Saturday, May 26, 2012

Quick takes friday+1 (Since its Saturday)

I suppose I've resisted long enough. Here goes:

1. hubby hurt his back at work this week. Total accident that couldn't have been prevented. Rope snapped while he was tying down a load. He's been in bed since Wednesday night, basically, though he did go to the dr yesterday and picked up his check.

2. On a good note, his gout of the last two weeks has cleared up. It was either the pound of cherries he ate for lunch or the trauma of the accident. We don't know which.I did find cherry Juice (finally!!!) at the local grocery store, so maybe we can keep those attacks away.

3. Snow. In May. Really? (Not actually unusual here. We have had snow on July 4th before. There is a reason this isn't known as "The Breadbasket of America.")

4. Garden is doing good and doesn't seem affected by the snow. The dc are thrilled:-) I just wish everyone actually had something growing in their beds. Maybe I'll post pictures later in the week.

5. Commenting on Ezra is more interesting than I thought it would be. I'm to chapter 4. (This year instead of reading through the Bible like I have done every year for a decade now, I am spending that time working on my Bible commentaries. I have finished Genesis [available at], and edited my brothers books on Galatians and Ephesian [also at the]. I just finished the pre-captivity minor prophets but haven't come up with a title so i can't upload it and get a proof yet. Any ideas?)

6. Milking: Absolutely beautiful outside. Gorgeous clouds with blue peeking through here and there. everything washed by the rain yesterday. Smells like rain and fireplaces.

6b. Milking: Goofy cow turned up her nose at the hay I put in her trough. Literally. She then charged out the gate (thought I had only opened it enough for me!) and munched at the hay stack while I tried to milk (from the same bale I got what I put in her trough. Go figure)

7. Enjoying the challenge of taking over the grocery shopping. Hubby has done it for more than 20 years (what else do you do when you naturally get up at 5 and no one else in the house does?) But now that it takes an average of 3 baskets a week for our groceries it just makes more sense for the dc and I to do it. I may post more on how I am doing that later.

+1. I guess I have a lot of writing to do this week!

Where I first heard of quick takes Friday:

Have a great weekend!

Monday, May 21, 2012

I do not know everything

neither do I hear everything or see everything. In fact, since atoms are mostly empty and I am made up of atoms, I am mostly empty.

But my God is not.

He know everything, sees everything, hears everything.

So when The Almighty Maker of the Universe thinks something is bad enough to declare it a sin worthy of hell (as all sins are), I am simply not arrogant enough to tell Him He may be wrong!

If the Bible lists something as a sin, then it is. Period.

I don't care if you disagree. Heck, I don't care if I disagree! I am nothing but a miniscule bit of fluff in this universe. If God says it's sin, it's sin.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


If evolution is true, than survival of the fittest is a basic law of nature.

If this is true, than why is rape and murder illegal? Aren't those activities just the fittest making the odds of their genes being passed on the highest?

Why do we have laws protecting people from stupidity? If you are dumb enough to hurl down the freeway at 110 without a seat-belt, aren't you too dumb for your genes to be passed on anyway?

Why do we try to cure disease, protect people from danger, and prolong life? Aren't all those things violations of "survival of the fittest" and thus evolution itself?

If the planet is really overpopulated with humans, why do we have hospitals? Why not just let people die? And there are those safety rules again. Illogical if you really believe there are too many humans.

Of course, we all know in our hearts that evolution is not true, it's really survival of the luckiest, and the God wants us to take care of the weakest among us. That is really the only explanation for our behavior.

Monday, May 07, 2012

Mamas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be "Julia" - HUMAN EVENTS

Mamas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be "Julia" - HUMAN EVENTS

I haven't seen BOs ad/article/story but here's how mine would go:

Jamie is prepared for academics by her own mommy in a loving, safe environment.

She "goes to school" at home with the same mommy who has been teaching her since birth. She is allowed to explore her own areas of interest as well as proceed in her studies of the "core" academics at her own pace. The one on one attention she gets allows that pace to be much faster than "norm."

She gets her college degree at 18 by using online college tutoring programs (i.e. She then chooses to work at a local business as an apprentice.

She meets a nice young man at her church who has the same basic goals in life a she has. They decide to explore the possibility of God wanting them to work together towards those goals.

They grow to love each other and marry.

Soon, a little blessing is on the way. They choose to have Baby born in the same bed he was conceived in. They pay for the midwife with their own cash.

For several years, Jamie spends most of her time caring for the increasing number of little ones. In her spare time she teaches herself how to sew using YouTube videos.

Jamie and her hubby choose an online school for their children. They feel this best meets their needs at this time.

Jamie spends her free time sewing beautiful dresses for her neighbors daughters. She makes a nice supplement to the family income and is totally free to care for her family first.

When the children leave home, Jamie and hubby are free to spend time with grand-kids, work in their church, and because of Jamie's modest income, get Hubby going in his own lawn business.

Both Jamie and her hubby work as long as they are physically able to because they enjoy what they do.

When retirement comes, they live off the money they have put aside for this time. Their children make sure they are taken care of also.

Their medical bills are covered by their savings and their children, but it isn't a big deal because the free market keeps the prices low.

They are buried together in the plots they bought themselves years ago.

This is what things were really like before socialism. Honest.