Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It has come to my attention that some people have more than one computer (counting smart phones as comuters, esecially) while others don't have any. This is simly not fair. No one needs more than one computer. In fact, no one needs more than one per household.

So I purpose that we confiscate all comuters/smartphones over the maximum allowed "one per house" until everyone has a computer.

Who's with me? who will join me in protests to bring this about?

No one? Why not? Because those computers belong to the people who bought them? And we have no right to take them away?

Let me ask you. why would computers be any different than money? Aren't they both the property of the owner? Wouldn't taking either one away be stealing?

Yet an increasing number of people in our country think it is ok to take away someones property (money) just because they have more than others do (well, its ok if they are business men that employee people. No one seems to care that movie and sports stars make ten or more times as much for playing games and pretending. They aren't clammering to take their property away.)

This is stealing.

Oh I don't "support" those who were unethical then got bailouts. But hello people! It was our politicians who set up the system that allowed them to do the cheating in the first place (no it wasn't the "free market" that allowed it. It was the rules and programs put in place by the government restricting the free market) and the politicians who gave them the bailout. When the bankes asked for it, Congress should have laughed in their face instead of geting out their checkbook.

If you are going to march and complain about someone, Go to DC, not Wall Street. They're the ones at fault.

(Oh, and just in the interest of full disclosure, we have four computers in our home and none are even smart phones)

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