Monday, July 24, 2017

July 24, 2017

Family Events

This is a busy time of year, birthday wise. We had one the 6th, and another is today, followed by a third on August 4th. Hard to keep up with at times.

My brother and sister-in-law both have birthdays this month, also. And they are visited this weekend. It was very nice to see them again.  :-)

What is Going on in the Garden

Harvested my first two tomatoes! Yeah! Joshua found them for me. We should be overrun with tomatoes soon, going on the number of green ones I have. The first successful tomato crop I think I have ever had.

Been doing a lot of studies on Permaculture. Some very interesting ideas for our land. We own 1.35 acres, but it's all rocks, sagebrush, and clay. Coupled with 7 inches of rain on average per year, massive numbers of jack rabbits, cottontails, quail, mice, and the occasional mustang (because we don't close the gate, what with Jim getting home late from delivering pizzas and Hubby leaving early for his job) we don't use most of the land. The Permaculture idea has some interesting possibilities for getting around the weather problems, anyway.

House Keeping

I bought a new table top last week; a 4x8 sheet of plywood. I borrowed my dad’s router to put a nice edge on it and put one coat of paint over it (with Jane’s help) . Oh, such a difference over trying to eat at a table designed for 6 with one designed for 4 pushed up against it! After a couple more coats of paint and some varnish, I’ll post a picture.

School Time

Finished Mere Christianity by CS Lewis. Wonderful book! Highly recommend it to everyone who wants to understand Christianity.

We will begin the modernized Pilgrim's Progress tomorrow. We read the original a few years back. I didn't realize how traumatized my older kids were until I mentioned I was going to do it again this year, lol. They don't often complain, but I guess they didn't really enjoy the 16th English of the original.


Work is continuing on the church's annex. It's a small A-frame house that was moved to the property sometime before we bought the land.  The whole time we have owned the land (about 16 years) we've just made-do and patched things here and there.

A bit more than a year ago we closed the library we had going in there and emptied it out to remodel and do the job right.
  •  The electricity is almost updated (my dad was a Lineman, professionally before he retired, so he is well experienced with working on electricity.)
  • The plumbing has all been updated. (Actually, this isn't the first building my dad has remolded, and he built a house entirely from scratch once. So he is quite experienced in doing most anything that needs done.)
  • Carpets have either been pulled up or cleaned.
  • Walls painted. 
  • New blinds installed.
Today, Jon and Joe are over helping Dad get started on the tile in the kitchen and bath, and the laminate flooring in the living room, dinning room, and hall.

About the only thing Dad can't do is build the new upstair's landing and stairs. Legally, we have to hire a contractor for that, which is fine with Dad. It's one of the few things he has never done.

Herb Studies 

Peppermint- One of my favorite herbs. It's most common use is for upset tummies. One of the first times I drank peppermint tea, I didn't even realize my tummy was upset until after the tea. It was like having a lump removed I hadn't even known was there.

Peppermint is a cooling herb. It is also the actual flavoring in those little red and white candy wheels. 

 Lilla Rose

Seven Sizes to fit nearly every hair texture and length.
$11 - 27.00


Poly=many, tics=blood sucking insects

Watched a video last night with Hubby from a bunch of gender bender (probably not the right term, but I don't really care) propagandists. One of the the things they said to prove their point was "We now know that about one in 400 births a person is born with more than xx or xy chromosones. Sometimes they have 3 x's or even up to 5."

Absolutely true. We call this "Down Syndrome" and it is accompanied by facial disfiguration and mental retardation. Everyone of those hypocrites would have their baby executed before birth for daring to be conceived with this deformity. How dare they use these statistics in such a twisted, dishonest manner! I can't express my disgust at their dishonesty of using a birth defect to justify their fantasies.

"This Androgynous girl....." Uhhh, those two words cancel each other. She is either androgynous or a girl, not both. They can't even bend their own language to support their views.

Truth is there are- among normal humans- two options: xx or xy. No matter the lies told to these children, you CAN'T  be anything you want to be. Your emotions and fantasies do not determine or control the real world. Just because you want something or choose to believe it, doesn't mean it's true.

Why do I care? Because these people bully anyone who disagrees with them into silence, at least the ones I've seen on Youtube do (and we all know that what you see on Youtube is reality :-D). These "Shout until the opponent shuts up" tactics are what Nazi youths used to shut up anyone who disagreed with them, too. And when that quit working, the government that supported them just started killing anyone who disagreed with them.

Every gender bender video I have seen has shown these children to be rude, self-righteous, bullies. They are illogical and so full of lies it's almost funny, if it wasn't so sad, that is.

10 Evils Parents Teach Their Kids By Sending Them To Public School 
Yes, this is relevant to the discussion.

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