have an abortion. That is why the person that is going through this situation should make their choice. Not some outsider that only cares about the innocent child that is about to be aborted gets killed but you don't think about why they chose this in the first place.
    Only god knows the true answer. But as human being we use religion as a shield. But your not god and you won't know what will happen in that future. The 60 percent of the population stays out of this situation because they don't know what to do.

  11. Abortion is sooooo wrong! Yes, teenage pregnancies are off the chart, but teens know the consequences. I should know because I am a sixteen year old mother. I don't regret having my child. Was it difficult? Yes of coarse, especially since I am taking online high school. But knowing that I am doing it not only for me, but also for my child makes me feel encouraged. I believe that abortion should be illegal. If you feel like you won't be a good mother, there's always adoption.

  12. These times must be very hard, but you are doing what is right for your baby. God bless you!

  13. Sigh. I have once again received an anonymous comment saying I am responsible for denying women their freedom.

    1) How does telling women the negative side-affects of abortion deny her her freedom? Doesn't it increase her freedom to have ALL the information available about her decision? Aren't you the one denying her freedom when you want to hide this information from her.

    2)What are you so afraid of? Why won't you post your names? Are you ashamed of your beliefs?

    If you want your comment posted, include you name!

  14. Just watch this video and youll know the nasty truth about abortion :(.. remeber life is precious its not ours to take control of:)


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