Monday, March 01, 2010

When did it become a sin to earn a profit?

I don’t see that in my Bible among the lists of sins (Ephesians, Galatians, Exodus).

Greed IS a sin, yes. But earning an honest profit is not. In fact, the ability to earn a profit makes capitalism the most overall compassionate system possible.

That’s right; capitalism is compassionate.

If you see a need in a capitalist society, and come up with a way to meet that need, you get rewarded. Walmart did not become the third biggest economy in the world by being greedy or cruel. They became rich by offering my husband and I and a whole lot of other people food for half of what it would cost us in a regular grocery store. They offer cheap food, we choose to buy there instead of at a more expensive place, they get the reward of our money. Pretty simple, really.

Economists tell us that a profit of as much as 20% will encourage more people to invest in a certain area (thus causing competition and lowering prices, meeting even more people’s needs).

Now lets look at some of the “evil” businesses our socialist media have vilified:
Big oil makes a whole 3% profit a year (yes this is billions of dollars, but it is still a very small amount of money comparatively and most of that money goes to stockholders; in other words, any Workingman with a retirement account.)
Big Pharm (an industry I don’t like for various other reasons) makes about the same amount of profit. They would not bother to develope new drugs if they couldn't make some profit. You don't see new meds coming out of profit-less, socialist Europe for a reason.

In fact, you will find if you do the research that most of the business that are portrayed as evil make very tiny profits (comparatively) most of which goes to stockholders.

The truth is that if you look at the history of our media over the last sixty years or so you will see them taking on one industry after another on either environmental or supposed greed issues, starting with those industries that were doing the best jobs to make people independent enough to not need government help (lumber, ranching, oil, cars, banking, etc.)

This has been a systematic attack on our freedom.

If I exchange my labor (whether physical or mental) for money, I should have the right to do what I want with that money. Can we all agree with that?

If I give the government the power to tell someone else what to do with their money, I am giving them the power to tell me what to do with mine.

It doesn’t matter if that person is my elderly neighbor lady or the CEO of Exxon, the principle is the same; if it is wrong for the government to tell me what to do, it is wrong for them to tell Bill Gates what to do. By protecting his freedoms, I protect my own.

And it is this capitalist system that has created a country where our poorest citizens are rich enough to be fat and have exploding closets and storage units.

Meeting needs should be rewarded. Riches freed from government control create more riches. Wealth is not finite. Gates being rich in no way prevents me from being rich. There is enough for us all to be wealthy. The best way to achieve that universal wealth is to allow everyone to be rewarded for meeting the needs they see around them.

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