Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What if the Bible Really Is True? Part II - David Limbaugh - Townhall Conservative

What if the Bible Really Is True? Part II - David Limbaugh - Townhall Conservative

Getting a cow

First we have to get ready.
The work crew is ready.
Joe-11, Jane-3, Jessie-9, Jon-12, Jenn-7, Jackie-6

The Milk Shed is ready.
Our facilities are not fancy, but they do the job.
The water trough is ready.

The chief milker is ready.
Joy is 18 and loves farm animals.
We're ready to make butter.

We're ready to make yogurt.

We're ready to make cheese.

We're especially ready to milk.

And to strain the milk
(it is inevitable that some hair falls in the milk during milking.)

Jiffy is excited.
 ("Cows, my favorite thing! Did you know there's a squirrel in the wood stack? Squirrels are my favorite thing! We're going in to take a nap by the heater? Taking naps by the heater is my favorite thing!")

Susie, not so much.
("Why would I care if we get a cow?")

Velvet is a little scared.

But Betsy is curious.
Satin wouldn't even let me take her picture.

Let's go get a cow!
The Dairy owner, Newell Mills, decided to let me come pick the one I wanted form several candidates.
"Can I come home with you?"

Miss Rosie Dawn gets a new home.
Rosie is nine years old, due to calve in July and has wonderful dairy conformation! One of the hands told me she was the gentlest of the possiblilities.
Our Bonus!
Rosie adopted George (named by my three year old) as her own calf taking care of feeding and protecting him all by herself. She is a good little momma.
Milking time!
I have never met a gentler cow. Some kicking is to be expected in a new situation, but Rosie hasn't kicked once. She also hasn't put her foot in the bucket at all (a common form of entertainment among hand-milked cows).
Strain it well.

Churning butter.
We are getting around three cups of cream per gallon of milk! This is why I love Jerseys.
Washing the milk out of the butter.

Butter's done.

"Do we have enough cream for ice cream yet?."
Jim 15

"You mean I don't have to buy any more milk at the store?"

"A tremendous monster has moved into our home! Save us from the MooMoo!"

Rosie and the chickens are going to take some time to get used to each other.

Thanks to the "Rob, Arnie and Dawn Show" for this blessed Christmas present. She is much loved and will be a great help to our family.

And thank you God for Your provision.

Peppermint- good for digestion, congestion in the chest and sinus, bronchitis, breath freshener, concentration, dandruff, acne, stomache and leg cramps, combined with baking soda makes great toothpasted, oil combined with lavender oil and massaged into temples relieves migraines,

It really does matter where mom is. Did you know that in some parts of Europe they value mothers and their work enough to give them a YEAR  of maternity leave? Now, I don't actually believe the government shoudl tell a business owner how best to treat his employees, but this demonstrates the value they place on children. We Americans don't really like kids at all and certainly don't think they are as important as money.

The 20 worst foods in America

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas! Remember what this day is all about; Jesus came to die for our sins:-)

I am taking the weekend off of the computer. I will be back on the internet on Monday.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Snow Day!

We've had about 5" of snow already today and it's still coming down. The radar map looks like it will continue a while. We had plans to run errands in town today, but my mom just brought the dc all home in her four wheel drive instead (they stay with her most thursday nights). So instead of finishing Christmas shopping I am working on my commentary on Genesis. the house is much more condusive to work now that it is a bit noisy, lol. If you really want to learn the Bible, write a commentary on it. It forces you to concider what each word mans and to really understand it. I am on chapter 43 of my next to last edit. My mom will do the next one (she is better at grammar and spelling than I am) and then I will do the final edit. I am hoping to have it available by the end of January!

I'm basicly a loner. I like the quiet and solitude. But there is just something so wrong about an empty house with no children dancing around. When we were trying to decide if my mom should bring them home and I was trying to do the responsible thing, the thought of facing a full day with just me and the dog here was almost unbearable. I'm glad they are home.

Tiny quarters

I ran across these links to very small houses. I feel an affinity to these people becasue, though my house is 1400", with 10 people living here were are using about the same square footage per person. I see some interesting ideas.

These houses are on wheels due to building codes. Legally a "house" must be no less than, say, 800" (it varies). So by adding wheels, these aren't legally houses, but trailers. They appear to run from $20,000 to $60,000, which isn't much at all. Of course, that doesn't include the land.

