Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I Sold one of my books! Yeah!!! Also, my cousin in Mississippi has decided to homeschool. I have thought for a long time she would really enjoy it.

Some editing is done on my site. It is looking better. Need to work on the church site tomorrow.

I kissed Jacky (1.5) on the cheek today. She said "Yuck!" Then laughed. Silly kid

Monday, February 27, 2006

February 27

The funeral was very nice.

Everyone seems to be over the colds. YEAHHH!

We will take this week off of school. Six weeks on and one off! We went today and fixed Leigh's washer. Then put knobs on the cupboards in the church. Hoping to get a lot of work done on my web site tomorrow.
Finished Pocketfull of Pinecones. Very nice story and I finally think I know how to do the Charolette Mason Science. I will read the book to the children as a way to introduce the whole idea to them.

We are so blessed! God is sending people to our church who are actually workers! Most people just make suggestions and expect us to do everything. Then they get upset if we don't do what they say and leave. These people, though, just pitch right in and do whatever needs to be done. Praise the Lord.

I think I will write a poem about God's call. I won't post it until I am ready to share with everyone His directions in my life.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Pocket Full of Pinecones, the Thinking Toolbox,

I am reading "The Thinking Toolbox" to the children in school. Very good. I highly recommend either (or both) Bluedorn boys' books (the other one is "Fallacy Detective") to anyone who wants to be a thinking adult.This book has pointed out to me what is wrong with some of my articles on my web page. I will have to fix that.

I am reading "Pocket full of Pinecones." in my private reading. Good story and guide book on how to do nature journals.

kids are on edge. I think they are coming down with colds. either that or it is them feeling me being off because i haven't been sleeping well. Head is too busy, I guess. Jacky sang her way through school today. They are all outside enjoying a warm spell. I have 15 minutes until I have to call them back in to finish school. I wish I could let them stay out longer. It is so beautiful out. Washer still broke. I have to fill it with a hose. this means only I can do the laundry. really messes up the chores


I am writing this as a way to keep track of my day to day happenings. I hope to meet some new people through this also.

As to who I am, I have been married to my highschool sweetheart for twenty years now. I am more in love every day. God has surely blessed me with this man.

I have seven beautiful children. My oldest is 14 and my youngest 1.5. I have three boys and four girls and would not object ot having more. But then again, I would not object to not having more either. At this point of life, I am content either way.

I am a firm believer in homeschooling. Simply put, NO ONE can love my children as much as I can and NO ONE can give them a better education.

Oh, someone else could probably pound more pure facts into their skulls, but life isn't about facts. It is about relationships. NO ONE can teach them this as well as I can. (By the way, academics ARE important too. My 14yo reads at a near college level, and my 8yo leads the reading in church from a King James Bible with the 10yo right between them. My 6yo reads at around 2nd grade level and my 4yo is fast gaining on 1st grade. If a child can read, they can learn anything.)

I love animals and want to be a farmer when I grow up (in heaven?) In the mean time, God has place a very different call on my life that I am not reall ready to go public with yet.