Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Spring Cleaning and American excess

I got to looking around our house and my Mom's house and something occurred to me;

3/4 of everything in our homes is either decorations, mementos, or projects that "I will get to some day" (but know I probably never will. This includes books to read.)

If I were to take everything out of my house that I don't actually use, just kept what we really needed, It would take mere minutes to clean, and we probably wouldn't feel crowded (11 people under one roof tends to make our average sized home crowded, but, really, it's all 11 people's stuff that fills every corner, not the people themselves.)

I have no intention of getting rid of our decorations (I painted most of the pictures, for example, and what I didn't paint, Hubby took as an amateur photographer.) Nor do I intend to get rid of all our mementos.

But all those "do some day" things? I think they'll go.

And any keepsakes that won't really mean anything to my kids or their kids.

And any decorations that aren't just real special.

Yep. Spring is in the air.

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