Tuesday, January 31, 2017

quick note

I am aware I have comments to get to. I will get there by the end of the week.

The flu that has been going around my family finally hit me and I've been down. Plus I finally had to admit my online address book simply wasn't working right and I needed to changer. Research told me the best option for me would be Google Contacts. However, I don't like my gmail addy. So between flu induced naps I have set up a new google account and am elbow deep in the process of changing all four of my emails to that one account.

This would go faster If I hadn't been notified yesterday that the host for our church's email is going bankrupt :-( So, I am changing their email too with all the work that entails.

And its tax time. Receipts must be out today.

School started back last week.

And my next Lilla Rose newsletter is due out by tomorrow.

So, I apologize for being slow over here. You all are neglected, not forgotten.