Friday, June 23, 2017

The Psalms of Leigh: The Psalms of Christ

I injured my feet a few weeks back and have been doing a lot of sitting as a result. Thankfully they are doing much better and I should be back to normal soon.

Just some life advice; cheap shoes aren't cheap if they damage your feet. :-P

So, with my time I have finally figured out a way to keep up on all the reading I am supposed to be doing (all but two of my older kids have blogs, plus friends writing, etc. This is something I have struggled with for years) I've already posted some of the links.

My oldest son (second child) has signed up to be a volunteer firefighter. Yeah! I think he will really enjoy it.

My next two boys have been working hard helping my dad do repairs to the church property. There just comes a time when you need to focus on a building and do some major stuff. That is where we are at with the church annex.

They painted the inside this week, and will be framing to pour a cement porch today.  Then its reassembling the inside (Dad has a sprayer that painted the whole inside in about an hour and a half, but it took three days of masking to prep it, and now they have to put all the light fixtures, bath fixtures, plug covers, etc back, install the new water heater, and so on.)

We also just got the permit to build the block wall we need on the east side of the property. The ratty old fence that was there looked horrid and the business on the other side is partnering with us to pay for it, so Yeah! It will make both properties look so much better.

Major pipe break here at our house. Outside faucet just plain rusted off two feet below ground level. We thank the Lord it was there and not under the house like we thought at first. That would have been a real pill to fix. As it is, we'll have the faucet fixed as soon as Hubby remembers to bring the last piece we need home from work.

Hot. Did I mention it's hot? Blahhh.

And humid. I could move to Florida for weather like this!

One nice thing about Nevada is that the humidity is so low that neither the heat or cold feel that bad, but we've had thunder clouds over us this time, making it horribly humid. Our normal humidity is around the 30s but we are doing into the 60's. I say again, Blahhhhhh,.

Anyway, part of my morning catching up on reading, this link is to a friends blog.

The Psalms of Leigh: The Psalms of Christ

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