Thursday, March 26, 2015


I have been reading more about this movement lately. (Simplify: Ten Practices to Unclutter Your Soul ) It really rings a bell with me. In evaluating my life, how can I simplify, leaving more time for what's important instead of what's urgent?

I think it actually simplifies things to have separate blogs for separate subjects for me. Thanks to blooger's "unlimited blogs, posts, and post length" policy, I can sort the things I am interested in and my thoughts into categories right off the bat instead of having to come back every once in a while and add labels, etc. This is why yesterday I posted a link to each of these blogs. I will be adding a widget to my sidebar with a link to each one soon. This will allow you all to stay connected:-)

I am working on simplifying school, too (Think Outside the Classroom: A Practical Approach to Relaxed Homeschooling ) . I have observed that a child learns what a child learns at about the same age no matter when I start teaching it. For example, I can start doing intensive grammar in 1st grade every day, 20 minutes per lesson (times 9 kids...sheesh!) And by the time they are in Jr high they are starting to "get it." Or I can just wait until Jr High and use Analytical Grammar Student Workbook (Binder) (which is designed to start and end in Jr High, but still prep a kid for college) and the "get it" right a way. So why work so hard by starting early? This applies to SO many subjects!

I've already hauled close to a pickup load of stuff away, too. Most of it was donated to the local thrift store that benefits the abused women shelter in town.

I'll keep this up as much as I can.

In other family news (as promised to my facebook family:
Mom has a pt scan next week. It's just rutine and we don't expect anything, but I'll let you know.  She is now teaching my girls to sew and they almost have their Easter dresses all done.

Dad is doing much better these days. He and my boys finished painting his house yesterday.

Andy nearly quit his job this week. The boss, however, really values his work and is making adjustments to make his work tolerable again.

We have another bug going through :-(

Jim, with the help of his brothers, has put in a new kitchen floor for me:-) We had a bad leak that ruined the flooring, and dissolved the particle board that was used for the sub-flooring (cheap house). It didn't really look like we had actual rot going on, so Jim put the new "sub-floor" over the old one. This should give extra strength. Dad should be getting us some new linoleum this week. It will be wonderful to have a nice floor again!

Otherwise, everything is pretty much same-o-same-o. Joy works on her book when she isn't sick and helps me- A LOT!

Jon is making great headway on his Youtube channel and is creating his own Universe.
Joe is learning gaming programing and is creating his own universe, too.
The youngers are learning and growing :-)

Have a great day all!

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