Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Each one is different

Of course I have known before now that every child is different, even in the same family. This one has been reinforcing that knowledge!
Little Jane loves men. She has hit the clingy stage all well bonded babies do at 6-8 months. This makes her scream whenever a woman at church so much as looks at her. But the men? She even lets them hold her! Amazing!
When she was only an hour old, her dad walked by her on the way to another room. She nearly broke her neck trying to see him!
Last night she didn’t want to go to sleep. But when daddy took her and snuggled in, she quieted down and went right out. So precious:-)
I am so lucky to have such a good man.

P.S. she also adores bath time more than any other child I have. In her first bath, her eyes got BIG and then she started kicking as hard as possible and cooing in delight. Soooo cute!