About the BeST

I am a homschooling HomeMaker mom of 9 children, ages 4-24. I've been married to Hubby for 30 years (High School Sweet Hearts :-))

Hubby is the Assistant Pastor of our church, which is tiny and so doesn't pay anything. He also has a full time + job as a manager.

I am an ordained minister at Bread of Life Christian Fellowship, Worship Leader, and Secretary of the Internet (mostly meaning I run the Church's web site and get to order it's stuff from Amazon).

My Dad is pastor of our church. Oldest Daughter Joy is Pianist. Oldest son Jim is Sound Booth Operator.

God has blessed me with the skills to study, the time to do it (between changing diapers, teaching phonics, and cooking supper), and the resources to find stuff out. Most are not so blessed, so I have a burden to share what God has given me with others. I hope you share your gifting and unique perspectives with me:-)

And everything I believe I try to base on the Bible. It truly has all the answers for life.

Hope to see you around:-)

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