Monday, April 13, 2015

New ways

So, we are giving a try to a new way to do this. My brother bought an iphone, but then changed phone companies and couldn't use his new phone with this new company. So instead of selling the phone as he couldn't have, making a profit, he decided to gift me with his phone he couldn't use anymore. This is first time I have owned an Apple product and I'm actually quite impressed. It's the best tablet I have ever owned and, yes, it's an iphone. It cost a lot more to put a phone number on a smart phone than it does on a flip phone and I really, really like my flip phone. So I'm using it as a tablet.

It has a voice activation for writing. Looks like it's pretty good though it doesn't look like it's putting in punctuation. I have to do that later.

So we’ll give it a try and see how this goes. 

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