Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Moving stuff

I have decided to move my health articles to my Caring for Your Masterpiece blog. Should make it easier to find information on health. The link is Here if you are interested:-)

I have also been making notes fro one of my herbals here.

I a thinking of further seperating my blog into:
  • politics
  • homemaking
  • childraising
  • religion
  • childbirth/midwifing
  • homeschooling
What do you think?

My brother and his fiance was up visiting last week. We had a nice time, but it was a bit tiring.

Herbmentor.com is now offering a book club for children: Herb Fairies. Seriously considering it.

Need to get to work on church stuff.

Monday, April 08, 2013

gay marriage

No law in the country prevents any church from choosing to marry two people of the same sex. It is entirely a decision of the individual church.

Gays receive the same benefits as straights through the domestic partnership laws.

Gays earn more money and have more discretionary spending than straights, on average.

When a gay is assaulted odds are incredibly good the assaliant is the gay's partner, not straights.

The only reason for the entire attempt at changing the laws is that gays and their advocates hate Christianity and want it outlawed. They want to shove their religion down my throat.

Passage of gay marriage laws will force businesses, individuals, even churches to choose between their religious beliefs and their property and income.

It outlaws all Judea-Christian religions and morals, forcing us to all accept atheism and hedonism.