Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Let's see,

Thursday Hubby bought a piano at a thrift store for me and brought it home.

Friday lunch with Dad and Mom Linda.

Saturday a long drive up to Tahoe. Enjoyed watching people trying to get up the embankment so they could play in the snow. Then a fun climb around the rocks by the lake.

Lunch, then home to meet the friends who wanted my old piano. It has some broken strings, is out of tune, and needs cleaning. He is a professional piano repairman and their homeschooled daughter wants to learn the trade. My old piano will be ideal for this job! So glad it went to a good home instead of having to be hauled to the dump.

Nice service Sunday.

Yesterday the older boys and I halped a friend pack up and get ready to move back east today. She has lived in this house for 27 years, so there was a good deal to deal with. She sold the house to her grandson, so we didn't have to clear the whole thing out, but it was quite a job to get her belongings ready to go. My phone app says I walked 10,000 steps and I only wore it at her house.

So, things are quiet here in blog land, but not here at home.

Been taking some time off writing to decide what direction I want to go, too.

I know this kind of post isn't what makes a successful blog, but at the moment I don't care. doing my own thing.

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