Tumbleweed Houses


The Tiny House Blog

Tiny house design

This has so many potintial applications! From third world homes, to emergancy housing (i.e.Katrina, Hati), to young adults just starting out (imagine being able to own your own home when you are 20?), to expansion housing for overcrowded families like ours (except I expect my adult child would miss the rest of us too much to be able to tolerate being in a seperate building.)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Why do people assume....

that if you spend five minutes typing out an opinion on a blog that you are doing nothing else on the issue at hand or any other issue?

For example, one blog I frequent was accused of doing nothing but yelling at people about abortion. They were told to shut up and do something if they cared that much. In fact, the ministers that run that blog are involved in many hands on ministries regarding abortion and crisis pregnancies.

I too, have had people tell me to do something INSTEAD  of talking on here about things. Why can't we do both?

Are You an Older, Godly Woman, or Just Old?

I find this attitude against children everywhere. In fact the only places I don't run into it are the blogs and books written by the "Quiverful" crowd.

I cant' tell you how many women I have seen warn their children that they had better do everything in their power to prevent pregnancy (except abstinence of course) because a baby will ruin their life, and then turn right around when their child gets married and suddenly expect that child to want to give them grandchildren and lots of them. Hello! You're shooting yourself in the foot ladies!

Are You an Older, Godly Woman, or Just Old? |

Merry Christmas!









Merry Christmas from all of us to all of you!

A Libertarian Solution to Evolution Education Controversy: No More Public Schools | Wired Science |

A Libertarian Solution to Evolution Education Controversy: No More Public Schools | Wired Science |

This is so, so,

.....My 12yo will love it.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Some Pictures from the last couple of months

Best Friends

Common Mallow


Hard Worker


Mrs Puffer Fish

Our Favorite Building Block

Our Flock (or most of it)


School day

He's sure a sound sleeper

Princess Susie (blue-cream calico)

Preparing for a cow

The children and I worked outside Monday and today cleaning and geting ready for the cow (it was raining too much yesterday). All that's left is one gate to fix, cleaning the shed and picking up a bit of blown-in trash in front and around the porch. It's a lot of work and I thank my children for being such willing workers. Oh, and we still need to haul some trash off but the roads are too muddy (the dump is on a dirt road.)

Plans for the rest of the day: finish my Christmas letter, address the envelopes, sign all the cards, make my email cards up and mail them, clean house and make an enchilada for supper. If I have time I will work on my Genesis commentary.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dangerous Spin Doctors: 7 Steps to Protect Yourself from Deception

Dangerous Spin Doctors: 7 Steps to Protect Yourself from Deception

Not a bit surprising when you know that Doctors learn their trade at schools built by big Pharm donations

The FDA is peopled by the doctors taught at these schools

The FDA gets its money from the fees these companies pay to have drugs approved

Most FDA employees either used to work for big Pharm or go to work for them after their time with the FDA

Our system is simply set up for profits, not healing (healthy people don't need drugs so why would big Pharm want to heal anyone?)

Scary and frustrating.  :-(

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Answers to Questions

If a "tolerant" person can't tolerate intolerence are they still a tolerant person?

The way the word "tolerence" is used today, it stands for people who believe homosexuality, adultry, abortion, feminism and any other liberal ideology is ok, but believing children really need parents involved in their lives, that killing unborn babies is bad, that we should control ourselves sexually, and loving someone enough to want to save them from hell is "intolerent." So the "tolerence" crowd has actually changed the meaning of the word "tolerence" to mean "atheistic hedonism." So under the new definition of the word you can be intolerent of different points of view and still be "tolerent." Under the old definition, no, you aren't still tolerent if you believe all true Christians are evil.

Can it be right that there is no right and wrong?

If there is no right and wrong, the very statement "there is no right and wrong" can not possibly right. If it were, than that statement would be a "right thing" something the very statement disallows.

Can it be true that there is no truth?

No, it can't be true if there is no truth for the same reasons mentioned above. This statement is also logical nonsense. It's an impossible circle.

Can we be absolutly sure there are no absolutes?


This is much like if I were to say, "The next sentence I write is a lie. I am telling a lie." To quote Normon from "I Mudd" in the origional Star Trek series. "He says he is lying, but everything he says is a lie so he must be telling the truth but everything he says is lie so he can't be telling the truth. But if he says he is lying and everything he says is a lie than he must be telling the the truth. But..."

