Thursday, June 27, 2013

Internet businesses

Been sick this week. I've had laryngytis and a headache. Since I felt too bad to do anything but not bad enough to just sleep, I've been working on the church website.

I transfered the church to last November.This s business building company that just happens to be web based. They have a 10 "day" program to get your business up and running (though they are upfront about the fact that a "day" might take several weeks to accomplish). Our church's readership has been steadily rising, which is good. Now that the interface with facebook and videos are complete it should grow even faster.

(Well, I would like to get a video of Dad (our pastor) welcoming visitors, but don't know how long it will take to accomplish that.)

I would LOVE it if I could set each of my teens up with sbi, getting them each started on their own internet business. Wouldn't it be cool for each of my kids to be able to support their own family from  anywhere in the world? They could moolight as missionaries in Africa or ranchers out here in the west and still "work."

Unfortunatly I can't afford that, though. I am encouraging them to research it and get their own businesses going. One of my dc already has his own blogs and youtube channel. He might could do something with that. My oldest is writing a book about livestock breeds. I'm sure that could work into something, too.

Any ideas out there?

Meanwhile, I have set up a new blog to use for my articles for the church newsletter. Here's the addy if you want to check it out:-)

Monday, June 10, 2013

Coupon review

I know I've mentioned that I am learning coupons before, but I need to mentally review. so;

1) Don't use coupons the week they are clipped. Save them to combine with sales until you can get 50% or less.

2) Don't think "What do I need this week?" Think "What might we possibly use in the next 2-4 months?" Buy up to a year's worth of each item (that keeps) at 50% or less per product.

3) Whenever possible, ditch brand loayalty. This includes "generic" brands since when you combine sales with coupons the "Name brands" are often (though not always) cheaper than the generic.

4) If possible use coupons for more than the cost of the item at walmart. They give you the overage while other stores lower the value of the coupon.

5) Keep an eye out for unadvertised specials at your local grocery (i.e. Kroger) store. These are the killer deals.

6) All items run on a 4-16 week sale cycle with killer deals "in season" once a year (i.e. baking stuff goes on killer sales in November and December, diet stuff in January, picnic stuff from mid May to July 4th.)

7) Check your store's deals at once a week. They have done the leg work of matching up coupons and sales, even giving you links to print coupons when possible. they tell you if it is an everyday sale or a stock-up sale, too.

8) Organize your coupons in some way so you can find what you need when you need it. It helps many to pull the coupons they expect to use ahead of time and keep them in a separate envelope. As items are added to the basket, putting coupons in a "buy" envelope helps too.

And for big and/or homeschooling families:

9) Delegate. Give each child their area of the food storage to neaten and inventory. When they are old enough, give them their own list and coupons and let them learn to do this.