Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Not as quiet as it seems

I have been very quiet around here because I have been working at other places.

The number on place, has been my church's internet stuff;
  • Several books read to give me guidance for what I need to do.
  • Website refreshed and updated
  • Facebook page changed to look more like the website for a more unified experience/branding (this included me learning to screen shot for the first time:)
  • Mobile site actually made readable with full access to all articles (this required three days of agonizing searching for the right CSS and HTML just to make the title black instead of white!) 
  • Google page now matches (more or less. It is giving me a bit of trouble over the cover photo.)
  • Updating our visitor's pack. Something about every page having either my mom's name or phone number or both! Since she has been gone more than a year now, that really won't work :-P Besides, it all needed an updated, unified look.
  • Flyers for the church to hand out at community events.
  • A new flyer for new believers :-)
So if you are interested,

Bread Of Life CF .com

Another big project I have begun to work on is putting my books up on blogs. You don't know it but I actually have ten or so blogs, not that any of them actually ever get written on. I write here more than anywhere else, other than Facebook which I am taking a break from right now.

However, recently I felt the need to write a series of articles on grocery budgets. That is available at 
My book on Proverbs 31 and Titus 2 will be here someday, hopefully soon.

And my first book, Homeschool: Why What How, I hope to have completely up today at

The only thing really delaying these projects is a newly discovered site on homeschooling, distracting me all over the place. :-D

So, I am sorry for the neglect, but it may go on for a while yet. I actually have 9 books written and it will take a while to get them all up. This is, however, what I feel I need to do, since this makes my books;
  1. Available to all
  2. Easily updatable (you would not believe how outdated a ten year old book on homeschooling is!)
(Oh, and should I add in a couple of rounds of colds and another failed camping trip? We're about to give up on that one :-( Plus my oldest son got a job! Yeah! and I have another taking his driving test soon. Little one (4yo) is wanting to read, so we are working on that a bit, too. All in all life is chugging along, just not writing about it.)