Christians, of course, have no such logic problems.

We don't merely "tolerate" people; we love them and treat them the way we want to be treated. This includes pointing the way to heaven and warning them about hell just as we would want if the shoes were on the other feet.

It is right that there IS right and wrong. No logic problems with that statement.
It is true that there IS truth. In fact our Jesus IS the Truth!
God gives us absolutes in the Bible, so of course there are absolutes.

Can an atheist know there is no God becasue there is evil in the world?

If there is no God, where did the very idea of evil come from? In other words, if atheism and evolution are true, than what Hitler did was only survival of the fittest, simply a law of nature. Yet, every one of us knows what Hitler did was evil. This very knowledge is proof that God wrote the laws of "Good and Evil" on our very souls, absolute proof that there is a God. Thus the atheist's objection that there can't be a God because there is evil in the world is in fact the very proof that there is a God.

Friday, December 10, 2010


If a "tolerant" person can't tolerate intolerence are they still a tolerant


Can it be right that there is no right and wrong?

Can it be true that there is no truth?

Can we be absolutly sure there are no absolutes?

Can an atheist know there is no God becasue there is evil in the world?

Don't answer these with doctrine or Bible. Answer them with plain ole' logic and

common sense.

I'm getting a cow!

A local radio station offers to grant 27 unusual wishes each year. My Hubby listens to them regularly and had me ask them for a cow. They called this morning and live, on the air, told me we are getting a cow!

She'll be a Jersey from the same farm we bought our Buttercup from.

We also get three tons of hay!

Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again. Luke 6:38

We don't have a lot of money to give, but what we do have we give eagarly and joyfully. God is Soooo good!!!!

Thursday, December 09, 2010

True Education Reform: Get rid of the schools.

High School is obsolete

Very interesting article, but it fails in the same way today's schools fail; it forces all children into the same mold and requirements for education. Just as today's system works for a few, his proposed system would work for a few (though, I would expect more than today's system).

This is what we need to do:

  • Remove all compulsory attendance laws. No parent will ever be required to send their child to any school at any time. This puts education totally in control of the ones who know the child best, the parents. It will no longer be anyone else's business.
  • Pass one simple law that states, "All parents and guardians must provide an education sufficient for their child to learn to read by the age of twenty." If you can read, you can learn anything you need to. Twenty is the age of accountability in the Bible. Anyone who violates this law will be severely punished (but not until their child is twenty because everyone learns at different paces and not everyone is ready to read at five-and-a-half!)
What would happen (after the initial chaos of adjustment) is a whole new system of education would emerge. It would consist of computer, Internet, correspondence, seminars, and a few traditional classes. There would probably be a number of educational options that we haven't even dreamed of yet because traditional (ancient-style) schooling gets in our way.

Most parents would probably use a combination of methods (a computer program for math, a tutor from England over the Internet for Writing, correspondence course for science, seminars for art and music, an Internet forum run by an Egyptologist for history, etc). Really, with the ability to talk live (chat rooms, etc) for free to anyone on the planet, it is ridiculous that we jail children in classrooms all day. Why not let them talk to the actual archaeologists, scientists, writers, etc that are running our world today? Why make them accept some little teacher who has never done anything in her life but go to school?

Of course there will be a few who fall through the cracks, but I would expect it to be far fewer than who fall today. Today, if you are not the kind of person who just like to sit and be bossed around, you will not achieve your potential.

It's time we come out of the method of education used in ancient history. It is time we allowed children to be free.

Monday, December 06, 2010

What happens to babies when they die?

What happens to babies when they die? What about miscarriages? Toddlers? Do they go to hell or heaven or just cease to exist?

First of all, life begins at conception. There is no other logical, scientifically valid time to declare life to begin. All other moments of “becoming human” are based on arbitrary events and human emotions. This means that a baby who dies even very early in a pregnancy is every bit as much human as you and I are.

“The fathers shall not be put to death for the children, neither shall the children be put to death for the fathers: every man shall be put to death for his own sin.” Deuteronomy 24:16

Though we all have the nature to sin, God does not punish us for other’s sins. He does not punish our babies for our sins. He will only punish a child for his own sins.

So the question is, what sins can an unborn child commit? How about an infant? Can a toddler sin?
Though there are many sins, they can all be summed up in James 14:17:
“Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.”

