Friday, July 13, 2007

Get rid of public school?

Here is an interesting question: why do we need public schools in the first place? This question is addressed in the LA Times article linked below, and it is a good question. literacy rates were higher before public school (99.8% compared to 85% today) despite large amounts of illiterate, poor immigrants from Ireland. Free market works in every other area in life. why not here?

Actually, the free market system is the most compassionate system in the world. you only get rewarded if you successfully meet other people's needs. for example, there was a need for cheaper groceries. some of us couldn't afford to eat. along comes the super wal-marts and suddenly our grocery bill drops 50%! Wal-mart makes a bundle and we can afford to eat AND buy clothes.I know many don't like some of wal-marts policies and practices, but the fact is if they were not meeting a need they would go bankrupt. simple as that. just mistreating your employees is not a good enough strategy to make a profit (honestly, all the employees I meet in there are happy and eager to help. kmart employees were always surly, and target employees are in between. I worked at target for six months and had a friend who worked at kmart. I can tell you that target is a better place to work. This makes me think those upset with wal-marts employee polices are either 1)disgruntled EXemployees or 2)those that lost their jobs at other stores because wal-mart put them out of business.)
Anyway, interesting article on getting rid of public schools.,0,4683079.column?coll=la-opinion-rightrail

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