Friday, December 30, 2016

Post Holidays:

Let's see, I had major dental work done the Wednesday before Christmas, so have been pretty out of it since. Doing better.

Chrsitmas itself was very nice. Our church's program was one of the best ever. Very informal and family oriented.

Dad is now walking without his walker most of the time. He even crawled under a pickup a few days ago. Yeah!

Been thinking on the decluttering again. It is so hard to find the balance between having the house clear enough we can think and having all the supplies we need for all of our projects.

To make it harder, I have found a curriculum guide that will help me get away from the textbook type of homeschooling (which is boring and inefficient being designed for classrooms). This curriculum is so new, the author has committed to getting two year's worth out every year. Right now you can buy two years or preorder two other years (each "year" covers all grades and 6 sections of history: 3 US, 3 world).

What hurts the housekeeping is that without textbooks you need a larger volume of books on hand; better books than texts ever dreamed of being, but more of them. Plus, this guide calls for more art and crafts (something dear to my heart anyway) and schedules them in for you. BUT you have to have art and craft supplies on hand in order to do arts and crafts. Sigh. Where?

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