Monday, May 08, 2017

The Tapestry

There was once a woman who had a dream. She was sitting in Heaven and everyone would take turns holding up a tapestry woven from the threads of their lives. So many beautiful tapestries!

When her turn came, she told the leading angel to skip her. You see, her tapestry was full of holes. She had been so busy all her life caring for her husband and children, sick neighbors, and so on, she never had the chance to do the things that had created the beautiful threads in the other cloths around her; the programs, events, and ministries.

The Angel smiled and said "Oh, Dear, you are so mistaken! Your's is the most beautiful tapestry in the room!"

Puzzled she held her's up. Everyone gasped with astonishment and wonder!

You see, all those missing threads, all those holes caused by her caring for others, formed a perfect picture of the face of Jesus.

We don't know why things happen in our lives. We can't see the tapestry God is weaving in us. Yes, life is hard. Sometimes, unbearably so.

But we need only turn to God and cry out to Him. Praise Him inspite of the troubles. He WILL help us.

He promised.

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