Wednesday, November 12, 2014

today's distraction

Ok, today's distraction: a major e-school company has announced that they are taking video samples from experienced homeschool moms to expand their school to cover k-12 instead of just 6-12. This has been stewing in the back of my head for days now, since their announcement.

Yesterday I decided I needed some sort of video to teach beginning phonics to Josh during his "computer school turn" (currently occupied by Sesame Street's 123 count with me video). Couldn't find anything I really liked. So started to make my own but had a computer glitch and lost it.

In the course of discussing it with my kiddos, Jim suggested I could draw my own pictures (freeing me from copy-write constraints) or assign them to draw the pictures, take photos of them and use them in PowerPoint (program I am already familiar with).

The more I stew the more I can see videos for a multitude of subjects; an entire school!

So, because re writing several of my books due to new date information I've run across, trying to finish reading the Bible for the year, teaching, keeping house, cooking everything from scratch (BIG difference in our allergies!), making my own cleaners (ditto the allergies!), isn't enough. Now I need to add making videos to the mix.

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