Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Who invented birth?

Is it some neat new technology that man has come up with in the last century? It sure sounds like it when you talk to most people. You would think anyone who tried to give birth before 1900 died.

The fact is that birth was God’s idea. He designed our bodies to bare babies. He did not make mistakes in that design. Most of the time birth will go just fine without any modern intervention at all; just the same skills midwives have used throughout history. Yes, occasionally The Fall comes into play and there are problems. But it is rare. Most problems we see today are actually CAUSED by technology. Man keeps messing with perfectly functioning bodies and it messes things up.

The US has the best emergency care system in the world and spends more on pre-natal care per birth than anyone else so of course the safest place to give birth is….

Sweden (followed closely by Japan). The US is the 28th safest country in the world. The only factor that all the safer countries have in common is that they all use midwives and home birth more than we do. The more a country uses midwives the safer they are statistically (Sweden and Japan have 80% midwife births and 50% homebirths).

The doctor’s track record.
Mid 1800’s- “We don’t believe in that silly superstitious stuff. “Wash your hands between patients”- huh- what none-sense! Yes, all the women in my maternity ward died (in the order I examined them after doing that autopsy), but we all know that birth is inherently dangerous.” (First of all, this is when the idea of birth being dangerous began in the first place, because half all women who birthed in a hospital did die. However, midwives of the time only lost one in every few thousand moms.)

Early 1900’s- “Let’s x-ray every pregnant woman that comes through. Hmmm, wonder why our leukemia rate has sky rocketed.”

“Morning sickness? This new wonder drug will stop it in a heart beat. Of course in a year or so we will conclude this is the cause of so many babies suddenly being born without arms or legs.”

“Going to miscarry? DEHA will stop that! Of course your baby girls will be born with two uteri and will be infertile.”

“We shave every woman who comes through here to give birth in order to prevent infection!” Seems God put that hair there for a reason. Shaving causes HIGHER infection rates.

“God didn’t make the opening to the birth canal big enough so we will do an episiotomy (incision in the muscle surrounding the opening of the birth canal) on every woman.” The biggest cause of death in America in relation to birth for the last fifty or more years is infection of the episiotomy. Even today, 9 in 10 hospital births have one. 1 in 10 midwife assisted home births do. You can’t die from complications to a procedure that is never preformed. And even when you don’t die, the episiotomy is very painful, sometimes for the rest of a woman’s life.

“Babies should be routinely be kept away from mom for 24 hours to insure they are ok and don’t catch infections….. Oh….. They are catching infections and DIEING in the nursery. Opps.”

“Feed your baby scientifically created and approved formulas. Much better than that primitive breast milk.” Today we know that formula causes obesity, diabetes, tooth decay, tooth misalignment, colds, ear infections, lower IQs, and crib death.

“Feed baby on a strict four hour schedule.” Babies died of malnutrition.

“Come to the safe hospital to have your baby.” Hospitals are one of the most germ ridden places in the world. They are where sick people go. Home births have repeatedly been shown to have far fewer infections. Not only are there fewer germs, but you are already immune to the ones that are there.

Common procedures done today- 80% of women have induction drugs (seems God forgot to tell the body when it is supposed to go into labor.) Induction drugs cause uterine rupture, extreme pain, prematurity, and fetal distress. In fact, because of the rise in uterine ruptures, many hospitals no longer allow VBACs (vaginal birth after cesarean section). What is causing the ruptures? Cytotec (an ulcer medication) is being used to induce labor and is so powerful it is blowing uteri apart! Do they out law the use of Cytotec? Oh no! They quit allowing women to have natural births.)

Epidural (over 50% of women)- injected into the spine. It numbs a woman from knees to belly button. Associated with higher rates of fetal distress, forceps deliveries, and c-sections. In fact all pain killers are associated with increased rates of fetal distress and post birth lethargy.

Denial of food- done in case the woman needs a c-section. There is a danger of aspirating vomit if general anesthesia is used (which it seldom is anymore). Causes weakness and exhaustion in mommy and breathing and blood sugar problems in baby.

Vaginal exams- done to check progress. Each examine introduces more germs into that woman’s body. Besides, they HURT when you are in labor! How much fun; total strangers coming in and sticking their hands up in you every hour.

Labor “progress” standards- a set of guide lines laying how long a woman should take in each stage. Unfortunately, many woman take longer than the standard, making doctors and hospital administrators nervous. The result is that if you take “too long” you will be given induction drugs or c-sectioned to cover the hospital and doctor in case of a law suit.

C-section- one out of every three women will have one. The world health organization says the ideal number is about 5%. More than that is too much. Most c-sections are done for the doctor’s convenience, to cover him or the hospital in case of a law suit, or to fix complications caused by interventions (such as induction drugs causing fetal distress.) Can result in hemorrhage, perforated bowls, perforated bladder, hysterectomy, future miscarriages, infertility, infection for mom and lacerations, respiratory distress, infection for babies. C-section is major, abdominal surgery with all the potential complications of any other major surgery.

Did you know that America has the most considerate babies in the world? While most babies are born evenly spaced around the clock and the week, 80% of American babies are born 9-5, Monday through Friday.

Fear can cause labor to stall or even reverse. American hospitals make no effort to make sure those caring for mama are especially pleasant and happy. In fact, just going to the hospital can cause labor to stall.

While homebirth and midwives are not for those in the highest risk categories, there is no reason 90% of women shouldn’t have homebirths with a midwife in attendance. This includes first time mommies.

More babies prefer home.

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