Monday, October 20, 2014

Behold: Here Are the Two Worst Arguments Against Homeschooling |

Behold: Here Are the Two Worst Arguments Against Homeschooling |

Yeah, socilization.

Traditional school socialization does not teach children to be individuals or to accept people that are different than they are. It forces everyone into the same mold, punishing individuality. If you don't think so, you didn't go to traditional school (and putting a Bible study in the curriculum doesn't change this, by the way. It's human nature when thrown into a large crowd like a classroom).

The reason we seem to think you have to be locked in a classroom with people of identical age and socioeconomic status (same income, same neighborhood, same school) is "good socialization" is because we all remember our hours in school and can't figure out what a child who doesn't do that does for social contact. "Obviously, if they aren't locked in a classroom they are locked in a closet, or cease to exist for those hours or something." The fact is homeschooled kids go to stores, sports, Sunday School, grandparent's houses, etc. They have far MORE social exposure to a far BIGGER group of people than kids locked in a brick-and-mortar room.

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