A small child or a baby (born or not) does not yet know how to do good. He has not yet learned enough to know righteousness. He has not yet rejected God. Yes, a small child can rebel and be selfish but:

“30And the times of this ignorance (sinning such as idol worship) God winked at (looked the other way, ignored); …” Acts 17:30 and

“The Lord is …not willing that any should perish.” 2 Peter 3:9

God looks the other way when a human does not know what is right and what is wrong but when they learn right from wrong He will no longer ignore their sin. They will be punished for them. Paul tells us:

“For the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:” Romans 1:20

Those mature enough to see God’s handiwork in the stars and mountains, the rivers, flowers, desert cactus and the wind have no excuse to not know about God.

But a small child does not “see” these things. He simply doesn’t understand yet.

For this reason, I believe that Christ’s blood covers our little ones.

“The blood of Jesus Christ … cleanseth us from all sin.” 1 John 1:7

His salvation extends to them. We will see our babies in heaven; we will see them dancing with Jesus.
“Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 18:3

“… I shall go to him, but he shall not return to me.” David speaking of his dead child.
2 Samuel 12:23

“Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God.” Mark 10:14

Only children and the child-like will enter heaven.

At what age does a child become accountable?
The Bible certainly doesn’t give us an age, but God only held those Israelites over the age of 20 accountable for the sins of the nation:

“29Your carcases shall fall in this wilderness; and all that were numbered of you, according to your whole number, from twenty years old and upward which have murmured against me.” Numbers 14:29

Since Israelites counted children in their first year as “one year olds” this means God punished everyone we would call 20 and up and preserved those 19 and under. He also commanded a different tax for those of adult age than those in their educational years. (Leviticus 27:3)

It appears that God considers someone old enough to take responsibility when they reach the age of (what we call) nineteen.

Does this mean that an eighteen year old who dies goes to heaven?

I am confident that the unborn to small children who die are in the arms of God. It is possible that He holds each person accountable when they reach the age to understand right from wrong, which would range from four to nineteen. I do know He honors prayers and vows made by knowledgeable children (I promised to serve Him for the rest of my life at four and know He accepted that promise. He granted my hearts plea at twelve and has brought it to pass.) Or He may not hold anyone accountable until nineteen. This I do know: God is love, God is mercy, God is justice.

“Nevertheless the foundation of God standeth sure, having this seal, The Lord knoweth them that are His. And, let every one that nameth the name of Christ depart from iniquity.” 2 Timothy 2:19

Assembly Lines or Customizing

Assembly lines and time management were invented at the beginning of the 1900's. Before this time everything was made individually. Everything was custome made. Now this was very time consuming, but allowed for personalization.

In many ways, this was a good societal move. However our culture decided that if assembly lines were good for cars they must be good for education, too. Thus the invention of public schools. This gave complete control to the government over what was taught to who, standardized the content and presentation of information, and "freed" women to join the workforce.

We also decided that if time management is good for factories, than it is good for childbirth.

In fact, we came to believe that every area of our lives could be improved by the factory method.

In so doing we have lost all that is individual.

Honestly, education in this country would skyrocket if every parent sought for the best education for their child. If they would sacrafice to provide what was necessary for that individual child to succeed. This would be the diference between custom home and a mobile home.

Birth is best left to the individual body to decide. On size does NOT fit all. Just becasue, for example, more large ladies need c-sections doesn't mean that all large ladies shoucl have c-section.

Just because some parents won't provide for their children doesn't mean that all parents should be subjected to social services visits.

Just because some men are batterers doesn't mean all men should have their hands tied behind their backs.

Let's begin to treat each other as unique master pieces of God, the Master Artist, instead of like Fords.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Just a family: The art of being beautiful

Just a family: The art of being beautiful

What is Abuse? I believe true abuse shuold be punished with the "eye for eye" law God gave to governments. If a man beats a woman, he should be beat, etc. But our society overuses the term thus diluting its value and deminishing the severity of the charge. This article gives some guidlines to follow.  

Should “She, Obey Him?”

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Thanksgiving Taste Test

Every year my huby buys my mom a bunch of stuff to taste-test for her birthday (which is very near Thanksgiving so we jsut do it then when the whole family can be in on it.) This year we tasted;

(Players are my mom, my hubby Andy, my oldest Joy, My second Jim, my brother John, and our adopted-at-50 brother Ron. The other children were there tasting too but they didn't usually commit. My dad is smart enough to not even try. My mom, John and Ron are unflapable. The hotte the better and the nastiest stuff can be used for something.)

