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Why We Choose To Not Vaccinate

Yes, we are THAT weird.

Like most new moms, when I was pregnant with my oldest I determined I was going to do everything RIGHT. I was going to have her in preschool at 3, lots of extra curricular activities, ALL vaccinations possible, regular doctor’s appointments (beginning while pregnant with prenatals, of course.) Yes, I was going to obey ALL the rules and do everything right.

If you want to make God laugh, just tell Him your plans.

It all began with a phone call to a sister in law when my oldest was 3mo. “Homeschool? I don’t have to send her way to strangers?”

Well one thing led to another and we are now a homeschooling, home-birthing, quiverful, family who no longer vaccinates. My oldest have had all their shots. My middles have most. My youngest haven’t had any.

Why We Choose To Not Vaccinate Our Children Anymore.

1. The rates of major diseases, that there are vaccinations for, declined by as much as 40% BEFORE vaccinations were available (roughly 1945).  How does a vaccine cause a decline in a disease BEFORE it is ever invented? The decline is really due to improved sanitation (mostly flush toilets), penicillin and better nutrition. This means that the large decline of “childhood” diseases that is usually attributed to vaccinations could not possibly be caused by the shots.

Some very good graphs of death rates associated with various diseases. You need to read this before you vaccinate your child. An Honest Look at the Historical Evidence that Vaccines Eliminated Diseases | Health Impact News

2. We don’t want to inject poison into our children’s bodies (unless there is a VERY good reason). The preservatives in vaccines are known poisons: Thermosil (mercury), formaldehyde, aluminum, etc. Logic says the less of these substances we can expose our children to the healthier they will be.

The amount of mercury they put into my oldest child’s body over the first two years of her life was an FDA approved safe dose….for a 400 POUND MAN!!! And they are adding more shots every year. I thank the Lord she hasn’t had any apparent reactions!

Vaccine companies tell us they removed the Thermosil. However independent testing companies say it is still in the vaccines. What the pharmaceutical companies are actually doing is using the Thermosil and then filtering it out. Of course they can’t get all of it. Children are still being exposed to way too much mercury. And no one is even addressing the other poisons.

In fact, all studies that show vaccines to be safe were paid for by Pharmaceutical companies. A clear conflict of intrest. 

3. The growth medium used in some vaccines (at least the MMR and Chicken pox) is aborted human fetal cells. They only need one baby every twenty years or so to grow the whole nation’s worth of vaccines, but not only is this immoral, it’s just plain gross.

Guess I might be wrong. It's not the mercury causing the autism (though I still think it unwise to give a baby the RDA "safe" amount of mercury for a 400 pound man!)

I think I would prefer the mercury.
Study Confirms Link Between Autism and Use of Cells From Abortions in Vaccines

The Guggie Daily: Aborted Human Cells: The Soylent Green of Vaccines

Gross. Just gross.

4. Some vaccines are unnecessary for our children.
     a. Hepatitis B is a disease contracted by gays, those that work with them (doctors and nurses), daycare children and daycare workers. My children are not engaging in gay behavior, treating gays in a medical situation (handling their blood), nor are they in daycare. If they should decide to engage in risky behavior (such as becoming a nurse :-)) I will sugest to my unvaxed ones they need this vaccine. Otherwise, it's not necessary.

     b. The HPV vaccine is for a type of cervical cancer transferred by promiscuous sexual behavior.
             i. My daughters are not engaging in sexual behavior of any kind.
             ii. The vaccine has been tested on older teens, not children, not boys.
             iii. We don’t yet know the long term side effects, nor if the vaccine wears off.
             iv. We do know that approximately three times as many young women are being permanently damaged or even killed by reactions to this vaccine than they expect to contract the cancer it is supposed to prevent!

So, why in the world would we give our children poison (kinda the definition of "preservative") filled vaccines for diseases they aren't at risk for?

Should babies receive the hepB vaccine? and here

5. Many vaccines wear off. We all know we need a Tetanus booster every ten years. Most do not know that the MMR vaccine also wears off, giving the child immunity during the safest years for them to have the disease (childhood) and leaving them vulnerable during the most dangerous (childbearing) years. This is also true for other vaccines. And people just don't get boosters for teh other diseases.

6. They don’t always work. A 2016 study of 666, [405 vaccinated:261not vaxed] children found the same rate of "measles, mumps, Hepatitis A and B, influenza, rotavirus and meningitis (both viral and bacterial)." among the vaxed as the unvaxed. In fact, According to this study:

  • Vaccinated children were 340 percent (OR 4.4) more likely to have been diagnosed with pneumonia than unvaccinated children
  • Vaccinated children were 300 percent more likely to be diagnosed with an ear infection than unvaccinated children (OR 4.0) 
  • Vaccinated children were 700 percent more likely to have surgery to insert ear drainage tubes than unvaccinated children (OR 8.01))

7. Some vaccines CAUSE the disease they are supposed to prevent. All cases of polio in the last thirty years in America, for example, have been caused by the vaccine.

8. All medical procedures have some risk. For example, Thermosil may be linked to autism. The research is still ongoing, but there is an alarming number of parents who swear their child was perfectly normal until the day they received their 18month shots. They haven't made eye-contact since. Whatever the exact cause, the shots are obviously the culprit.

(Edited to add: a 2004 study was published claiming they found no link between Autism and the MMR shots. However, in 2014 the lead researcher in that study admitted they lied and cooked the numbers to get that result. The study actually showed a 300% increase (well beyond legal liability) of Autism in association with the shots).

The above vax vs unvaxed study found "the risk of being diagnosed on the autism spectrum was more than four-fold higher among vaccinated children than unvaccinated children (OR 4.3)."

