Friday, September 05, 2014

Hash it up- a recipe

Our family focuses on nutrition as much as possible, but cost limits a great deal of our choices. GMO free, organic, grassfed simply is not an option around here, even though I believe they would be better for us.

However, with what I can afford We have come up with some interesting recipes in quantities that will feed us and taste good enough to fill the tummies.

This is one of our favorites, and it never really comes out the same twice.

Hubby's Hash
Potatoes (when Hubby fixes it he buys frozen hashed potatoes. When the kids or I make it we just cut up whole taters into bite size pieces and fry them. However many it takes to fill our biggest skillet 2/3 full. 5lb?).

Eggs (from our own hens in the backyard. 1-2 dozen. We can't afford organic feed for them, but they free range nearly every day and eat little food when they do because of the grass, weeds, seeds and bugs they find. Their feed costs us between $2-3 a dozen eggs, more than we would pay in the store but less than "Farm Fresh, Free Range" would cost to buy.)

Sausage (sometimes. Couple pounds. Sometimes not. Depends on the mood of the cook and what's on hand)

Bag of frozen veggies (1lb. Hubby prefers peas. I prefer diced veggies with peas, carrots, and whatever in it. Sometimes we add a couple small bags of stir fry veggies instead.)

Can of beans (The kids and Hubby "forget" to add this if they can get away with it:-)

Cheese (Most of the time we leave shredded cheese in a bowl by the hash and let everyone put their own amounts on it. Sometimes it's a lot. Sometimes not.)

Brown the meat. Add the taters and cook until done. Add the eggs, beans and veggies and cook until done and warm. Salt and pepper (and onion powder, garlic powder, etc) to taste. Serve with the cheese on the side.

Total cost:
Potatoes $2.50 (on a bad week)
Sausage $6?
Eggs $3
Veggies $2.50, maybe
Beans $1
Cheese $5 probably
Oh, and 1/4 lb butter for frying, butter being full of fat soluble vitamins and minerals that are essential to the healthy human body and to the digestion of vegetable matter by the human body, so add another, oh, $.80?

Feeds all 10-11 of us (depending on if Hubby is home) for about $21. That's less than $2 each.

And we usually have enough left over to feed the dog for the day, too.

And really the only chemicals are what is in the sausage and cheese.


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