Kachai in Brine- "You have to be real hungry to eat that." Ron

Baja Chipolte (cooked on riblets)- "That's good, yah that's really good." (Everyone liked it.)

"the Korean (BBQ) is good." Andy
"Oh a little coach roach a little finger" Andy

"Stay away from the roots!" Ron (Everyone hated the roots!)

Cascade Salsa- "Mmmmm good!"

"The Eel Sauce is good." Mom.

Bro Bru Bru's African Hot Sauce- "Taste isn't all that great"
"In African dirty it would be good"- John (I must have missed a word or too when I was writting this down.)
"That's Nasty!"- Joy
"That's pretty good."- Sharon (a visiting friend who arrived late)

Fire Roasted Tomato Sauce- "Unimpressive. No flavor" -Andy
"Mmmm, not bad."- John
"I like the roasted flavor" -Ron

Sals Hui- "This is so wimpy" -Mom
"Red Chili and water. It's got an after burn." - John

Taquila Salsa Hot- "Doesn't smell hot. I don't like it." -Mom
"I agree." -Andy
"That one doesn't taste good." -Joy

Kikoman Steak Sauce- "Flavor's good but too sweet for steak sauce. It would be good on chicken." -John
"Good. Very mild." -Mom

Portabello slather- "Nah, anything with slather in the name I'm not into." -Andy

Salsa Habenero- "You're not going to like that one." -Mom

Ponzu Citrus Season- "Is it good?"
"No. Needs some kind of dead animal." -Andy
"Like a really good lemon malt vinegar. Really great on fish and chips." John

Pancer Makhauwla mix with cottage cheese- "Top Romaen seasoning" -Joy

Kwong Atway Garlic Sauce- "Goooo (pant) stuhhhh!. Hotest we've had. Lets just say I won't taste the rest" -Mom (For those who don't know my mom, she likes ANYTHING and NOTHING is EVER too hot for her.)
"Kind of salty vinegary and then it bites you" -Ron (while sweating profusly and making faces.)

Peanut Flavored Sauce- "Not bad" -Mom
"Yuck. It's not good." -Andy
"Sugar Free reeces peanut butter cup" -Joy
"That's good." -John
"Uh huh" -Ron

Twist and Shout- "I don't like that one. It has a bad after taste." -Mom
"I'll second that." -Jim
"That's pretty hot." -John

Teka Masilla- "I like that one." -Mom
"that's really good." -Ron (who is still sweating from the garlic sauce above.)

The Pepper Plant- "It promises a lot but then just leaves you flat." -Mom
"Big vinegar after burn/taste." -John

Dragonfly BBQ sauce- "Fishy" -Mom
"Oooo, that's Nasty! Straight pepper without the hot." -Joy
"Tastes like bait smells." -Ron

Peach Salsa- "Way too sweet" -Andy
"Would go good on ice cream." -Joy

Lintle chips- "not bad." -Mom
"This is edible" -Joy
"I like those" -Jim

Jafrizzle Simma sauce- "Not bad" -Mom
"Not good, but not bad." -Andy
"an aquierd taste." -Ron

? (the entire lable was in chinese. We have no idea what it was!)- "No commit. Let's just say it's not my favorite." -Mom
"What is that. It can only hurt you for a minute or two." -Ron

Lime pickle relish- "oooooo" -Joy who didn't taste it. Just smelled it.
Mom spit it out! I've never seen her actually spit anything out before!
"Taste like Pine Sol smells!" -Ron

Chinese 5 Spice (with seven spices on the ingredints list)- "Smells good. Cinnamon and licorice" -Andy
"Licorice chips." -Ron

Purple Yam Candy- "Yuck!" -Jim
"Oooo." in a good way -Joy
"I like it." -Mom
"The aftertaste is best." -Betty Sue

The scary thing is that my mom will find a way to use all these for our Sunday dinners over the next year!

I Need Your Help

I want to write a book of birth stories. I have eight of my own to contribute, but that is not nearly enough!

I would love for everyone to send me their stories; good and bad, home and hospital, mom and dad both!

Please send them to

Thank you so much for your help! I look forward to reading them.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010


We're all sick. Well, not the slightly ADD 12yo, the 6yo, and the 3yo. Guess they get to take care of us. Heaven help us!