9. Some children have bad immediate reactions to vaccines; fever, convulsions, deafness, death. You don’t know if your child is one of them until AFTER they have the shots. Bad reactions are irreversible.

10. We don’t really know what we are doing to our children’s immune systems.
  • The rates of allergies (mild as well as life threatening) have skyrocketed in the last sixty years. (The above 2016 study of 666 children showed 30x's more allergies in vaxed than non-vaxed children) Some are saying we are not keeping our homes clean enough. Some say too clean. Some blame overhead power lines, preservatives in our foods, pesticides, plastic carpets, and all sorts of things. 
Could it really be something so simple as messing with a child’s immune system through vaccinations? Allergies and asthma ARE immune responses. Are we damaging their immune system by giving them a vaccine to prevent an otherwise, usually mild disease (ear infection, chicken pox, measles, etc.)? I don’t know, but this is actually the most logical explanation I have heard for the rise in immune-diseases (this includes not just allergies and asthma, but type 1 diabetes, MS, Fibro Myalgia, and even cancer!).
  • One recent study found that all diabetic children had a certain antibody to a protein in milk. Pasteurization changes the proteins in milk. Could the change in the immune system caused by vaccinations be causing our own systems to attack this changed protein in pasteurized milk thus destroying our pancreases and causing diabetes? It is known that those that receive the MMR vaccine have a higher rate of diabetes than those that don’t. Today we are seeing epidemic rates of diabetes (nearly everyone seems to have it). We have a “fully vaccinated” population. Hmmmm. My children are already at a high risk for both allergies (hay fever, bee, wasp, and asthma) as well as diabetes. I choose to not raise that risk.

When we evaluate the potential lifelong risks of the vaccines compared to the potential lifelong risks of the diseases they are supposed to prevent, we believe, for our family, the vaccines carry a greater, long term risk of permanent damage. Even if our children contract one of these diseases, the chance of permanent damage to our well-fed, very healthy children is very low.

I believe every parent should do the research for themselves. Ask for the papers they give out with the shots in the doctor’s office, read the information on the CDC web site, read some of the “Don’t Vaccinate” literature and web sites. Weigh the risks and benefits for YOUR family. They will be different than for mine.

(By the way, this is another good reason to not put your child in daycare. This parenting decision is removed from you there. They insist, logically so, that all children be vaccinated. And the CDC has declared daycares to be the single biggest transmission point for disease in America. An outbreak of one of these diseases could permanently close a center.)

Are vaccines safe? The courts may actually allow us to find out.

More Proof of Vaccine’s Unintended Consequences

More articles on the issue:

Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated kids

What about "herd immunity?"
If vaccines work as they say they do, what does the vaccinated have to fear from the unvaxed? They are protected. If they aren't protected, if the vaxed can get the disease from the unvaxed, well, that's not a very good vaccine, is it? Why should I bother?

Forget vaccines: Breastfeeding boosts infant immunity!
Actually, IF mommy had the disease naturally at any time in her life, she passes immunity on to her baby for up to a year. If mommy's immunity comes from shots, however, that immunity is not passed on.

Care about your grandkids health? don't vaccinate your kids. 

Just say no!

60 Lab Studies Now Confirm Cancer Link to a Vaccine Your Probably Had as a Child

Yeah, hubby, 7 out of 9 of our children, and I have had this vaccine. And my mother and uncle passed away in the last few years from these cancers. They received the Polio vaccine at the same time.:-(

Population Control Through Tetanus Vaccine
This is very scary! But I am only surprised it is so long in coming.

The fact is, we don't really know what is in those tubes unless we are a skilled scientist with a microscope.

And with our government's history of, shall we say, "less than honest" scientific experiments (i.e. The Tuskegee Experiment),  well....this isn't a main reason I don't vaccinate my kids, but it is in the back of my head.

Leave parents free to choose vaccines: Opposing view

According to the law, even if the vaccine companies intentionally hurt us, we can't sue them. If vaccines are so safe that EVERY child should be vaxed, why do the companies need this protection? If the companies need this protection, what are they afraid of?

And why have immune dysfunction diseases (allergies, asthma, MS, Lupus, FM, cancer, etc) risen so much in the last 60 years? Why have the rates of autism gone from 1 in 40,000 to 1 in 50?

We each need to be free to make the best choices for our own families. If we don't have that much freedom, we don't have any.

Vaccine Beat 1: Autism and The Thinking Moms’ Revolution: Recent research found that 54% of US school children suffer from a chronic condition of some sort – from diabetes, to asthma, allergies, obesity (did you know the obese have bacteria in the guts that skinny people don't? Is even obesity really, at its root, and immune system dysfunction?), learning and speech delays, behavioral problems to, bowel disease, chronic fatigue, immune system dysfunction, and autoimmune diseases. And sadly, ample science links these conditions to vaccines."



"CDC officials knew that not only was there a risk of autism but there
was a risk of neurodevelopmental disorders in general; there was a risk
of speech and language delays, and there was a risk of non-organic sleep
disorders; all contained in this memo; all in 1999.,,,

‘If you cause a 6,000% increase in the rates of autism in the United States, you would try to cover it up too.’

Why? Because all the parents of the 1 in 50 children who now have autism will publicly tar and feather you and string you up!

Here's my recommendation: Before you allow your child to be vaccinated offer your doctor a vial of Thermosil, aluminum, and formaldehyde to drink. These are the preservatives in vaccines of all types. If your doctor will agree to drink that, the vaccine is safe (or he is an idiot. You decide)."
How To Win the Vaccine Argument Every Single Time

This is just to get you started. These articles each have many links and you can Google oodles more.

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