Friday, March 31, 2006

Busy, Busy

It is late and i have a busy day tomorrow, (Ladies Meeting) but I can't sleep.

Three children have runny noses again, two have coughs. Joy and I have had the tummy flu. Mom and Dad's house is supposed to be here next week. We will Skip school and go watch it being set. Our new carpet should be installed in the next week or two. That means essentially moving out of three fourths of the house.

All this and I pick now to completely change how we are doing school from semi-classical to a unit study. I have never been successful with units before. this time it might work. Sigh. I think I need a forty hour DAY.

The social worker said they John couldn't have the children, but the agency is still fighting it. It would mean instant parenthood of two or four children for them. God, You know what is best for those little girls. have Your will.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Sunday fridge and babies

Busy weekend. Nice service. Then after service, D and B brought her mother's (passed away) fridge from her house and switched it with the church's. Her mom's fridge is newer and smaller than the church fridge. their old one is too big and takes too much energy to run. then they loaded up the old one and brought it to my house. It is much bigger than my old one (new one barely fits under the cupboards) and newer too. we paid D and B for her mom's. everyone is better off and happier.

Trying to order new books from Lulu. Grrr. giving me problems with the bulk rate. their pages say one thing but the shopping cart says something different ($2 more per book!) Unacceptable.

I asked mom about my new direction, and she said that though it is a scary thing, it seems to just be the natural progression for me. I agree. Andy is so supportive. I am blessed.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Nourishing Traditions and Cholesterol

Joe read four lessons in McGuffeys yesterday. He likes the novelty of a new book. Only one today because we were already short on time.
Jackie thinks she should be able to do anything the others do. since the playpen got holes in it she has been sitting by me pretending to do the same things everyone else is. Cute!

Need to write but my head won't cooperate. Hard time thinking.

Just reading Nourishing Traditions (still in the intro). Interesting facts on how healthy it is to eat butter. Yes, butter is GOOD for you. it is anti-bacterial and choke full of vitamins. The type of saturated fats in it are easily digested, not easily stored as body fat and is the substance used to build arteries out of. High cholesterol is caused not by eating cholesterol but by eating sugar and trans-fats (man made fats). Not eating Natural cholesterol to lower your blood cholesterol count is like firing your police force in order to lower your crime rate. The body produces cholesterol in order to repair the damage done by sugars and man made fats. Get rid of your sugar and hydrogenated fats and your cholesterol will drop. Hmmm, I may have just started my next Journal article.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Publishing Books

I've been reading the Polly's Birth Book. Fascinating. I highly recommend it to all adults.

A recent article in Backwoods Home Magazine talked about self publishing books. I have submitted a request for a quote. It would be perfect bound this time. Much better. Almost all the others are gone (Yeah!) Unfortunately, I have given so many away for reveiws and such, I don't have the money to buy more:-( God will have to supply somehow.

When an issue begins to bother, repeat itself over and over in my head, i sit down and write about it as if i was writing a letter to someone explaining that issue. I have many of these "articles" posted on my web site. This magazine article has made me think about some of these. If I put all the nutrition ones together i would have a nice little booklet I could publish. The same goes for the Proverbs articles i wrote for our church's journal. Wouldn't take much to get either ready to print. Hmmm. now if only i could find an extra three hours a day or so....

School going good. For once i feel like everyone is learning. Maybe not as much as they could, but they are learning.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Ladies meeting.

We had a very nice Ladies meeting today. The food was too good as usual. Mom's devotion was right on and everyone enjoyed the manners video.

I would love to take a nap but since it is not nap time for the little ones, I can't leave them unsupervised. So sitting at the comp should keep me awake for the hour or so until nap time.

God is mighty in His call and great in His compassion. But I think His sense of humor is just as strong. Just look at an elephant someday.

Friday, March 03, 2006

I am sad. Gee, been saying that a lot lately. Actually I am very happy most of the time more filled with joy than ever before. But life has its sadness.

On the Momys loop, one of the mothers was told she didn't have enough amniotic fluid to sustain the baby. They tried an infusion and several other things. They ended up telling her that there was little hope the baby would make it. That baby is now two weeks old and plenty healthy.

Another mom (not on the loop but qualifies for it) was told the same thing. They decided to do a c-section. some of what little amnio fluid there was got into the mother's blood and she died within minutes. So very sad.

Would she have died if the doctors had left her alone? The baby may or may not have. I don't know. It just seems so sad and somehow pointless. 200 years ago the baby would probably have died but the other four children would still have a mommy.

God, help me understand how modern technology fits into this picture. When should we be thankful for its correction of the curse and when should we avoid it as unnecessary meddling, "the way that seemeth right unto a man but in the end it is destruction"?