Friday, July 06, 2007

Thinking of staying home

I was pondering last night on reasons to be a homemaker.

First of all, my children are precious, innocent, eternal souls crafted by the Almighty Himself and trusted into my care. How cold I possibly entrust them to someone else!!??? No one can care for them like I can. No one loves them as much as I do nor knows them as well. This is the most important work I will ever do with my life. Oh I could have been a brain surgen, or politician, scholar, or anything else. But all those things put together don't equal the importance of molding these precious children into responsible citizens and worshipers at the feet of my God. This is my carrier.

Secondly, caring for my home is a dance of thanksgiving to God for providing us this home and at the same time a ministry to my hubby and children. Hubby works hard and needs a clean, pleasant place to rest, rejuvenate and recover in when he gets home. the better job i do providing that, the better job he can do at work providing for us and ministering to those God has place in his path there. My children also will grow up to be better people if they are surrounded by beauty and order. Now, I am by no means a perfect house keeper. far from it. but i am improving. and having older children helps. I have begun teaching all my children when very young to help out (chores) and they are now a tremendous help.

and thirdly, i am freer to help others when they need it. people's problems don';t always happen after business hours. I can be available to minister to others during the hours most people are too busy earning a buck.
Our society has lost a great deal by not valuing jobs that make no money. The fact is that it is the things done by the house wife that reduce stress, bring beauty, heal the body and soul, in short, make life worth living. two income families that i have known are always on the brink of nervous breakdown and disaster. I don't' want to live that way.

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