Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Monty Python Clip

OK most of you all know that i am a home birth advocate. there is a time for hospitals, but only 5-10% of births need them. everyone else would be safer, yes, SAFER at home where there is less stress, mommy is already immune to the germs, the midwife stays in the room the whole time instead of popping in and out like a doctor, and techy "interventions" that cause complications (pitocin, cytotec, pain killers, stirrups, forceps, vacuums, etc.) are not available.

everytime i watch this video, i can't decide if i should laugh or cry. it is done by monty python. their humor is to take something normal and tweak it just barely enough to make it funny. this is a skit of a hospital birth and i am not sure they tweaked it enough (or at all) to not make it real. I have had four hospital births and three home births (#four will be this october). this clip is way too close to the truth.


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