Thursday, October 16, 2014

Vaccination Questions

If it is the vaccines that caused the decline in these diseases, why did the rate of each of these diseases fall 50-90% in the 40 years BEFORE the vaccines were introduced? (and immediately AFTER flush toilets were introduced?)

And would you really rather your child had type 1 diabetes (side affect of the MMR, CDC says so) than Measles?

Or autism than mumps? (recent whistle blowers say the studies actually showed that vaxs caused autism. The CDC and equivalent in other countries lied according to the whistle blowers.)

If vaxs are so great, why do we have to force people to use them? Especially since its the parents with the most resources (education and money- presumably these are the smartest parents) that are refusing them?

Do you know of any studies that actually show that vaccines work? or that compare the over all health of un-vaxed kids with vaxed?

And why are half the kids who get these diseases today fully vaccinated? Shouldn't it be ONLY un-vaxed kids getting them?

Why have we seen a skyrocketing of immune dysfunction diseases since the introduction of vaxs (allergies, asthma, MS, FM, CF, Lupus, diabetes, cancer...)

And if the vaxs work so all-fire well, why are those who vaccinate their kids so afraid of the non-vaxers? Wouldn't their kids be protected no matter what?

Remember that Big Pharm gets $200 for each vaccine that is administered (complements of the tax payer or insurance companies), and they are TOTALLY protected from law suits (congress passed a law that it is illegal to sue them for vax injuries under all situations. Big Pharm is the second biggest donater to congressional campaigns).

And everyone that works for the CDC and FDA goes to work for a Big Pharm company when they retire.

Would you drink a bottle of mercury, aluminum, and formaldehyde? Those are the preservatives shot into each child with each shot, and they don't even go through the child's protective digestive system, but directly into the bloodstream.

If I get satisfactory answers to these questions, I will take my unvaxed kids down and get them vaxed today.

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