Saturday, December 22, 2018

Picture the life you want, then remove everything that isn't in the picture.
When Stillness Calls Loudest—How to Minimize Noise

Christmas is the time to honor Jesus for coming to us to bring salvation. 

How does your season honor Him?

Or is it too full of stuff-and-junk to see the manger?

Exercise Is ADHD Medication
So, essentially, ADHD is "making little boys sit still and be quiet like little girls." Yes, I know girls have it too. I have a lot of symptoms of it myself. But its not like any of us in America get enough movement in our lives. And boys are affected by ADHD in far higher numbers. We need to quit acting like there is no biological difference between boys and girls and treat them how they need to be treated.
I have often suspected that God prefers homeschooling more for the parents benefit than the child's.

When Stillness Calls Loudest—MInimizing Noise

Illness is getting better. Hope we are well by Christmas. 

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