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There are a few items I believe strongly enough to recommend them to others. So if I'm going to be promoting those things anyway, I might as well get paid, right?

So, where possible I have enrolled in affiliate programs. Anything you buy through this page gives me a tiny bit of money (part of the company's advertising budget) without costing you anything extra. This helps us to support our family.

Enjoy shopping!

  • The meal planning app I use:
 Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat
This has really reduced the time and headaches it takes to make my menu and shopping list each week. It has also made it so much easier to try new recipes that my family is complaining (trust me, this has never happened before. I'm a pretty boring cook:-)
  • For a couple of years, I have gotten our razors and shaving cream for free around here with coupons. Well, actually, Walmart has been paying us to take them home. Every once in a while they run a "roll back" at the same time the manufacture runs a coupon. The razors I have been "buying" go down to $2.96, while the coupon is for $3, so Walmart gives us the difference. The shaving cream is rolled back to $.98 while its coupon is for $1. But I think that has changed now.
We have recently given a try to the Shave Club. My nephew and hubby both complain about very sensitive skin, and with the inherited acne, my sons don't exactly enjoy shaving either.

My nephew gave a try to this company's products and loved them. I had been reading about them for a while and with Daniel's comments, I decided to give it a try. When I showed it to Hubby, he said the guys at work had been raving about them, too.

Well, it's been a month now and the results are in. Hubby says they are good razors that don't irritate his skin. Now, he has a full beard so he won't be using the four blades they send every month. Just what he needs to keep his neck clean.

My oldest son also has a beard, but he keeps his more trimmed than his dad's. He likes these, too.

My second son grinned and said "No thanks." He rather likes the wild and wooly look. Hasn't had a hair cut in a year or so (almost long enough for a ponytail!) and prefers his beard totally untrimmed (except for the one little curl that sticks straight up:-D). So this month I will be ordering new blades for Hubby and Jim (my oldest son.) I think, since I will have an extra blade, I will give it a try myself:-)

And Hubby REALLY likes the shave butter.

If you order through this link, I get $5 off my next order, which helps.

Try it. It's not much money (less, in fact than most men spend per month at the brick and mortar stores), and you are worth it:-)


  • My favorite source for herbs (though, just to be honest, I use Amazon and Mount Rose Herbals at least as much) Lots of great information!
Great selection of bulk herbs, books, and remedies. Articles, Research Aids and much more.

  • A great source for information and encouragement on homeschooling.

  • The first publisher to carry my first book :-)

The rest of my books are available at http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/bettysbooks.

And for the women in your life:

These clips are made from the same metal used to make the nuts and bolts that hold your
house together. The flexible part is made from music wire (i.e. guitar strings) so they are made to bend. I have seen videos of these being run over by cars and even accidentally ran them through the washer myself and they don't even show it! If something should happen (like a dangle coming loose) the company will fix it. They really stand by their products!

These clips are the only hair accessory that will reliably stay in my hair. Now to be honest, I have bad hair days where nothing stays put, but that happens SOOO much less with LillaRose than with any other product, including those Claw things! The only other product that will stay put is a plain ole ponytail holder, but they pull my hair out. These don't!  

And they don't hurt my head like the Claws did. I never realized they hurt me until I used the Lilla Rose that didn't.

The hair sticks are made form real wood which is not perfectly smooth and straight. Yes, that's a good thing. It means there is just enough texture to not slip out of your hair. (They look straight, though. You have to get close to see they aren't)

The Bobby Pins are tough! These in no way compare to what you buy in Walmart!

And the You-pens and badge clips are gorgeous!

Oh, I nearly forgot, Lilla Rose has offered headbands with adjustable comfort straps (which is what keeps them from going whoosh off the back of you head) for some time. These match the clips and are so pretty! But now they have improved them! The comfort straps are now removable (so you can replace them when the elastic gets stretched out), come in four colors (black, brown, blonde, and gray), three metals (gold, nickle, black), and two lengths. They are designed in such a way that you could fasten three of the headbands to one comfort strip to create your own unique look.

These beautiful clips are made in China. Now before you let that turn you off, the owner of Lilla Rose knows the owner of the factory and has made sure the people who work there are paid fair wages. I, personally, would rather support parents supplying for their families by producing beautiful, useful products, than by giving to charity and forcing those parents to go beg for food. So much more dignifying!

Also, they are able to keep the cost low enough (because $10 buys a whole lot more in China than here!) that many of us American moms are able to help support our families by selling these lovely accessories. Lilla Rose's commission policy is the most generous I have ever seen in the direct sales world- 30-45%! So, if you buy one of these products you help a Chinese mom feed her children, help me pay for Christmas for my kids, and get a durable and gorgeous hair clip to boot!

The web site has a video to help you decide which size you want (seven different choices!) but if you get the wrong one, just let me know. I'll exchange it for the right size. I'll give you a hint though; most women are smalls. The second most common size is extra small.


1 Timothy 5:18 says "For Scripture says, "Do not muzzle an ox while it is treading out the grain," and "The worker deserves his wages." "

If I have helped you in anyway, please shoot a comment telling me so as my pay:-)

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