Saturday, January 16, 2016

Holiday and such business

first and most importantly...

Congratulations to my Dad and his new wife Linda!

I wish you a long and happy life together:-)

Nice, quiet Christmas, Hubby took the next week off work and kept us busy ("The Force Awakens" with 11 people :-) Even my 4yo loved it.)

We had the memorial service for our founding member that passed away just before Thanksgiving. On the way there, we received a phone call telling us one of my husband's nephews had been killed in a climbing accident. 

Then the prep to send dad off to get married (she lived out of state). An emergency came up and he needed to leave early to help her back east. 

Leading Bible study while Dad's gone, since Hubby works such long hours. That was fun:-) 

Spent some time with my nephew who help move stuff here from Aunt....uhhh.... Ma....uhhh....sigh....Linda's house. (My dad's new wife is my mom's brother's widow.)

And then yesterday an episode that I'm still not sure about. Bad palpitations. Even called an ambulance and spent some time in the ER. They sent me home with instructions to call a specialist Monday. We'll see what happens there :-(

And we start school back after Christmas break tomorrow.

So busy stuff going on around here :-)


  1. Oh boy! Congrats to your dad, and I hope you got a clean bill of health from the specialist. - David

  2. Thank you.
    No pain or shortness of breath. My heart just decided it was time to run a marathon whether the rest of me came along or not. 230 beats per minute at one point. My research says it might be a mineral deficiency. I'll see the doctor this week.

  3. Yikes! 230 bpm must've felt like you had a little hummingbird in there going flapflapflapflapflap. Uh, but less adorable. Fingers crossed that the dr's visit goes well!

  4. Thank you:-)


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